KENNEDY: Can’t speak today


Andy Kennedy booking photo above.

Can it get worse? Always. Rebels trailing 77-68 at 28.3 seconds, but the story is Warren was just carried off the floor by medical staff and Huertas in obvious pain favoring his left knee after hitting the floor.

I see Matt dissing me down there for not giving updates when the Rebels are doing well. Fact is Brad has been using my laptop since he spilled water in his. Rebels down 58-53 10:06 left. Doing it with defense right now. Wouldn’t it be interesting if Kennedy’s darkest day at Ole Miss turned out to be his biggest win.

It’s 33-18 Louisville here. Inability to rebound and grab loose balls is killing the Rebels.

On a side note, Ole Miss football players received gifts from the Cotton Bowl today — 32-inch Vizio HD TVs.

Still no word on the availability of senior guard Maurice Miller. Houston Nutt remains optimistic.

Kennedy walks out with the team this time. Very little reaction. The place is like a Louisville home game. One or two Cincinnati fans yelled “Andy, Andy.” The rest have gone home. Kennedy’s in a pinstripe suits. He appears to be receiving a few words of encouragement for the officials. Maybe they’ll have some sympathy during the game as well.

It’s about 10 minutes to tip here. The Rebels have been on the court warming up for several minutes. No sign of Kennedy, though we were told he would coach the game. Bill Armstrong was with the team in warm-ups, as were the other assistant coaches. Team is going back into the locker room now.

If you’ve got a radio nearby Kennedy will address his arrest in some short capacity in a pre-game interview with David Kellum. There’s about 3 minutes left in State’s game right now, and Cincinnati is leading 70-59.

The wireless service here is weak, and game updates will be few and brief.

At the arena now. Boone seems pretty confident that Kennedy will be cleared when all the facts are known.

There’s been no mention of Armstrong’s future.

Kennedy, Boone statement. Boone expects Kennedy to be cleared of all charges “once all the facts are known.”

1 p.m.
Brad obtained copies of the arrest reports. No surprises in them. The arresting officer’s account says Kennedy punched the victim with a closed fist while using racial slurs. There was a third-party unrelated witness.

Bill Armstrong’s report says he was “ejected” from a local bar and was also involved in an altercation with the taxi driver. The report says Armstrong taunted and continued to taunt the taxi driver after Armstrong was arrested. The officer says Armstrong’s conduct was “likely to cause a violent response.”

Still awaiting a university response.

I’m hearing Kennedy will coach tonight, as a player said earlier, and that something will be told about his interpretation of events later.

Just spoke with Pete in the lobby. He had no comment other than to say that an official statement is coming.

Pete was here yesterday and did not come up this morning only after hearing of the incident.

It looked like he was coming from the workout room, which is where I need to be. I missed my walk this morning.

The team has left for the shootaround. There has been an update meeting with the players.

A player I spoke with believes Kennedy will coach tonight.

An official university news release is in the hands of the chancellor and is being reviewed by the university attorney. It could be a couple of hours before it is released.

There has been no change to the days’ schedule relative to the shootaround, meals and meetings.

Kennedy and Armstrong weren’t the only members of the staff to go out last night. A group larger than two left the hotel at about 9:30.

Pete Boone has not returned calls.

11:10 a.m.
I just spoke with Andy Kennedy in the lobby. He has hired an attorney and has been advised not to speak.

“I just can’t. That’s what the attorneys are saying. There will be a time to speak, but today’s not it.”

Kennedy was wearing an Ole Miss warm-up suit and a baseball cap. I guess the meeting is over, but I haven’t seen or heard from Pete or media relations yet.

Brad Locke is here with me. His plans for covering State’s shoot-around have been squashed. He’s gone across the river to try and secure a copy of the arrest report.

Here’s the link to the local story, which reports Bill Armstrong, basketball operations, was with Kennedy.

Armstrong has been walking around the lobby of the hotel talking on a cell phone.

I’ve seen a few other Ole Miss folks … former star Gerald Glass, now a manager while he finishes his degree, and broadcaster David Kellum.

— PA


71 Responses to “KENNEDY: Can’t speak today”

  1. bigdraws Says:

    “Reports state Armstrong, 31, was drunk and thrown out of the Lodge Bar downtown early this morning.”

    This just keeps getting worse for these two the more we hear.

  2. ColoradoReb Says:

    I was just told both are out. I’m pretty sure. Boone is said to have placed them both on administrative leave. bigdraws was right, Coach White will be the coach in the game.

