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FYI: Today’s Agenda

December 17, 2008

Packing and plumbing right now. We managed to finally get the toilet drained last night, and I’m eagerly awaiting the plumber this morning.

Hopefully I’ll make it to the Christmas luncheon at the Journal, then Brad and I are off to Cincinnati. State plays Cincinnati tomorrow at 5:30 with Ole Miss and Louisville to follow.

I’ve seen Tracy Rocker’s name tossed about as a possible assistant coach at Auburn. From what I saw it was pure speculation on an Auburn blog based on Rocker’s time there as a player.

I would place that in the category of never say never, but I also have a hard time seeing that as an attractive move for Rocker unless new coach Gene Chizik plans on making him his defensive coordinator and throwing a lot of cash that way.

Maybe those things and some allure of going to your native state and back to your alma mater could combine to make the move attractive.

Anything less, though, and Rocker would be moving his family again and trading a great deal of stability for a great deal of unknown, a situation where a lot of the fan base is against the hire of the new head coach.

Rocker also returns a lot of talent and experience among his players at Ole Miss — even though his line will look different next year without Peria Jerry, a first-team AP All-American.

— PA