Parrish out of town/Kennedy update

Good morning, Parrish it taking some well-deserved time with this family for the holidays and we’ll be back on the blog Tuesday.

Here are some links below to update the Kennedy situation. Coach Kennedy and his staff spoke with the media about what happened in Cincinnati.

Clarion-Ledger:Kennedy speaks about arrest, lawsuit fights back while preparing without Warren

Ole Miss Spirit ( Coach speaks (requires subscription)

Commercial Appeal – Ole Miss’ Andy Kennedy files suit vs. cab driver


49 Responses to “Parrish out of town/Kennedy update”

  1. imarebel Says:

    This is only gonna get worse. If the University doesnt do something, punishment wise, to Kennedy, I feel as though the NAACP will be all over this. They will begin to say that the University agrees with the “racial slurs” that was said. They got their way with the flags, the got their way with Colonel Reb, and if we keep Kennedy who is to say they wont get their way with taking away the name REBELS!!!!!!!! Dont get me wrong I fully support Kennedy and believe that he is the best thing that has happened to Ole Miss b ball in a long time, but we have to be realistic here.

  2. me Says:

    The NAACP protects the interests of African Americans. Why would the NAACP take issue with four white coaches taking up for a black coach?

  3. farley662 Says:

    If you don’t think the NAACP would like to hitch their wagon to a lawsuit involving the only state in the Union to still have the Confederate battle flag on it’s flag, you are either naive or living in a fantasy world. The fact is until UM gets rid of the name Rebels and stops playing Dixie, things like the AK drama are good for the NAACP. It’s proves to them that UM has and always will be an exclusive, white university. The entire country is not surprised this came out. We are Mississippi after all.

  4. JB Says:

    I would not be supprised as to just what the naacp would try to pull.

  5. imarebel Says:

    I understand what the NAACP says they will do, but what thy actually do is different. Farley you are exactly right, they would love to get on this and milk it for all it is worth.
    I would hate to know that we had to introduce Coach Andy Kennedy and his OLE MISS TURTLES. Which is what will happen because ol Pete Boone and Robert K. dont have the back bone to stand up to them and buck the system. Like I said before we just need to go ahead and bite the bullet and move on. It is only gonna hurt us in the long run.

  6. ColoradoReb Says:

    The Confederate Battle flag is the State flag, not Ole Miss’. Ole Miss’ flag is a big M.

  7. farley662 Says:

    Really ColoradoReb? I did not know that! You continue to amaze me.

  8. JB Says:

    Looks like Ole Miss basketball program and season may be over for this year. They were never a power house from my memory. Did make it to the sweet 16 once, I believe, thanks to Rod Barnes.

  9. bigdraws Says:

    Was that Barnes or Evans?

  10. JB Says:

    It could have been Evans, both had good teams.

  11. JB Says:

    Draws: Check the record book: It was Barnes. Season record of 27-8, SEC 11-5 and the season was 2000-01. (Any they fired him). Now they are probably fixing to pay a deadly price.

  12. bigdraws Says:

    They fired him after the 05-06 season if I’m not mistaken. He won sec coty then floundered for several seasons before his firing. The old excuse, “he won with __________’s players” fits here.

  13. JB Says:

    I hearsay, know that I shouldn’t spread hearsay, but I am going to do it this time. Hearsay that Rob Evans came to Ole Miss to break the color barrier for coaching there. He did build a good program.

    I will not do anymore hearsaying now affraid that The Reverend BirdZ will counsel me in moral character and conduct. I definitely don’t want the Reverend after me. Just kidding BirdZ, you can set me strait, I need it. Went to Church program at Delay Baptist Friday night.

  14. JB Says:

    The Cost of Being(and Staying Cool)

  15. me Says:

    They’ll be a powerhouse again, if we don’t run off good coaches. Check the media guide for the Evans, Barnes stats, people. Both had success. Barnes went to the sweet 16 but had 3 or 4 losing seasons before he was fired. Evans got to the NCAA but left for a “better” job as a head coach at Arizona State where he probably didn’t have to put with as much ignorance.

  16. bigdraws Says:

    I trust you. But if it’s ok with you I won’t hold my breath.

  17. JB Says:

    “Evans got to the NCAA but left for a “better” job as a head coach at Arizona State where he probably didn’t have to put with as much ignorance”.

    OK!!! Why did Evans come to Ole Miss in the first place? The so called ignorance, as you state,must have existed then. Or maybe it didn’t. Who brought that ignorance to Ole Miss in the first place? I don’t know, just asking a question!!

