FOOTBALL: Got Bumphis on the phone

Tupelo High School wide receiver Chad Bumphis has Mississippi State on his radar with the hiring of new coach Dan Mullen.

“They’re pretty high right now. I like Dan Mullen a lot. That’s who was recruiting me for Florida. I like his offense,” said Bumphis, who is in Mobile preparing for Saturday’s Mississippi-Alabama all-star game.

Florida and Alabama had been considered the leaders in Bumphis’ recruitment with Ole Miss having gotten back in the picture by virtue of its strong finish to the regular season.

Bumphis played a lot of quarterback at Tupelo, so he’s no stranger to running and throwing. He is intrigued by the possibility of being the “Wild Rebel” at Ole Miss where a receiver or another skill position player take a shotgun snap and sets the play in motion.

Apparently a number of prospects are being recruited with the Wild Rebel in mind.

“Coach Mullens said he’d run the same thing. The thing about Ole Miss … I like their offense, and I like the coaches, but every receiver they recruit, they tell them they’re going to run the Wild Rebel, so I don’t know if I’d be running it or not. I think I fit it great. I like all the coaches, and it will be tough to decide.”

Bumphis said he’s considering, in no certain order, Alabama, MSU and Ole Miss, but that he’s “not sure about Florida any more.”

He recently visited Kentucky and said he will not announce a decision until the end of January taking all his visits.

— PA


33 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Got Bumphis on the phone”

  1. amsteffe Says:

    The thing is…Bumphis made one of the smarter realizations I’ve heard from recruits…Keep in mind, I’m a diehard OleMiss fan, but everytime we offer a receiver or corner (someone of that stature) we tell them they will run the Wild Rebel. It’s only a matter of time before these recruits look around and talk to one another and say hey, there’s only one Wild Rebel, what are 5 of us doing here? Obviously what Coach Nutt is implying is that they’d have the opportunity to try and run the Wild Rebel, but I don’t think that should be the biggest selling point to try to drive home with all of these players. What about the vertical passing game? What about Jevan Snead throwing the rock to you? What about the fact that Mike Wallace is leaving and playing time may be imminent? I just don’t like the way Nutt goes about his recruiting, but apparently he “thrives” on turning 2 and 3 stars into 4 and 5 stars, so we will see…

  2. djrebel Says:

    I think Nutt’s recruiting will be fine. I don’t think these coaches are making promises to anyone that they don’t intend to keep.

    They’re looking at a number of athletes who can meet needs. They would get more from the Wild Rebel right now if it had a greater passing threat. Bottom line is the Wild Rebel is one thing that they do. If the run game is clicking and Snead is hot, they’ll run it very little over the course of a game.

    The Wild Rebel can be a selling point, and it’s something recruits should consider, but it’s not a full-time position, and more than one player runs it.

    Bumphis has great athleticism and would seem to be a good fit.

    — PA

  3. david Says:

    PA any word on when ole miss will be sending out their cotton bowl tickets. Do you know a count they have sold thus far?

  4. cr Says:

    You should pass this on to Nutt. You would think Bumphis’ passing ability puts him far ahead of others in a single wing attack.

  5. djrebel Says:

    David, I’ll have to check on that. Not sure on their of those questions.

    — PA

  6. footballfan4life Says:

    I read as of this morning almost 20,000 tickets sold.

  7. colreb420 Says:

    Bumphis is headed down to starkville. I am pretty sure he does not have a committable offer from ALA or FLA. Also he is behind patterson and norwood on the ole miss want list.

  8. farley662 Says:

    I’m also sure no one but State wants Russell either? Riiiiiiiiight!

  9. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Ole Miss came up bare on the 2008 Freshmen All-Sec Football Team. I don’t know of any Freshmen starting for the Rebels or just how much playing any of them are getting.

  10. Jared Says:

    The only frosh that come to mind are Brandon Bolden (who shared snaps), Marcus Temple (who was only in on Nickel-packages or where we needed another CB), and Justin Smith, I think… the DT.

    Its not a bad thing we played few freshmen; it means our team is maturing and we don’t have to rely on a freshman to fill in immediately (as with Smith at DT with all the injuries or with Temple and the injuries and poor play at the CB position).

    Bumphis, you’d be great, and we’d love to have you, but I think we learned our lesson about anointing a player to a position before he’s on campus. If you’re confident you can run the offense and will be the best, then come here and prove it.

  11. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Jared thanks, I was thinking about Brandon and a thanks to Brandon for coming up to Ole Miss and giving his talents to the team. All the Freshmen too.

    Chad Bumphis you are more than welcome to come and be part of a winning team, The Ole Miss Rebels.

  12. doubletripper Says:

    chad: remember one thing when thinking about where you will go to school. anyone can say they are going to run something but some can actually show you film of it being run.

  13. J. Moore Says:

    I’d love to have Chad, but if not then I hope for either Norwood or Patterson.

  14. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    As we go thru this season of Advent let us remember the reason for the season.

