Warren Update

Ole Miss guard Chris Warren is presently undergoing an MRI to determine the severity of the injury to his left knee suffered last night. Results will be known later today. It is believed to be an ACL tear.


26 Responses to “Warren Update”

  1. cr Says:

    Warren is out for the year.

  2. whocares Says:

    Can he still get a medical redshirt ?

    Buy, AK sure has had some bad luck after being a media darling for several years in a row.

    3 season ending injuries and a whacked out cab driver.

    What are the odds ?

  3. bigdraws Says:

    Rebel basketball was cursed by the same witch that did MSU football in.

  4. whocares Says:

    eligible for a medical redshirt means played in fewer than 30 percent of the team’s regular-season games.

    By my count, Warren has played in 11 of 30 regular season games which is 36.67%, well above the 30% mark.

    So he has blown an entire year.

  5. djrebel Says:

    MRI results still aren’t back, but three doctors have called it an ACL tear. Warren is done, and he’s played too much for a medical redshirt.

    — PA

  6. Charles Says:

    Any word on Maurice Miller”s grades?

  7. bigdraws Says:

    Kennedy may not be out of the woods yet boys. Here’s what the valet guy had to say. Enjoy!!


  8. me Says:

    according to clarion ledger blog, kennedy has sued the cab driver and the valet. now, we’re cooking!

  9. rebnutt Says:

    What’s the latest on M. Miller playing in the Cotton Bowl? Also, Scout mentions that a some freshman linebacker is drawing a lot of praise & attention from the coaches & starters–who would that be?

  10. jprebel Says:

    Mo Miller is taking an intersession class, which will finish before the bowl game. If he passes he plays, if he doesn’t he’s out.

  11. Chad Says:

    jprebel, Not if the intersession class is at Ole Miss. Wintersession does not even begin until after the bowl game.

  12. whocares Says:

    Well, the valet seems credible and he does not have anything to gain here.

    I dont doubt they were banging on the cab but it seems to me the cabbie probably instigated a lot of it by using the N word.

    But, bottom line, like so many coaches tell players, nothing good can happen in public after midnight.

    AK can spend $100k suing these guys. But, AK and his 4 assitants were all drunk or at least impaired whereas the valet was not.

  13. me Says:

    how in the world do you know who was drunk or not?

  14. Jay Stokes Says:

    me……you’re definitely my favorite person on here….just sayin’.

  15. me Says:

    Jay, you’re going to love this b/c there may be justice after all. Listen to the lying cabbie’s call to 911:


    “He try to hit me. I have a witness.” changes to “he punched me” when the police get there. Cabbie lied people. All you “he had no reason to lie, why would he lie, he had no reason to lie, I think cab driver’s and 22 yr old valets are pillars of honesty,” EAT IT. People lie, these guys lied, they are on a come up. Now, who here has perpetuated trying to destroy a man’s stellar career based on their own biases before the facts were out! You suck. And can we please get this out in the Mississippi media and would our media please try to do a little investigation before plastering allegations in a police report across headlines as truth.

  16. Jud Says:

    When all the smoke clears… what kind of judgement do you have when, as a head coach, you are even in the position to get framed at 1:45 in the morning… and have your entire staff with you !!! The fact that this doesn’t even seem (by issued statements) to concern the Administration?

    BAD judgement all around.

  17. benzadawgfan Says:

    I’m done with all the speculation. There seems to be several sides to this story…..and the truth probably is somewhere in the middle. I hate to hear about Warren, that kid is full speed ahead all of the time. He’s fun to watch. Hope he’s able to fully recover.

  18. Raleighrebel Says:

    I think Kennedy was probably hammered and made an ass out of himself, but I still want him to be our coach. He has a reputation of being a guy that likes to go out to the bars and get his drink on. Boone and Khayat need to sit him down and let him know he’s got to calm down and be a better role model for his players and recruits. As far as what actually went down with the cab driver, I have no idea what actually happened. I’ll let the lawyers/court handle that. The bottom line is he shouldn’t have put himself in that position. I think Kennedy has made great progress with our basketball team and will have us contending for the SEC West and NCAA tournament soon (when our players stay healthy….that isn’t his fault) if he can get through this. Just my opinion.