  18. JB Says:

    I really don’t think that anyone will ever see a powerhouse in basketball at Ole Miss. The just don’t have the “right stuff” for basketball, now you can go down the road a little ways to Starkville, they do have the “right stuff”, and has displayed over all the years.

  19. bigdraws Says:

    You’re trying to start something right before Christmas, aren’t you JB?

  20. JB Says:

    Draws, NOOOO! Can’t I have the Christmas Spirit, it could be good for an old codger like me.

  21. farley662 Says:

    You the ghost of Christmas past JB?

  22. JB Says:

    Yep, youre right farley, I was around before Santa Claus. How’s the little one doing? You and the Mrs will have a Blessed Christmas this season.

  23. farley662 Says:

    You too JB. He’s doing really well. Santa is gonna be very good to him this year.

  24. me Says:

    My point is re: basketball. The titillating sideshow has been entertaining, but I’m sort of bored with it and the real story is basketball. Maybe I overstated when I said powerhouse, but a sweet sixteen and ncaa appearances and a NIT final four is not too bad for a school that primarily supports football and now baseball. Powerhouse programs have not just good coaches, but the support of everyone involved. And maybe Ole Miss doesn’t have that, and maybe that’s why Coach Evans moved on. Coach Kennedy is a good basketball coach I don’t want to lose like we lost Coach Evans. So, I’m not throwing AK under the bus the first time something comes up negative about him. My coach gets my benefit of the doubt. And, he’s got to get through a season without 3 of his best players. We lost Chris Warren. That makes me want to weep. Two other guys that could play point guard also are out with knee injuries. Maybe there’s enough depth w/ guards to keep our head above water.

  25. farley662 Says:

    Might be jumping the gun on that football powerhouse thing a bit don’t ya think?

  26. me Says:

    farley, you can’t read.

  27. farley662 Says:

    “Powerhouse programs have dedication from outside the program. Maybe Ole Miss doesn’t have that. I know they do for football and for baseball, but maybe not for basketball.”

    Your words. Me, you can’t make a post without making yourself look like a complete jackass.

  28. me Says:

    My words weren’t that ole miss is a powerhouse in football. Don’t you have anything else to do if you don’t like Ole Miss than get on an Ole Miss message board. I think you define jackass. Thanks, and I’m outta here. Gotta game to go watch.

  29. JB Says:

    Getting away from the Ole Miss basketball disastrous season, let us focus on some outstanding sports achievements that the Rebels excel in, like the lady rifle team, of which is as follows:

    Ole Miss head rifle coach Valerie Boothe blogs on the latest happenings with her squad, which opens the spring season Jan. 23 at TCU.

    At this point in the season, we are in a well deserved break. This fall, we have climbed to 10th in the nation, but come January we will be making our push for the final eight. The top eight teams receive the invite for NCAA Championships, and that is our main goal.

    Or just maybe the Ladies basketball team. They are winners.

    The Ladies soccer team: They are winners.

    I think that those that are in charge of the men’s sports programs should take a really good and close look at what’s going on in the successful women’s sports programs. Maybe they could learn a lesson or two.

    Just my thoughts.

  30. bigdraws Says:

    “I think you define jackass”

    You hit the nail on the head with that one. All he’s lacking is long ears and a tail.

  31. Jay Stokes Says:

    great game by the rebels tonight without chris. murphy was beastly tonight…..malcolm and terrico had great games too. will ran the team pretty well for his first full college game. i think the rebels may surprise a few folks and still be competitive in the west this season. i predicted that they would be 10-4 heading into conference play several weeks ago…i think that is still very possible.

    AK had some very sentimental postgame comments for the fans, thanking them for their support over the past days…..promised that their loyalty will not be for nothing….i was glad to hear that he had heard encouraging words from some fans, as it seemed like a lot of the people i hear want to throw him to the dogs. we love you, AK! Go Rebels…..

  32. bigdraws Says:

    Damn Jay. I might be wrong but I dont think Kennedy goes that way.

  33. flareb Says:

    Draws and Farley,
    I say this with State in mind, if you are going to come over here and blog, please let me read one paragraph with some insightful info and words with more than one syllable. Spare me the smart ass remarks……….it’s after eleven, “you been in the sauce.”
    Farley, glad to hear the little one is doing better.
    Just for the record, never been on the state blog and have no desire although I pull for State when not facing Rebs.