  3. HerbieT Says:

    PA – you just thought you wouldn’t be involved in a coaching search this winter.

  4. bigdraws Says:

    Foxsports radio just reported it in their new flash. It just sounds bad hearing “Ole miss…..Mississippi….racial slurs”. I think this made the whole state look bad.

  5. ColoradoReb Says:

    I agree bigdraws. Chancellor K and Boone spoke earlier and they are worried there might be some racial riot of sorts at the game. Armstrong and Kennedy will not be there. Both have denied the allegations, but this third party witness may be trouble for both of them. Cinn has had alot of racial problems in the recent past. I’m just wondering if OM should play at all?

  6. farley662 Says:

    Gonna have to watch tonight just to see the signs the crowd holds up.

  7. maroondog Says:

    This is bad enough for Ole Miss, but the media will spin this to be about racism in the South, especially Mississippi.

  8. maroondog Says:

    I really feel sorry for the Ole Miss players. This is going to hang over them all year long.

  9. bigdraws Says:


  10. ColoradoReb Says:

    Heard the driver called Armstrong and Kennedy “mf jews”. Then Armstrong called the guy “a terrorist”. The guy pulled the cab over and everyone got out and Coach K knocked him the heck out after the guy threw his shoes at them.(LOL)

  11. bigdraws Says:

    “Heard the driver called Armstrong and Kennedy “mf jews”.”

    So, I’m assuming they didn’t leave a tip or something?

  12. ColoradoReb Says:

    No they actually tried to charge the driver some money.

  13. bigdraws Says:

    You gotta be sh**ing me. You can’t make up stuff this funny.

  14. I SUPPORT AK Says:

    Report is that driver also called one of our coaches the N word and said he wasnt giving a N word a ride

  15. Tim Says:

    Ok guys, here is Andy Kennedy’s side of the story. This is not confirmed. Supposedly, they were getting a cab. The cab driver refused to let one of the African-American coaches in the cab with them. There was then shouting back and forth, And this is where there is a lot lost in interpretation of the story. However, the cab driver supposedly locked AK in the cab and would not let him out. This is when the punches were thrown. Bottom line is he had no business out that late and obviously too much to drink. If you don’t wanna be accussed of swimming you don’t go to the pool

  16. ColoradoReb Says:

    JJ about them charging the driver but they are saying that Armstrong and Kennedy were just drunk and a little loud when the cab driver started calling them ***Jews and after words the cab driver pulled over and they got out. The driver got out and started with them and Kennedy knocked him out. They continued walking toward the hotel until the 5-0 caught up to them. Armstrong was charged with disorderly conduct after telling the po-po to take him to jail with Kennedy so they did

  17. benzadawgfan Says:

    This sounds like the behavior of a college freshman, not a coach. They can’t keep him there. Can u imagine being a parent and allowing this clown to even come to your home to recruit? Not even after 12 steps.

  18. farley662 Says:

    He is the coach of a major university. It doesn’t matter if he was provoked, he should have left.

  19. JB Says:

    de blogs hot today – guess now “Ole” will be removed as political correctness

  20. david Says:

    ok if the cab driver did call a coach the n word, and i am not saying waht andy did was right but at least you know they care about other…I mean whose to sya the cabbie didnt start the whole mess. If someone locked me in a cab, i’d be punching them to get out too.

  21. QueenCityFan Says:

    IF … the event happened around 11ish (warrant came later) and the IF cabbie actually called someone there the N word and IF AK wasn’t drunk, then I’m inclined to let him stay; but that’s a bunch of ifs.

    I have no problem with him going out in his hometown and having a beer, so long as the hour is respectable and he isn’t sloshed.

  22. JB Says:

    farley, think that Kennedy and Armstrong will be needing a U-Haul soon?

  23. farley662 Says:

    Doesn’t matter what the cabbie said. He is the face of your program. He has to set the example for the players and university.

  24. QueenCityFan Says:

    I think it matters quite a bit … I didn’t say I like it, but don’t know that I’d can him if those were the facts.

    However, if he were the aggressor and started all of this, then he should be looking for a new home already.

  25. farley662 Says:

    So, if Nutt goes out in public and a black dude calls him a cracker, he has the right to go off on a racism filled rant and punch the guy?

  26. bigdraws Says:

    ” have no problem with him going out in his hometown and having a beer”

    I don’t think you can do that in Louisville, can you?