    On another note, I’m looking forward to the bowl games coming up and hope there is a daily predictions post so that we can all argue about something else soon besides this.

    I better quit writing before Big Draws posts the first chapter of The Rabbit Factory or The Sound and the Fury 🙂

  19. Jay Stokes Says:

    me…wow that’s awesome. knew nothing about this sounded right from the very first time i heard the rumors. in retrospect, i wish kennedy HAD punched the guy just for good measure. 😉 but of course……i would rather keep him as the head coach, being that he is such a good one and would be VERY hard to replace.

    i still am going to tell a joke every now and then about getting hit “harder than kennedy hits a cabbie”………….even though i know it’s all bogus…still makes for a good joke. :-p

  20. farley662 Says:

    Wow. You folks are amazing.

  21. Matthew Says:

    PA we need to hear from you. I think you stated you saw AK and a larger group leave the hotel around 9:30 pm which is a different story than AK’S version as reported here from the CL.

    Kennedy said the coaches had a late start to the evening because team meetings weren’t finished until the “10:00 to 10:30 (p.m.) range.”

    Police reports say Kennedy was arrested at 1:15 a.m.

    White said it is very normal for a college basketball coaching staff to be out late the night before a game.

    “Were we out late? Sure,” White said. “Are we normally out late the night before games when we have film at 9:30? Yes. Are most staffs in the country? Probably. I don’t know that. Most staffs that I deal with on the road get late shootaround times, do late film work with their teams and eat dinner late. It’s very, very common.”

  22. Doug Ingram Says:

    Man, I’ve heard of moving forward in the face of adversity but Rebel basketball this year
    has been over the top. I mean, what are the odds of all these season-ending injuries and encounters with idiot cab drivers in one year???!!!!

  23. imarebel Says:

    This is only gonna get worse. If the University doesnt do something, punishment wise, to Kennedy, I feel as though the NAACP will be all over this. They will begin to say that the University agrees with the “racial slurs” that was said. They got their way with the flags, the got their way with Colonel Reb, and if we keep Kennedy who is to say they wont get their way with taking away the name REBELS!!!!!!!! Dont get me wrong I fully support Kennedy and believe that he is the best thing that has happened to Ole Miss b ball in a long time, but we have to be realistic here.

  24. me Says:

    Ole Miss may not be a place where a basketball team can become a powerhouse, so I digress. Powerhouse programs have dedication from outside the program. Maybe Ole Miss doesn’t have that. I know they do for football and for baseball, but maybe not for basketball. So, maybe that’s why Rob Evans moved on is my point. I’m a life-long Mississippian. I have moved away for a few years before, however, and it’s done me good. The sideshow is titillating but I’m bored with it. And ready to get back to basketball. My coach gets my benefit of the doubt.

  25. JB Says:

    me: you got me on those big words “titillating”, don’t hear that very much. About 100 years ago, I went over to Senatobia hoping to make the basketball and baseball teams. They used me as the dummy. Also, the english course was hard for me and the other jock to grasp. We were so bad in english, that the Prof put us in one hour and day five days per week classes. Some of us still didn’t make it. So I chose the USAF and got $75.00 per month just for putting on that “bus driver uniform” so the ground pounders, referred to us.

    Anyway love you posting, just keep them coming. Have a good day.

  26. O3Rebel Says:

    This may be the wrong area to ask, but is there any news on FB recruiting??? Did we pick up any Juco players???

    Also, any News on the cabby? Has anyone heard any rumors about what “really” happened Wednesday night? Just kidding of course. PA, since we don’t have a recruiting section, how about making up an enquirer or star magazine section for all of these ladies slinging mud.

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