  34. bigdraws Says:

    Actually it was 10pm. Pa didn’t change his clock a few months ago. Get used to the smart ass comments. Skip over it if you don’t like what I write. And I don’t care if you come on the state blog or not. Many do and no one has a problem with it. Some of you are the most sensative, bitter people I’ve ever not met in my life.

  35. Archaeo Says:

    Farley: “And I don’t care if you come on the state blog or not. Many do and no one has a problem with it. Some of you are the most sensative, bitter people I’ve ever not met in my life.”

    You must not be reading the same MSU thread that I have then. A lot of MSU posters have problems with UM fans posting on some of their threads. But to be honest, I haven’t seen anything over there worth reading lately so attitudes ‘might’ have changed, but probably not. Not much here either with PA gone for that matter.

    Basketball: One thing good that is coming out of the injuries however is the valuable experience the young guys are getting. These guys are having to grow up real fast and this should help them in the long run. The young players actually get to play quality minutes instead of just giving the ‘better’ players breathers.

  36. Archaeo Says:

    BAh, to early in the morning. The above should have been bigdraws – not Farley’s quote.

  37. JB Says:

    Mississippi Believe

  38. JB Says:

    I have no problem with that Cow College bunch over there. What I speak over there I expect them to retaliate. Most I consider good friend even tho I have never seen them before. The are Mississippian, and I am proud of them.

    I speak out over here too. I expect retaliation here as well. Me a RipleyRebel probably been a Mississippian longer than most of you. We don’t go back as far as the civil war, but do reach back in time. Wish all a great day, Rejoice in The Lord, He loves you and so do I.

  39. bigdraws Says:

    Well, I don’t archeo. And I’m not really known for giving a crap what other people think. So I guess it don’t really matter.

  40. ripleyreb Says:

    JB, Yes I’m old and proud of it, better than the alternative. Good wins for the Rebs and Dawgs last night. It will make the Christmas break a little more cheerful.

  41. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Collegiate Baseball Newspaper’s NCAA Div. I Pre-Season Poll:

    LSU No.1
    Ole Miss No. 11

  42. ripleyreb Says:

    Batter Up !!!!!!!!!!!

  43. JB Says:

    ripleyreb: I misspelled your handle, sorry. Yep, I am older that dirt and thankful to the Lord for giving me all these years.

  44. nwrman Says:

    rypleyreb lets think of possum this Holiday

  45. ripleyreb Says:

    You got it, nwrman.

  46. farley662 Says:

    Merry Christmas everyone. Well, almost everyone. Some of y’all I hope Santa runs down in his boogie woogie choo choo train.

  47. JB Says:

    Merry Christmas, Farley and family, Draws, BirdZ, RR,OR,Brave,Prez, and all the rest.

  48. JakefuryReb Says:

    To keep touch with the Cotton Bowl, this is the prediction by ESPN’s The Dash:

    Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech
    Jan. 2, 2 p.m. ET

    Why watch: To see whether the Red Raiders are depressed to be in Dallas or angry enough to score 60. And to see how former Texas schoolboy star and former Longhorn Jevan Snead handles the homecoming.

    40-second analysis: The intangibles tilt the Rebels’ way — they should be the more enthusiastic team, and they’re riding a five-game winning streak capped by a detonation of their archrival. Meanwhile, Tech coach Mike Leach must be stunned to still be coaching in Lubbock, quarterback Graham Harrell is coming off finger surgery and wide receiver Michael Crabtree can’t walk five feet without being asked whether he’s going pro. Upset special?

    Dash pick: Yep, upset special. Mississippi 35, Texas Tech 34.

  49. djrebel Says:

    Interesting discussion guys, except for the Jack A$$ comments. I’ll have to clean that up when I’m back full-time on the blog. Can’t we all get along?

    Draws, you’re right, I never did set that clock. I’m looking forward to the Journal getting its own blog software, and that is in January, we’re told.

    I’m struggling to grasp the vision of basketball powerhouse at Ole Miss. Gotta have consistent success first. Then you have the argument of what comes first, success or support. I think it’s success. You’ve seen some success, and the potential for more with Kennedy’s recruiting, then all of a sudden the money was in place and construction began on the practice facility.

    I think if Kennedy weathers the current storm of off-court hoopla and injuries, he’ll deliver consistent success. That will generate support, and if he leaves, the next guy will have a greater base to work with and continue that success.

    — PA

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