  27. whocares Says:

    Lets see…the cab driver started the racist comments.
    The cab driver IMPRISONED AK.

    Why the hell wasnt the cab driver arrested ?

    He had to get back to his al-Qaeda meeting ?

  28. whocares Says:

    What was Armstrong trying to do ? Deflect attention from AK an instead it backfired on him ?

    This smells like an eventual out of court financial settlement, dropped charges and no public comment.

    At least they had the good sense to call a cab.

    Another thing….the cab driver wouldnt let the black guy ride in the cab ?

    The cab driver SHOULD have been jacked in the face !

  29. L2 Says:

    Just sad! I don’t know how I would respond in a situation like this – but being in a position of leadership, you have to be bigger and walk away from ANYTHING like this. I am not a judge – just hate to see any strong up and coming younger generation coach ruin (for the moment) his career. I know some have come back from much worse – but hate to see someone AGAIN allow themselves to drop to any other level than where they should hold themselves.
    AK has been a class act every time I have met him – just hate to see him allow himself to get mixed up in this.

  30. bigdraws Says:

    Another guys version of what happened……

    Just spoke with my Ole Miss $$ buddy and he said it was true.
    It was four guys in the cab and the argument was over the fare amount.
    AK punched the guy in the face and called him a few choice words.

    Now some money has been offered with a few comas in there and
    the cabbie is going to recant his story and drop the charges.

  31. whocares Says:

    Now its making some sense. The cabbie was trying to gouge them and AK didnt want to pay the inflated charges and the cab driver locked him in at which point Andy jacked him.

    While this would not have happened if they had not have been drunk, I still dont think AK deserves to be suspended even for a game.

    And Kennedys side of the story will never be made public Im afraid.

    This is where they offer the guy $10k to let it go, the prosecuter will drop the charges and this will die down.

  32. Mark Says:

    are you going to the press conference at 2 pm per the Cincy
    Jiddou will discuss the incident at a 2 p.m. news conference.

  33. UMLaw Says:

    “Now its [sic] making some sense.”

    BS. When have you ever heard of a cab driver locking someone in their cab? How does the 3d party witness even see or much less HEAR the racial slurs if Kennedy was locked in the freaking cab with the doors shut in the middle of the night? These are all just rumors trying to save face!


  34. bigdraws Says:

    “How does the 3d party witness even see or much less HEAR the racial slurs if Kennedy was locked in the freaking cab with the doors shut in the middle of the night?”

    Hard to argue with that.

  35. Crazy Says:

    AK and others had verbal exchanges with the cab driver, but no punches. No money is involved for this to go away, but it should be dropped by the end of the day

  36. Jay Stokes Says:

    i will say that i am definitely a huge AK fan and a huge fan of the bball program….so i will not broadcast myself as non-biased in this….

    but this story sounds really fuzzy. i know that there are a lot of questions that could be asked of kennedy that are very good ones….including why were you out this late the night before a big game, etc. etc. however, i think that he has a record of being a class A coach in every aspect of the word until this point…..i’m sure this will amount to nothing legally….and the only reason it’s even a big deal is because he’s a coach.

    i know…with leadership comes higher standards for behavior…but i just don’t see how they can get rid of kennedy over this. should he be punished in some fashion? definitely so……….fired???? definitely not…….talk about a killer blow to the basketball program! AK has restored ole miss to being a respected ball program nationally…..if he’s fired, all recruits jump ship….a lot of the freshman talent who came to play for him will probably transfer….they will have to start from ground zero again. i don’t think anybody wants that.

  37. bigdraws Says:

    Also UMlaw. Didn’t another eyewitness say the Armstrong guy was kicked out of a bar earlier for being disorderly?

  38. UMLaw Says:

    According to PA, the arrest report states he was “ejected.” Don’t know about an eyewtness there.

  39. rebel2011 Says:

    i believe that the charges will be dropped after hearing everything that happened and both boone’s and kennedy’s statements. i believe that the cab driver made up half of his story, although i am not glad that our coaching staff was out at 1 AM

  40. rebel2011 Says:

    draws, david brandt of the Clarion ledger said that he called the owner of the lodge this morning, the bar that armstrong was reportedly kicked out of, and the owner said that none of them were kicked out, that they were there but left on their own

  41. whocares Says:

    Are the arrest reports posted anywhere for us to read ?

    I saw AKs mugshot.

  42. bigdraws Says:

    Here’s the cab driver on a radio station.

