FOOTBALL: Looks like Palmer

Looks like Ashlee Palmer is the starter who may miss the Cotton Bowl because of eligibility issues. Following Friday’s practice Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt said it “doesn’t look good” for Palmer. It’s a shame to see him miss his final game. Look for Patrick Trahan to get a lot more playing time.

— PA


40 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Looks like Palmer”

  1. ColoradoReb Says:

    PA, I don’t think they’ll know for sure until Monday. He is being given a chance to fix some things between now and then. Nutt is not allowing him to practice just in case. I think Trahan can handle the job fine if he has to, we will just lack the depth I think.

  2. Jay Stokes Says:

    wow, there are no words to describe how badly i feel for palmer. he is SUCH a good player and has developed into a quality linebacker during his two years at ole miss. my sympathies surely go out to him for having to miss his final college game ever. he will be sorely missed when not on the field. i hope the defense doesn’t get down about it and that trahan/brumfield feel comfortable with his spot.

  3. amsteffe Says:

    Honestly guys, as bad as you feel, I just can’t bring myself to feel sorry for him. I have had classes with him a couple times and seen him on campus and heard him on campus on more than a few occasions. He takes it all as a joke. He treated class as a joke, and goofed around and thought he was better than anyone. I’m as big of an OleMiss fan as anyone, but this is the blatant honest truth. He didn’t make the grades in high school, so he had to go JUCO. Now he isn’t playing in his final game as a senior, and I’m guessing he was one of the 33 that was academically ineligible last December. Obviously, this is a sad story to hear about anyone, but this guy had it coming. I’m not as mad at him, as I am the situation, he let alot of people down. The most we can do is hope he will learn his lesson and move on from this and try to have a successful career. We need to rally around Trahan now…

  4. bigdraws Says:

    Off topic, guys please don’t throw rocks at me. Pa, I’ve got a question maybe you can relay to someone else in the sports dept. With the auto bailout falling through, and talk of GM and others having to fold camp. What will happen to nascar if several of the automakers go under? I know it’s not your dept but it’s just something I thought about.

  5. djrebel Says:

    Draws, you are correct in that I will definitely have to pass that one along. I don’t know much about NASCAR except that I know that’s it’s bad news if I have to travel on I-20 when it’s race day at Talladega.

    Brad is actually our resident NASCAR expert and could probably answer that. I’ll pass it along, and you can leave it on his blog when you have time.

    Did you go to Mullen’s introduction at the Summit Thursday?

    — PA

  6. bigdraws Says:

    Thanks, I’ll post it over there. I did not make it. Had to work. My dad and brother went and said it was packed in there. My brother was not happy at all with the hire till he went up there. So far, I like everything I’m seeing and reading about the guy. Time will tell if we made a good hire.

  7. djrebel Says:

    Time is the only thing that will tell. Everybody is excited on hiring day. Sometimes assistants work and sometimes they don’t. Mullen’s track record looks good, and he appears to be someone the fan base can unite behind. Everybody at State wants better offense.

    — PA

  8. colreb420 Says:

    can the offense get any worse? anything is going to be an improvement from what they had.

  9. bigdraws Says:

    I think that’s the point 420.

  10. JB Says:

    Draws, you are aware, aren’t that your new head coach has not progressed very well against the Rebels? Just a little note my good young friend.

  11. bigdraws Says:

    Wha? What happened???

  12. bigdraws Says:

    I’ll talk to ya later JB. Off to freeze my butt off at the golf course.

  13. JB Says:

    Draws try to stay warm, it was 26 down here this AM. Good luck out on the fairway. Enjoy!

  14. JB Says:

    Again, thanks for the e-mail Draws – a beautiful pic. take care of them. In your olden years, you will love them more.

  15. ripleyreb Says:

    Good Morning PA. Have a question . Do you have a tentative schedule for Ole Miss football next fall (2009)?? UM website didn’t have one listed. I’m trying to pick out a time to relax at the beach next fall, down in JB’s part of the country without missing a home game.

