FOOTBALL: A few quick practice notes

A few quick notes from today’s practice.

There remains a remote chance that senior linebacker Ashlee Palmer, an academic casualty at the conclusion of final exams, could rejoin the team.

It’s not a strong enough chance for Palmer to keep practicing. He arrived at the indoor facility in civvies today about an hour and a half into the workout.

Junior college transfer Patrick Trahan will step into Palmer’s role.

QB play: Jevan Snead had a nice deep ball, very deep, to Markeith Summers where Snead just laid it up and let Summers run under it, the very pattern Snead struggled with so mightily the first half of the season.

“He’s playing so much better, but we didn’t expect him to come out and be the player he would be at the end of the year. That would be unrealistic, and it wouldn’t be par for the course of how a quarterback develops,” offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Kent Austin said.

Freshman Nathan Stanley completed a deep fade route to freshman Melvin Harris. Stanley has really showed out during the extra bowl work.

Hardy looking fit: Just watching Greg Hardy in agility drills there seemed to be no effects whatsoever of the ankle. Either that or he’s adapting to pain much better than earlier in the season, and that’s probably not it.

Hardy looked really fast, had no limp and was not favoring the injured foot while going through a line of tackling dummies.

— PA


16 Responses to “FOOTBALL: A few quick practice notes”

  1. m4rebs Says:

    Is practice open to media now PA? Isn’t that different than during Regular Season?

  2. djrebel Says:

    For the first week or so of bowl work practice was open from start to finish. Beginning tomorrow through the conclusion it’s open only for the first four periods which basically means stretching.

    — PA

  3. L2 Says:

    Gene Chizik to Auburn. Jumped on the link you put up P.A. and the AU fans are going beserk over this one. They are jumping ship like crazy until Jay Jacobs is gone.
    Hilarious! Nothing like hiring a guy that didn’t have in win in conference last year to fire up your fan base.

  4. rebnutt Says:

    You mentioned Hardy’s ankle. Did you mean his foot?

  5. david Says:

    yeah i live in kc, and they radio guys up here are saying Iowa st got the best possible deal…auburn took their coach and they couldnt be happier. What are they thinking?

  6. ColoradoReb Says:

    Well just left the pit. Cranston was thrown out for throwing a punch only after their #53 elbowed him in the face twice. I know there is no reason for fighting but the #53 is as dirty of a player as I’ve seen. Ole Miss just couldn’t get anything going, especially from the inside. I think almost all their shots came from outside except for 3 or 4. It was a hostile environment no doubt. They had a packed house and we only had 6 fans, four of which were my family. Ole Miss players and coaches didn’t have a chance in my opinion. They kept the pre-game disorderly enough to where you wondered if our team would be allowed to sit inside the arena. Their #53 threw several elbows that were never called and I don’t mean little pecks either. Some fans told us he had been in several fights on and off campus and it was evident he has issues. Cranston came into the game and his size was making a positive for the team, but 53 was playing so dirty it was hard to keep composed. Chris had started getting a game together in the second half but we had no defense the whole game. They shot at will from the outside unchecked. We are going to have problems in SEC play if we can’t get it together. The coaching staff looked like lost puppies. The refs I believe were very biased in their calls at times. I was sitting on the 3rd row under the goal post and we saw their players holding the arms of our players. Someone in the stands had a refs whistle and blew it when OM had the ball and nothing was done by the refs. It all looked real bad. We left before we were attacked with 7 mins to go in the game and we were down by 20 or so.

  7. ColoradoReb Says:

    The Good:
    1. Our uniforms looked much better than theirs.
    2. Our coaches had on high dollar suites that looked awesome.
    3. It wasn’t an SEC game.
    4. I think we play them in football next year and they suck.
    5. Bogan is a smart player and a leader, Chris can shoot 3’s and free throws, and OM is going to the Cotton Bowl.

    The Bad:
    1.We don’t have any rythmn on the team. Everyone seemed dazed and confused.
    2. We didn’t control our emotions and let that effect our game.

    The Ugly:
    1. We didn’t rebound at all, Huertos didn’t even try to.
    2. We missed alot of free throws (ALOT).
    3. We didn’t seem to have watched much film and gotten a game plan down for these guys. Coaching looked like a high school bunch.
    4. They play dirty and 53 even used a few racial slurrs that I though were inappropriate.

    All in all we are going to have trouble down the road this year. I don’t think we are a contender for much of anything especially the SEC West. Maybe these guys were tired from tests, but it looked like they had their way with us. I still love ya Rebs. As I said before no one come with me I still will follow.