  43. bigdraws Says:

    I just posted a link for a radio interview of the cab driver. It’s awaiting moderation. No matter what happens, the words that keep popping up on espn are…….Ole Miss coach, assault charges, and racist slurs. The coaching staff should be ashaimed of themselves.

  44. Archaeo Says:

    I have a friend whose brothers sisters son saw……. Rumors, rumors, rumors. All of this may or may not be true, but half of this is just second or third hand. Takes focus off MSU I guess. I had a motorcycle wreck while in high school and by the end of the week my broken arm turned into my head being severed from my body – and this from an eye witness. Stuff just gets skewed sometimes.

    Who knows, it may all be true. Probably not though. There may be some parts that are correct, but the chaff needs to sifted through first.

  45. Tim Says:

    This makes me sick. He was out drunk at 2am. That’s all that maters. As a Ole Miss fan, he must be fired.

  46. Todd Says:

    Link to arrest report …

  47. bigdraws Says:

    For whomever was asking for the arrest report.

  48. bigdraws Says:

    Nevermind, I’m a doofus.

  49. me Says:

    Armstrong was not drunk. Note that he was not arrested for drunkenness. He was arrested for disorderly conduct. So everyone who thinks police reports equal truth (which they don’t) should digest that. If he were drunk, why wasn’t he arrested for that.

    Why is it assumed that b/c grown men are out late and at a bar, they are drunk? These are big guys who can have a drink or two or three and not be drunk. And, furthermore, Cincinatti doesn’t have the Mississippi implied curfew. People stay out later, and it’s not a crime. There are plenty of other staff members to monitor the players back at the hotel. They were not unchaperoned.

  50. Matthew Says:

    time of arrest for AK was 1:15, which means the incident probably occured about 20-30 minutes prior to arrest. It should have been a citation instead of a formal arrest b/c the officer didn’t witness the event. The 3rd party “neutral” witness was not listed and I doubt is real,exists, or gave a formal statement so the charges are very weak. The locale of Armstrong’s arrest is a different locale than AK’s arrest and according to the report happened 30 min’s after AK’S arrest. Sloppy/lazy police work that was not investigated well and charges should not have been filed w/out having all of the answers to determine prob. cause or the lack thereof. All of that being said I don’t like my head coach and staff at this establishment the night before a big game. AK’s brother said he went out for a late night dinner but this place does not serve food, and last night was “college” night and “mug” night.

    AK should be disciplined and a full investigation should be conducted and completed prior to allowing AK to be on the bench LEADING Ole Miss.

  51. ColoradoReb Says:

    Good job Matthew. I agree 100%. I listened to this Mohammad the muslim alchemist on the radio. He speaks all the English he wants unless you ask him something he doesn’t want to answer. It sounds very made up especially the racial slurrs part. He couldn’t come up with any specifics at all. This is what I hear for real. Bar shuts down. Everyone leaves. Coaches start walking to look for a cab. Kennedy is pulling up the rear and sees a cab pull in front of the Lodge Bar. Ask to take him to hotel but first wants to pick up the others. He stops at the corner where the others are. Mohammad tells Kennedy everyone can ride but the “N******”. Kennedy says he’ll just get out. Mohammad demands a $10 minimum from Kennedy. Kennedy refuses and says he is calling the 5-0. Mohammad locks the doors that do not have the little pull ups on them so you can let yourself out. The guy is in the car cursing Kennedy who then becomes inraged. The guy gets in Kennedy’s face and AK pushes him back toward the front seat with an open hand and finally gets out of the car after telling the guy to let him out or he will kick his —. Sounds like really bad police work and Achmed is not telling the truth. But its like my Daddy also said if you’d had been at home none of this would have happened. Nothing good hapens after midnight.

  52. Chad Says:

    CR, If what you say is true, why doesn’t AK have the cab driver arrested for kidnapping?

  53. DawgBones Says:

    It is all a big misunderstanding. AK was just too drunk to remember he wasn’t dealing with the Oxford (slip me some university cash) police.

  54. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Katz just said that the defense is gonna be that the left side is where the guy got hit, but AK was on the right. Come on now, they said he was facing the rear seat. That means that’s no excuse at all for AK. He’ll end up getting off somehow, probably with money, but he has made it clear that he did something wrong.

