FYI: Live from Cincinnati

Somewhat live anyway. It’s 12:27 eastern time, way past my bedtime. The trip was longer than it needed to be with a detour on the Trace, wet and slow roads with lots of trucks then a wreck outside of Nashville that cost us 30 or 40 minutes.

We’re here, and so are the Rebels and Bulldogs. They’re staying in the same hotel in Northern Kentucky, and they’ll be in the same arena tonight. That will present a scouting opportunity for each team.

We listened to the Mick Cronin Show driving into town. He’s the Cincinnati coach who was hired just about the same day Andy Kennedy was hired at Ole Miss. Kennedy was UC’s interim coach but wasn’t entertained as a serious candidate for the permanent job.

Cronin and the Bearcats have lost twice and have had some injuries at point guard this season. They’ll take on State at 5:30.

No injuries for No. 9 Louisville, who the Rebels will face at 8. The Cards are 6-1.

Looking at football, there’s no final word on the eligibility of senior guard Maurice Miller. He practiced Wednesday, and Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt is optimistic that he’ll play in the Cotton Bowl, but that is still TBA.

— PA


4 Responses to “FYI: Live from Cincinnati”

  1. Ecrureb Says:

    When you get the official word about M.Miller or anyone else will you let me know.

  2. JB Says:

    Ole Miss football players did pretty good in the All-Football.

    Two All-American college football players.
    Two All Pro football players; Manning and Willis

    Not too bad for the Rebels

  3. Kurt Strassner Says:


    Don’t often comment, but read you regularly. A Rebel in Cincinnati. Enjoy our fine city and lovely weather. I hope we both enjoy the game tonight.

  4. Matthew Says:

    PA what is the word on AK’s arrest?

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