FOOTBALL: Saturday Cotton notebook

Rob Park, left, and Josh Shene were unaware they were being photographed for the blog.

Punter Rob Park, left, and kicker Josh Shene struggled with the wind Saturday. They were unaware they were being photographed for the blog.

Former SMU great Doak Walker's statue sits just outside the stadium.

Former SMU great Doak Walker's statue sits just outside the stadium.

Cotton Bowl's Charlie Fiss, left, and Dexter McCluster

Cotton Bowl's Charlie Fiss, left, and Dexter McCluster

Cook’s status
Senior fullback Jason Cook did not practice today but attended in shorts and a t-shirt and was vocal.
Cook sustained a knee injury against Mississippi State that was initially called an MCL sprain, an injury that is far less severe than damage to the ACL.
Players often return from an MCL sprain in 10 days or less.
Saturday Nutt said Cook’s injury was to the ACL. Obviously it’s not a major sprain or tear. Cook moving around on the knee, running and cutting.
His availability for the game won’t be known until later in the week. He’s expected to play some, but not much.
Junior Andy Hartmann will get most of the reps, but it’s also an opportunity for Nutt and his staff to tinker with other players at one of few offensive openings for 2009.

Sweet taste of success
Cook, a devout Christian, has always worked to maintain a strong positive outlook.
That wasn’t easy for him for the bulk of his college football career.
Cook redshirted in 2004, David Cutcliffe’s final season, and experienced only 10 wins as a redshirt freshman, sophomore and junior.
“I’ve always tried to attack my life head-on, full-speed in everything. What the losing seasons taught me is that no matter what happened, and what circumstances presented themselves, it wasn’t going to change who I was,” he said.
“A lot of people say you get used to losing and losing’s a mentality. The truth of the matter is even though we were losing, it never changed who I was.
“It made the winning so much sweeter. Being on the field and celebrating with the band playing at Florida, celebrating and lifting the trophy at LSU then beating State in the Egg Bowl. It’s been indescribable. You never thought you’d have a season like this and here it is happening.”

Today’s schedule
The Rebels are staying at the Hyatt Regency at Reunion Tower. They’ll practice today from 12:30-2:30 at SMU.
A news conference at the media hotel is scheduled for 2 p.m. with Texas Tech offensive players and offensive line coach Matt Moore and Ole Miss defensive players and defensive coordinator Tyrone Nix.
Players scheduled to attend for Ole Miss include DL Peria Jerry, DE Marcus Tillman, DE Kentrell Lockett, LB Jonathan Cornell and SS Jamarca Sanford.

Be nice to UP Texan
He was nice to me. UPTexan introduced himself to me as I was heading off the field today. He told me his real name, but he didn’t tell me to publish it, so I’ll leave it off.
He’s an Ole Miss grad living in the Dallas area. He says he spends a lot of time on the blog, something I endorse but his secretary doesn’t.

— PA


10 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Saturday Cotton notebook”

  1. UP Texan Says:

    PA, it was good to see you today. It was such a pleasure to get to congratulate a number of players for their season. What impressed me the most was that each one of them responded with ‘yes sir’, all had a humble attitude. Boy, things are looking good for our program. HN is a class act. Enjoy the week!

  2. kylebuddy Says:

    you got a chance to talk to the defense? If you did, what did they say?

  3. UP Texan Says:

    I talked to Peria, Greg and Kentrell and they were each very business like in saying they were ready to take care of business. I think they get how important it will be to get to Harrell. By the way, one of the staff pointed out Jason Jones, RS LB, and said he was a stud and would shine next year. The weather looks great for the week and the game, sun and low 60’s.

  4. Jimmy Says:

    Hopeful that Jason Cook will be able to just get into the game for one or two plays.

    Dexter great photo op!! Counting on you and the rest of that Ole Miss team to make the Rebel record in Cotton Bowl play 3-1.

    What a wonderful opportunity for a Texan, in Javon Snead, to return to Texas and show off his stuff.

    I feel that this is also a great opportunity for the Ole Miss Rebel football program to get back some of its past football winning tradition.

    Should Coach Nutt decides to leave for greener pastures, the Rebs have a home grown achiever in Coach Kent Austin to step in and lead this football program.

    GO REBELS!!!

  5. djrebel Says:

    Kylebuddy, the defensive guys I spoke with were the cornerbacks for a story I’m working on for later in the week. They’ve got a big challenge against the Texas Tech offense, but they say they’re confident.

    — PA

  6. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Good news for some Oxford folks, Florida State 42, Wisc 13 in their game just completed. Bobby Bowden’s brother- in-law and family lives out in
    the Tula community. Bad news for Jimbo Fisher, because the 79 year old Bobby will be around for another season as head coach for the Noles. So Jimbo will need to definitely keep a watchful eye on Bobby and Mickey Andrews, making sure that they both have plenty of gator aide and Ensure during the games

    Reason for reporting this: Ole Miss connection FSU connection in family affairs.

  7. ColoradoReb Says:

    PA, I remember the wind being a factor in the last Cotton Bowl so I can see why the kickers are having fits with it. I also remember sitting in the lower seats like 5th row and we couldn’t see the field. There were so many reporters and everybody and their brothers cousin around the field of play. I think some of the folks complaining about their seats might be surprised. I think about row 30 and above are your better seats.

  8. bigdraws Says:

    The guy in front must be a model. i mean….look at the way he shows those legs off!!!

  9. djrebel Says:

    Colorado, I don’t remember that much about the wind from that game. I remember Oklahoma State kept torching the secondary with Rashaun Woods and nearly came back.

    I also remember that Tremaine Turner had a nice game in his finale. I voted him for MVP.

    I was told today that so many improvements have been made to the stadium that I won’t recognize it.

    — PA

  10. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Draws, didn’t know that you were into the showing of men’s legs. Anyway, Wind a factor, use a little Kentucky windage on those field goal kicks. I guess one problem with the wind is kicking directly into it.

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