  16. ColoradoReb Says:

    PA, one thing you forgot to tell everybody, there was a huge fight that broke out after the Southern Ms game. Its true, some of the Sothern folks refused to shake hands after the game and Steve even chased them through the tunnel. Don’t expect we will get anyhospitality from them today. We will be there and try to give yall some of my updates. I brought my axe handle incase I need it. LOL GOOOOOD MORNIN’ REBELS!

  17. djrebel Says:

    ColoradoReb, didn’t know about the fight. Haven’t seen a good one since the 1997 Egg Bowl.

    RipleyReb, I should be able to get a tentative schedule later. They are still trying to fill one date with a BCS level, or close, non-conference opponent.

    — PA

  18. m4rebs Says:

    What game was there a fight? Steve who? No idea what you are talking about Colorado. Enlignten us.

  19. ripleyreb Says:

    m4, He is talking about Steve Alford, NM head coach. I have not seen anything about the fight either.————

  20. ColoradoReb Says:

    Fight between Southern Miss and UNM Lobos after the game last week. Steve Alford I believe is his name is the coach of UNM BB. Steve Alford started it because Southern was treated so badly out there that they didn’t shake hands after the game and UNM coach ran down the tunnel screaming and cursing at them. The Southern fans had to be escorted out by police. This place is like the ghetto. OM was treated pretty badly today as well, we were there. I think we have more class than to not shake though.

  21. ColoradoReb Says:

    It was on the news here in Colorado because Colorado State is a big rival in the same conference and they have had problems at those games in the past. I can honestly say I thought I was going to have to fight my way out and I had two children and my wife with me. I’ll never go back and I suggest OM not either. They threw stuff at us as we walked up the stairs to leave. We hadn’t been loud or anything. These folks are just thugs. Their mascot(not the LOBO) is a gang member decked out in a bandanna and throwing gang signs all around. They put him on the first row next to the OM players. It was terrible. He sat there yelling vulger things to the players and coaches the whole game and was never called down by police or security.

  22. JB Says:

    Maybe the Rebs should have taken Ole Col Reb out there with
    them today to have a piece talks
    those Desperado. Nah, forget it, The Ole Col was discharged as being unsuitable for service
    and his appearance not up to standards.

  23. ColoradoReb Says:

    JB Col. Reb is a like image of a black man named Jim Ivy. I idn’t know if you knew that or not. Jim Ivy was blinded after getting creosote in his eyes while building a bridge near Oxford. He was taken care of by the OM people and allowed to be the only vendor at OM games. He was noted for saying, “I aint never seen the rebels loose.” I hate that Jackie made it an issue for recruiting and got Col. Reb taken away. I am not and most people I know are not racist in any way shape or form. I even voted for Obama. I think racism is really only present in organized religion and I don’t think thats gonna change any time soon.

  24. m4rebs Says:

    Thank you for voting for the guy that’s going to take my hard earned money, and distribute it to people laid up watching Direct TV on 42″ LCD’s bought buy food stamps. Really appreciate it.

  25. JB Says:

    ColoradoReb: I have seen Blind Jim many times at Ole Miss Basketball games back in the fifties. I remember him saying as he would walk thru the gym during games “Ole Miss rough Ole Miss tough, Ole Miss beat dem nough”. My hat is off to Ole Miss with the treatment and care that they did for Blind Jim.

    HEAR THIS!!! Col Reb is not a Racist, only those that see him as so.

    Furthermore, I am in total agreement with M4 above.

  26. JB Says:

    “Looks like Ashlee Palmer is the starter who may miss the Cotton Bowl because of eligibility issues”. Ashlee should have put little more time into school work and less time wherever he chose to spend it.

    In my military training, schooling, and responsibility, we were frequently informed there are no indispensables. Palmer falls into this category with the football team. He’s out, someone else will stepup and stepin and the Rebels will carry on without losing step or the pace.

    GO REBELS!!!!

  27. ColoradoReb Says:

    Bush, who largest campaign contributor is MBNA. This is the largest credit card company in the world. The ones that preyed on people with questionable credit which is now why you are bailing out wall street. Second, Bush (R), said we should not make Iraq pay back any debt to the US because all they could pay it back with would be oil. The (R’s) largest contributor is Monsantos Corp. the developer of genetically modified seed which push it products past FDA testing without ever being tested. John Ashcroft and all of Bush’s appointees to head the FDA are former board members of Monsantos before joining the Bush admin. This seed is the number one reason for cancer in the US and is so dangerous that third world countries have banned taking it for free to feed their starving people. I voted for change. We have to change to survive. You don’t know if this man is going to take your hard earned money or not he has not spent one day in office yet. Give him achance before you speak the unknowns.