  8. ColoradoReb Says:

    Final score 103-70 Lobos won

  9. donttouchatwire Says:

    addition to the ugly…Cranston totaly wiffed on the punch and the guy acted like he had been punched by mike tyson.

  10. m4rebs Says:

    I thought the same thing wire. I thought it may have been an angle thing or something, but if he would have hit him with a punch, you’d think he’d have come out of it with more than sweat running off his head.

    Hello NIT, if we’re lucky. You can’t lose 2 key contributors like we have and expect it not to impact you. We are starting 3 freshman, that makes a huge difference. Losing by 30 to ANYBODY, ANYWHERE is inexcusable, period. Regardless of how many wins we have at the end of the year, this one should be a major black-eye from here on out.

  11. m4rebs Says:

    One other thing…..what was Auburn thinking? You have to ask this question at this point, has Auburn fallen that far in 1 year? Why not take a shot at a NFL coach at this point, maybe Jack Del Rio. It’s not like 2 weeks with Chiezk is going to make that big of a difference from a recruiting perspective. Now you’ve got a guy that’s lost 4 times as many games as he’s won. That is nutts. State looks like they made a monumental hire compared to Auburn, at least right now anyway.

  12. ColoradoReb Says:

    I hear that Auburn is fixing to be on probation. Also, I don’t think Cranston was really trying to hit the guy. I just think he was trying to tell the official the guy was trying to fight with him but the ref took it as a punch thrown. We can’t play against anyone in the SEC. The bad thing was it looked as if the coaches were in a high school scrimmage that didn’t count. I know we lost a couple of starters but by now Kennedy should have some depth. The guys that came in off the bench were actually smarter players than the starters, but lack the physical ability to play on this level. I’ll get kudos to Brogan and the other little white boy, they both are smart and looked like they had actually paid attention at practice. The rest of them looked like they had been on a three day drunk. It was terrible in person. Someone should also get something done about the way things are run out there. The refs were probably scared to make a call against them for fear of being shot by the 505’s. I hope Kennedy can get something done by next year or I think its time for a coaching change.

  13. ColoradoReb Says:

    PA, one last thing I forgot to mention and you can verify it with your people. The section 26 gangbangers were shaking the goal post in the second half of the game everytime OM would shoot the ball and nothing was sone about it. Kids were climbing on the post like a playground. Isn’t there some kind of rule against that crap? Also, the goals were the oldest I’ve ever seen any where. They were shakey even without shaking them. It wouldn’t have changed the game. Also, everyone look at the story about the game the Clarion Liar is putting out. Who down there hates OM that bad that they wrote a fictional tale of what happened? Also, PA who is the associated press? Eveytime the Clarion Liar puts out one of these half truths they mark it up to the Associated press. I thought writers wrote and put their names on their stories so they could get credit.

  14. djrebel Says:

    Associated Press is an international organization that covers the nation and world. No newspaper has the staff to cover everything in its paper. AP has a bureau in each state, sometimes more. Newspapers use AP to cover road games when they’re not in attendance, which is more these days given the economic climate.

    Sounds like it was a terrible environment over there, and I have no doubt the freshmen and newcomers were a bit intimidated … but not everybody goes there and loses by 33 points. Ole Miss right now looks like a team that will have enough talent and might be able to shoot well enough to compete at home (see West Virginia) but will revert on the road. It’s an unsuccessful mix I’ve seen before.

    — PA

  15. Archaeo Says:

    No time for a coaching change just yet. I have not listened to the BB games much this year but did watch the WV/OM game. There is no way we should have lost that game and in my opinion our coaching caused the loss in the last 3 minutes. I am not blaming Kennedy strictly, its just the mentality of the way BB coaches play the game these day. They get the lead and then slow the game down and play ball control. That game the kids should have kept attacking until the clock hit all zero’s. I guess thats why I am not a BB coach.

    For what its worth, it seems the SEC is going to be weak in men’s BB this year, not just UM. Even Tennessee got dominated by Temple the other day (at least until I couldn’t stomach to watch anymore).

    As far as football, as long as WE play OUR game and not Texas Tech’s game then we should be ok. Loosing Palmer may hurt, but as long as Hardy and crew are healthy and stay that way during the game the TT QB should have trouble staying upright. Putting a hat on their receivers however, may be more difficult.

  16. ackerman17 Says:

    That is awesome because you can’t block Greg Hardy.

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