HOOPS: From bad to worse

Looks like a season-ender for Chris Warren. He went to the floor in the final seconds and grabbed his left knee in obvious pain. An MRI will be performed Friday, but the early thought is that it is a torn ACL, the third for Ole Miss this season.

— PA


6 Responses to “HOOPS: From bad to worse”

  1. me Says:

    he played like a champ! love him.

  2. Kurt Says:

    Well, 2009 is probably shot. But 2010 is setting up like a great year. Everyone returns, plus Buckner. We get White, Graham, and Bogan a ton of experience this year that they would not have gotten with Warren, Polyneice, and Gaskins healthy. And maybe, just maybe, without Warren’s playmaking and scoring ability, some other guys will be forced to step up and score more consistently. Perhaps best of all, I think the team might be forced, with Bogan at the helm, to run more of an offense instead of the one-on-one action and quick jumpers that are the current modus operandi.

    I was at the game tonight and can’t count the number of times we came down the floor and pulled a jumper with one pass or less. I also can’t count the number of times we actually drove the lane and dished to the open man. Can’t count the former because it happened so often. Can’t count the latter because I can’t remember it ever happening!

    Much as Warren has taken the team on his back at times, we cannot win if he is the offense. His field goal percentage is far too low for him to be shooting 15-20 times a game. 2-10 from behind the arc tonight is not all that atypical.

    All that said, Chris is a spectacular player … probably our best in many ways. But tonight the team seemed to suffer at the point. Too much individual play and not enough creation for others. Some of that is Chris. Some of it is the other guys not having stepped up as viable scoring options. Maybe a year of the rest of the team working a more settled offense (still up-tempo, though) will allow Chris to come back next year and fit into a more matured offensive system instead of having to be the offense as he and Huertas currently are.

  3. rebel2011 Says:

    oh no… this cannot be good. i definitely wish chris the best and hope its not as serious as expected. if it is, it will be a long season

  4. RoastBeef1 Says:


    Oh well, maybe next year. Hopefully Chris can come back stronger from this injury.

  5. QueenCityFan Says:

    This is odd … three ACLs; could they be doing some drill/stretch/?? that is weakening that ligament?

  6. 03Rebel Says:

    This may be the wrong area to ask, but is there any news on FB recruiting? Did we pick up any Juco players?

    Also, any News on the cabby? Has anyone heard any rumors about what “really” happened Wednesday night? Just kidding of course. PA, since we don’t have a recruiting section, how about making up an enquirer or star magazine section for all of these ladies slinging mud.

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