    Today it snowed in New Orleans a place of Gehenna, like it or not its not a Holy city. Our last days are growing near and let it be with the Lord. This the way that I feel and please don’t let it offend you. You have the choice of your life and as to where you will spend eternity, that is the freedom that we so cherish in the United State of America, we can chose. God Bless all.

  15. m4rebs Says:

    I agree Jimmy. Where’s Al Gore talking about all those big oil companies causing global warming today?? I also agree that the last days are growing nearer, and as a Christian, I trust in that by the truth of the Gospel. Have you ever thought about this Jimmy? If we Christians are wrong (not that we are based on the Bible), what is the worst that can happen to us? But if non-believers are wrong and Christians are following the truth, uh-oh for non-believers, you know what I’m saying?

  16. m4rebs Says:

    Can a recruit attend a pep rally for a coach of a school that is recruiting him? I don’t know if this is a violation or not. When I was in high school, I played basketball with a guy who was being recruited by both Auburn and Alabama for football. During one of our basketball games, Gene Stallings and Tommy Bowden (yes, Tommy, not Terry) came into the game to talk to the guy after our game was over. How is that any different than that recruit attending a gathering with a lot of people in public? Just curious. I’m not calling the NCAA or anything….

  17. amsteffe Says:

    I think Rodney Scott is def. going to be an Ole Miss Rebel. He will be a great candidate for the wild rebel formation. On top of him…We are close with Norwood, Patterson, Hardy, Gaines, and Darius Barksdale…If we get three of those 5 (which really isn’t as crazy as it may sound) we will have 5 four star recruits, because we already have the ex-florida star. I really don’t mind that at all. 5 four stars, 16 three stars, and 4 or 5 guys that may be diamonds in the rough. Bumphis sound like a guy who’d be tough to keep happy in Oxford.

  18. toddy22 Says:

    My point, as others have said, would be this to Mr. Bumphis,

    I know it is very exciting to see a new coach and the possibilities that come from that. With Mullen installing the spread there though, you will really start playing good football when you are a junior. Ask ole’ Coach Tubs how easy it is to install the spread at a traditional SEC school. Or you can come to a program where we have a very fired up fan base, a co-SEC coach of the year, a stud for a qb, donors spending on the program again, and a fall in 2009 that will be like ones we haven’t seen in a while. The choice is yours, and I sincerely wish you the best whichever program you choose.

  19. umreb74 Says:


  20. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    M4: “If we Christians are wrong”. We Christians are not wrong, the Holy Bible is God infallible,inerrantly inspired word, as He spoke thru the Prophets, last Prophet being John The Baptist. Then He came into the world in the form of man, Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour, We know and understand the word of Jesus as He speaks to us thru His Messengers and the writings that they left for us. The Holy Bible does not change with the times, it is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. As we read the Holy Bible it is God speaking to us. That is something that a non-believer can understand nor accept, unless they develop a humble heart.

    PA, please forgive me for taking up your space on Ole Miss Sports, I felt like a witnss for my Lord and to respond to M4. Thanks, a Bless day to all. Jimmy

  21. bigdraws Says:

    There’s should always be time for the good Lord. Don’t apologize for him.

  22. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Not apologizing for my public witness for my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, just to PA for using his valuable sports space.

  23. Charles Says:

    What’s the status with Tig Barksdale? Has he signed with anybody? I’ve been hearing rumors that he is going to sign with Ole Miss, but haven’t seen his name on anything recently.

  24. djrebel Says:

    Charles, I don’t know anything about Tig other than he’s on the radar with them.

    — PA

  25. Mlong Says:

    I know you rebels want bumphis but give it up. He can see that yourcoach is a liar. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bumphis and Patterson ended up in Starkville next year with Russell throwing it to them.

  26. Charles Says:

    Thanks PA. Just found your blog recently and have really enjoyed it. From what I’ve read, sounds like he would be a great pickup. I feel like if we could get him and Roy Watts (or another big OL), that would help plug some major holes for next year.

  27. colreb420 Says:

    charles we are not getting roy watts. he was suppose to visit this past wed but cancelled his trip and is now down to hou and the canes.

  28. colreb420 Says:

    also on tig the rebs are waiting to see his grades after the first semester before they offer him again. he is at hargrave. whisch is the same place that andrew harris, “enricky” davis and marcus temple came from.

  29. Tupelo’s Chad Bumphis rethinking things? « More with Gore Says:

    […] Parrish Alford, Ole Miss beat writer for Ole Miss athletics, had a chance to catch up with one of the state’s most coveted athletes to see what school he might be leaning towards.  Click here to find out — Football: Got Bumphis on the phone. […]

  30. m4rebs Says:

    What’s an N-ricky? – from Christmas with the Kranks.

  31. m4rebs Says:

    Mlong, they should probably go to State. It would be ashamed for them to ride the pine behind Hodge, Bolden, N-ricky, and Mc next year. From the looks of Black Friday, State could use all of them, and an offensive line to go with them.

  32. colreb420 Says:

    m4rebs if you listen to coach nutt he calls him enricky davis it cracks me up

  33. m4rebs Says:

    I know, I love it. He sounds like Tim Allen every time.

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