FOOTBALL: Houston Nutt on SEC Beat

Houston Nutt will be on the SEC Beat today at 4:30. No changes this time. Done deal.

— PA

Here’s the link.


26 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Houston Nutt on SEC Beat”

  1. john Says:

    did we sell out our tix to the Cotton Bowl?

  2. UPTexan Says:

    PA, it would be interesting to ask him how much they have studied the Oklahoma game. OU was able to put major pressure on Harrell while dropping their LB’s to flood the short passing angles. The quick short passes where the other wide outs block worries me as we were weak against it this year. thanks

  3. djrebel Says:

    John, Sans Russell at the ticket office says bowl tickets will be available through this Thursday. About 21,000 have been sold so far.

    Texan, I’ll have to ask him that later. We finished taping about an hour ago.

    — PA

  4. farley662 Says:

    Any idea how many Tech has sold?

  5. djrebel Says:

    Don’t know how many Tech has sold.

    — PA

  6. tcfan Says:

    Not sure how many Tech served, but the latest I heard from Tech fans was significantly lower than Ole Miss’s allotment.

  7. tcfan Says:

    Oops, ** not sure how many Tech sold ^^.

  8. Charles Says:

    “PA, it would be interesting to ask him how much they have studied the Oklahoma game. OU was able to put major pressure on Harrell while dropping their LB’s to flood the short passing angles. The quick short passes where the other wide outs block worries me as we were weak against it this year. thanks”

    I agree. Unfortunately the only game I’ve been able to attend this year was against Wake. They tore us up with the short passes. We were missing Jerry and Hardy that game though. The short passes are what scare me. I think our pass rush is good enough to break up long pocket protection.

  9. cr Says:

    What Oklahoma did was take away the first option for Harrell based on formation tendencies. This allowed time for the DL to get some pressure. The OU defense became obsessed with getting their hands up and a batted ball was more important than a sack.

    PA: What station at 4:30?

  10. djrebel Says:

    WAJS-FM in Tupelo. 91.7.

  11. stangreb Says:

    Any one heard that Auburn is trying to get Rocker? I can’t blame them for trying to bring him back but would not be a wise choice for him considering all the belly aching they are doing about their new coach.

  12. L2 Says:

    Got my tix in today – excited about going – but VERY frustrated where the seats are. When you purchase through the school (being a season ticket holder) you would think the seats would have been better than what you could get from private ticket companies. But I guess i was wrong!
    Just had to vent somewhere – Thanks for letting me do it on here. From now on it seems the best way to ensure decent seats is to order elsewhere even though you want to support the school – But I guess it is MUCH better having terrible seats to a bowl game than to have no bowl game to go to at all 🙂

  13. JB Says:

    Coach Nutt and Staff doing an outstanding job in the preparation, training, and successful with this football team this season. Eight wins so far, and a good chance for the ninth one to finish off this great season for the Rebels.

    PA, I thank you for your service in bring up-to-date and present Rebels sports activities/news to us that are out of radio/communication range.

  14. m4rebs Says:

    L2, what section did they stick you in?

  15. Jeff Jolly Says:

    They were talking about possible assistants for Auburn today on the Mobile sports radio station. It seems they are going after all former Auburn players that are coaching in college. They mentioned Rocker, Patrick Nix and several others.

  16. bigdraws Says:

    I listen to foxsports radio most all day at work. Every single show blasted the Auburn program. Not just the typical racist comments but being stupid about firing Tubby. I can’t believe how bad they are looking right now. If this thing works out for State. Auburn and Arkansas may be the new cellar dwellars having to live in these beds they are making. Petrino may get Arky back up, but as soon as he does he’ll leave for greener pastures. I wouldn’t take him as a head coach if all he wanted was $100k a year. Auburn ain’t looking good at all in the national spotlight right now.

  17. JakefuryReb Says:

    Auburn is probably trying to get Rocker because of all the flack they’re getting for choosing a white coach over a black one. Just my opinion, though.

  18. ColoradoReb Says:

    With what the black coaches assoc. is saying about them and Espn I think they’re gonna have trouble getting any dark skinned people. Maybe a hispanic. I think Tracy knows the grass aint greener over there right now.

  19. L2 Says:

    m4 –
    we are in 113 – looks to be the new addition part of stadium. we put in the day available & i don’t know – just expected a bit better than what we ended up with. just had to vent a little disappointment so my wife didn’t have to hear about it 🙂 who knows – it may not be as bad as it looks? But in the ’04 game we put in for tix much later & got 40 yd line / halfway up???
    they shared with me that most of the tickets they got were for corner & end zone – – – so i wondered to myself it it was not better to purchase through other outlets?? i do want to support through the school though.
    I understand priority stuff, but my family has been season ticket holders for years (6 seats) & I guess i was expecting a little better than what came in the mail today.
    again though – just happy to be bowling after such a long wait.

  20. RebStudent Says:

    Im about to purchase four tickets together and was wondering if I can go to the ticket office and see what is available or am I only able to order and just see what I end up with? My Dad and friends are season ticket holders and was planning on ordering through them but on hearing this would I be better off Just ordering online? If yes then what sites should I go through? I appreciate any advice on the matter.

  21. djrebel Says:

    Student, I’d suggest going by the ticket office and giving that a shot. Ask those questions there. I know they are directing all sales who are not there in person to the website at You can also try, but if you’re concerned about seat location and can go to the office in person I would.

    — PA

  22. Mike Says:

    Haven’t received our tickets yet (5) but would bet they’ll either be in the end zone or one of the nosebleed sections. We went in ’04 and I bought from the Cotton Bowl website and wound up in one of the nosebleed sections anyway (section 103). However, I’m with you L2, end zone or nosebleed doesn’t matter as long as I’m there to see the Rebels put a good old fashioned Mississippi a$$ whoopin’ on Texas Tech.

  23. UPTexan Says:

    PA, as an OM alum, I want to support the university and so buying the crummy seats that the Cotton Bowl gives each visiting team is something I look at as a donation to OM. It helps our credibility to sell all the tickets that a bowl sends us.

    That being said, I understand we have pretty much done that for the Cotton Bowl this year.

    So, please let all of your readers who are in the market for tickets know to go to and go to the Cotton Bowl. You will see the best market for Cotton Bowl tickets. Very user friendly with seating chart. On the SEC side, tickets are from $65 for end zone up to around $400 for prime locations. You pay a small handling fee and they send you the tickets within 2-3 days by FedX.

  24. Mike Says:

    UP, I assume the $65 tickets you’re talking about are through stubhub or some other outlet like that since the Cotton Bowl website says all tickets are $100?

  25. UPTexan Says:

    yes, StubHub is a private company, nothing to do with the Cotton Bowl. Its a ticket hub for all sorts of events. You should check it out. Very secure and trustworthy.

  26. RebStudent Says:

    thanks for the advice texan. I went by the office and from talking to the guy the cotton bowl really screwed over ole miss on the allotment of tickets. Most of the tickets consisted of the endzone ones and the ones from the 20 yd line to the other 20 only included a certain amount of rows up from the bottom, the rest were given to corporations. He said they are requesting more tickets in section 34 which is in the endzone but I will probably purchase some off of stubhub.

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