  28. Raleighrebel Says:

    Let’s stick to the subject…Sports (not politics). Please.

  29. farley662 Says:

    And why Turner Gill and Ellis Johnson were not hired……….

  30. ColoradoReb Says:

    Both were offered and turned it down. State offered at least 4 people before they settled for Mullen at the last minute, I don’t care what anybody says about he was the only one they offered. When Patterson and Ellis turned it down Byrne was on his knees with Mullen. Nobody in their right mind thinks they only offered Mullen. Do you honestly think Auburn was gunning for Chic-fil-a. Come on farley, get real. Nobody wanted them either, too much pressure and they are about to be investigated by the NCAA.

  31. ColoradoReb Says:

    Raleigh when PA turns this site over to you, you can set standards of your own for what can and can’t be talked about, until then blog away. I agree about sports thing though.

  32. farley662 Says:

    You are the moron who told us to book it. You are so full it. Nothing you have predicted other than the stuff widely circulated on the net has come true. You are just as clueless as the rest of the so called “experts” everyone else has. No one here, well maybe a couple of kool-aid drinkers, buy your constant ramblings.

    One thing I can agree on is the Obama issue. He’s the man in charge come January and deserves respect.

  33. m4rebs Says:

    Change??? We are the richest country in the world. We have more freedom than ANY other country in the world. What’s so broke that needs fixing. And who cares if a bank is Bush’s biggest supporter? It’s not the bank’s responsibility to pay off your debt (or at least make payments on your debt). The real problem is people don’t take responsibility for their own actions, so they blame somebody, anybody, heck the government will do. I only make $300 per week, but I’m going to go “buy” me a Range Rover that has a $600 per month note. Yeah, that’ll work, I make $300 per week, and there’s 4 weeks in a month, so, sure I’ve got plenty of money for that. I won’t worry about groceries, a house note or rent, or any of the NECESSITIES in life. Cause MBNA will “GIVE” me a credit card, it’s their fault. That’s a load of crap. I’m tired of everybody in this country blaming somebody else for their own SNAFU’s. Live within your means, and you can live a good life in this country. If we needed change so badly, why aren’t more people packing their crap and hit the Rio Grande? Because it’s nicer living in a flea-bag project than living ANYWHERE in Mexico. More change needed? C’mon.

  34. ColoradoReb Says:

    Farley if I told you to jump off the Ms River Bridge would you do it? OK what if I dared you? You probably would. As for you, M4, I agree with you most of the time but to attack the President before he has taken office is about as unAmerican as communism. I like his appointments so far, I think he is compiling a crew of true professionals. Lets give him four years and if you and I don’t have any money left. I be the first to come on here and say you were right. One thing is for certain, black comedians like Chris Rock can’t stand up and say the reason they call it the white house is because they aint lettin’ nobody black in. By this election maybe black folks feel like they can acheive if they apply themselves. I think Obama will eliminate wellfare all together. He is one person that can look at them and say get off you a– and go to work without being called a racist.

  35. farley662 Says:

    When did I say I thought they were the first ones offered? I just stated you’re the dips**t who is only relaying internet rumors. Bet you don’t need ear muffs to keep warm out in Colorado since you have your head up your *** all the time.

  36. ColoradoReb Says:

    Farley, I know your brother was killed at birth and you were the afterbirth, but gettin on here and calling yo daddy names aint nice. Go back to the Ms state side I don’t post there, because I haven’t figured out how to post pictures for all the state fans that can’t read and write. Tell yo momma I said hello son.

  37. JB Says:

    “unAmerican as communism” I would be surprised if he wasn’t.

  38. JB Says:

    Look like a love affair going on here. Or just a family discussion!

  39. ColoradoReb Says:

    Nice to see your new home Fagley. Looks like good fishin’

  40. ColoradoReb Says:

    Is that Sardis in the background? FAGley the butt pirate bulldog.

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