  55. me Says:

    I hate stupidity. Seriously. Police reports are not truth. They are written after the fact. After the cops are called. The cop didn’t witness anything. The cab driver is the only person stating that the coaches were drunk and kicked out of the bar. The owners of the bar admit the latter is untrue. The cops wrote down what the cab driver alleges. And you take that for truth? And you call for people to be fired based on the dang cabbie’s one-sided version of events? And you condemn people for being at a bar at 1 a.m. Are we back to being Puritans? Do you realize how late these coaches work. Have you become your crusty principal? Get a life, people. Your neighbors are probably running meth labs, and you’re worried about coaches drinking beer after work.

  56. JB Says:

    Sister Me Says. Good presentation. You have me convnced. Just hope that we are not getting smoke blown our AXXes by some professional —–.

  57. Jay Stokes Says:

    that photo is hilarious….and awesome…..

  58. me Says:

    It’s sad for Coach Armstrong. He is the best guy. With the best wife. And three of the cutest kids. And I don’t think he was drunk because he wasn’t arrested for being drunk, and now his reputation is scarred by a crucifiction in the press stating he was kicked out of a bar for being drunk. I think he was probably standing up for AK according to the tidbits that have been leaked. So Armstrong is the kind of guy you want having your back, the kind that is loyal to AK, and reports are that “his future is undetermined.” As if there has to be some sacrificial lamb here to make it all right. That’s such political BS. That’s so not right.

    The coaching staff probably learned a lesson that they can’t live normally anymore because they are under too much scrutiny. But it would be interesting to see how many that have scrutinized have actually been to a game this year. I find it also unfair that the coaches are assumed to be out prowling for college girls b/c they are at a bar.

  59. benzadawgfan Says:

    AK probly just went out for a beer, and when he was leaving the bar, this guy just decided to make up some story to get him arrested. The director of bb ops. had to have done something. The police don’t arrest people for disorderly conduct because of alleged events. They make those arrests when they witness the conduct. he may not have done it all, but allegations don’t usually come from thin air

  60. JB Says:

    me Says: Farley,what a phony piece of shit, you are putting on here.

    Prez, my good friend, are you pulling a good one on us Ole Rebels. SEMPER FI.

  61. me Says:

    the leaks I’ve read online today say that Armstrong was saying “this is BS, BS. Ok, if you’re going to arrest him, arrest me too.” And, cops are gonna take you if you get smart with them and offer to go. my theory for cop defense is play it submissive if you want to survive. any challenge at all and you’re in the pokey.

  62. Jay Stokes Says:

    the rebels made a nice run in the second half…..

    i had to mute the TV because it’s pretty obvious bob knight has some sort of love affair with louisville…

  63. m4rebs Says:

    C’mon PA, last post was when we’re down 15. You’ve been giving updates every 10 minutes with the negatives, we need some postives. 9:16 PM, Bob Knight “tips his hat to the Rebels.”

    BREAKING NEWS: No Mississippi State players, coaches, or fans were arrested in Cincinnati late Wedensday, early Thursday, however, in an erie situtation, a farmer in nearby Florence, KY has contacted local authorities to alert them of his entire herd of cattle, raped and pillaged. He states he saw a 6’10” shadow with a wingspan of near 8′ as the leading suspect, and a sweet talking fairy a key accomplace.

    Here’s the link: http://www.flokynews14.waa

    This sounds serious. I’m glad we live in a country where we are innocent till proven guilty. 99% of everybody that is now on Kennedy’s side were throwing him under the bus not 6 hours ago.

  64. bigdraws Says:

    It was Farley on 5′ stilts in his batman outfit.

  65. bigdraws Says:

    BTW, win or lose hats off to the rebel players for bringing it tonight. Way to go.

  66. benzadawgfan Says:

    Laws are different in each city, just because Armstrong wasn’t charged with public drunk or something like that doesn’t mean he was sober. I’m not saying he was drunk either, but making any inference from the charge he did get to his sobriety or lack of is going from 1 to 3 around the 2.

  67. colreb420 Says:

    i said it earlier ak was setup. i love how all the msux fans come around when their is some bad PR. 45-0 enjoy that for a year.

  68. bigdraws Says:

    Can’t include me in that 420. I’m here rain, sleet, or snow. I know how much you look forward to it. And I hate to disappoint 🙂

  69. colreb420 Says:

    bobby knight is very very good on tv. draws everyone loves a winner i cant blame you

  70. bigdraws Says:

    LOL, I wouldn’t be on either blog if that was the case.

  71. bigdraws Says:

    Nice effort tonight by the rebs. I admire AK and his team for taking it like men and addressing the game at hand well.

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