FOOTBALL: Twas the night before Dallas

In the room in Shreveport now. I’ve got about three hours to drive to SMU, the Rebels’ practice site, tomorrow, and it looks like I’ll be driving through some heavy rain at some point.

The team reported to Dallas tonight, and the only two no-shows for the appointed time were freshman H.R. Greer and senior Tony Fein. Both called in and reported travel problems and were expected to join the team later this evening.

The Rebels will have a 2-hour workout beginning at 11:30 a.m. with interviews with the player first, then Houston Nutt to follow.

Tomorrow night there’s a welcome party for both teams at one of the hotels featuring comedian Frank Caliendo of “Frank TV” on TBS and also the “Fox Sports Sunday” team.

Matt, thanks for posting the fan events.

— PA


7 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Twas the night before Dallas”

  1. Barry Spencer Says:

    I am glad you have had a safe trip so far. I wanted to make the game but due to work commitments in Houston, will not be able to. Are there any black outs that you know of ?

  2. m4rebs Says:

    No prob, PA.

    Barry, with it being a sellout, they won’t blackout a game in any area. I’m not real sure that they blackout a bowl game anyway. There would be too many areas not seeing the games, because there is not any way all the games are going to be sold out due to the nature of bowl games and the travel for most folks. Anyway, not official, but I don’t think they will blackout anywhere when they’ve officially called the game a sellout.

  3. oxfordrebel Says:

    Be careful in Dallas PA, I’m scared to death of that place after a story my insurance agent told me.

    Long story, but involves getting lost, a dead mexican, drugs, and an innocent man going to the pin. It was his (the agent’s hunting buddy) first time to ever go to Dallas. Try to avoid all those situations šŸ˜‰

  4. L2 Says:

    m4 –
    thanks for posting the event schedule. we are headed in on Wednesday & will hopefully be a part of a lot of the events.
    the last one was a quick trip for us & we missed enjoying a lot of the pre & post game events. look forward to it this time. everyone be safe & let’s go get us a win!

  5. david Says:

    what color jerseys? what are they going to be wearing?

  6. kylebuddy Says:

    I am thinking that Rebels win, 34-31. Texas Tech is a great team,but i still don’t think that Grahm Harrel can relax as himself with Peria Jerry, Kentrell Lockett, and maybe Jerrel Powe coming at you on every play.

  7. djrebel Says:

    David, I’ll check on the jerseys. Houston may pull out red for the special occasion, but he likes the navy.

    OR, thanks for the advice. Sounds like the moral to that story is don’t get lost. I will try and stick to the freeways, and I should be able to find my way around if.

    Kylebuddy, I like your optimism. Go get your jersey from the cleaners.

    — PA

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