FOOTBALL: Evening update

Lots of devastation and mourning over here for many folks after the Cowboys’ 44-6 loss at Philadelphia. I really wasn’t bothered too much by that one. I still haven’t gotten over the Tom Landry thing in 1989.

Much of the talk around the afternoon presser was about the matchup of Texas Tech’s offensive line, which has allowed only 11 sacks over 604 pass attempts, against the Ole Miss defensive line, which leads the nation in tackles for loss.

Tech OL coach Matt Moore compares the Rebels’ front to Oklahoma and Texas, though he says Ole Miss has more depth than Texas. I’m not sure it’s a compliment to be compared to a Big 12 defense.

The Red Raiders’ OL is known for its wide splits in the fastbreak offense. Peria Jerry believes Tech will narrow those splits when “they see how quick some of the guys are.” Jerry is one of those guys.

Tomorrow’s presser has the Ole Miss offense and the Tech defense. The Rebels will be represented by fullback Jason Cook, who will play very little in the game if at all, QB Jevan Snead, WR Mike Wallace, OL Michael Oher and RB Dexter McCluster, along with coordinator Kent Austin.

— PA

26 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Evening update”

  1. ColoradoReb Says:

    I’ll agree about how Tom was done PA. I tried to like them again when Jimmy was there, but look how they did him. Jerry J. is definately not a house favorite around here.

  2. va reb Says:

    Maybe Hardy will be putting on a show for the pro scouts. We will need to at least hurry the QB throughout the game. Don’t believe Tech has seen a defense that is as quick as the Rebs. Should be a great matchup.

  3. rebnutt Says:

    Hasn’t Hardy filed with the NFL in a non-binding way to get an estimated level that he might be picked? I heard J. Jerry did the same, but only to determine how much work he needs his Sr. year.
    Where in what round do you folks think Hardy would go? And wouldn’t he need to be in the first 10-15 drafted to get the guaranteed money? Even if he goes late in the 1st or early in the 2nd now, it seems he’ll tie himself up for 3-4 years at a much lower salary than if he waits, assuming a good Sr. year would put him in the top 10 1st round.

  4. david Says:

    what color does houston want fansnto wear? What color are the rebs wearing?

  5. JG Says:

    Does anyone know if today’s practice at SMU is open to the public?

  6. UPTexan Says:

    David, I think I recall HN saying to wear blue; that would make sense given that TT is red.

  7. UPTexan Says:

    PA, how ’bout this Texas weather?

    Do you think the fact that TT runs a no huddle offense will impact our DL rotation? Do we rotate by the down/situation or mainly by the series?

    Thanks for your coverage here in Dallas.

  8. UPTexan Says:

    JG, Sat/Sun were the only “open” practices; the rest of the week are closed.

  9. kylebuddy Says:

    So the Rebs are scrimmaging TT for short? Our offense vs. their d? Are you going to it? Why would we scrimmage them, before we actually play them? Is it ever going to be flipped, our D vs. their offense?

  10. kylebuddy Says:

    Do u know what color the Rebels are wearing? Have they mentioned it? They should wear blue, since we’re wearing blue.

  11. djrebel Says:

    Kylebuddy, I don’t know anything about that scrimmage. I don’t think the NCAA would allow it.

    Texan, the weather’s been great, hasn’t it? I’m hoping to finish in time today to make the Stars game tonight. I don’t think the no-huddle will affect the d-line rotation except in the sense that on plays here or there the Rebels may not be able to make their substitutions, which is part of what the no-huddle tries to accomplish.

    — PA

  12. UPTexan Says:

    guys, speaking of practice, Ole Miss was given the favor of practicing at SMU and practiced on the turf Saturday and on the grass practice fields Sunday. (Cotton Bowl is grass). Former Ole Miss and current SMU president Gerald Turner was at Sunday’s practice. TT is out at lonely Texas Stadium in Irving on the turf. TT will be the last football team on the field as the stadium is about to be razed. Mike Leach is a funny/wierd guy. He was quoted in the paper as saying “leave it to TT to close down a stadium”. Came across as negative, but I think he just has a dry wit. Anyway, as far as I know, Leach has not signed the extension TT offered him 2 weeks ago. I understand he wanted the Washington job, but didn’t make the cut based on his interview. Hopefully, we will be better prepared than TT.

  13. kylebuddy Says:

    Looking over some TT film, i think that their weakness might be their D-line.
    Is that just me, or does everyone else think that? If it is, then that might help us, considering that Jeaven Snead might preform well, because every time hes got time, he usually fires a great pass, and lots of times it will be complete. Sounds like and Off vs. Off game if Om’s d-line doesn’t preform.

  14. UPTexan Says:

    kylebuddy, I agree it should be lots of offense; what I hope is that we can score with TT and that in the end, our DL will make some plays to win the game! Go Rebs!

  15. kylebuddy Says:

    Well, then what did you say before, “Tomorrow’s presser has Ole Miss’s offense and TT’s defense.” What does that mean?

  16. UPTexan Says:

    PA, I hope you can make the Stars game. Hockey is not much to watch, but the atmosphere should be fun. The fights are entertaining too. Its amazing that with all the emphasis on safety in sports (e.g., don’t touch the QB in the NFL), hockey is still a sport that when 2 guys want to fight, they stop the game and everybody sits back to watch!

  17. kylebuddy Says:

    Yeah, I think that our D-line will preform, but well out score TT anyways. I wonder how Grahm Harrel will do without his #1 receiver choice. GO REBELS!

  18. kylebuddy Says:

    Yeah, that happens like every game! It’s all over Sportscenter.

  19. UPTexan Says:

    Kylebuddy, PA is talking about the daily press conferences and which players attend each day.

  20. kylebuddy Says:

    Hey, I thought that Hardy was going to the NFL anyways? Did he decide that he might want to come back?

  21. kylebuddy Says:

    My bad!

  22. rebnutt Says:

    If you will, look at my comment up above about Hardy & let me know what you think or know. Thanks.

  23. djrebel Says:

    Rebnutt, I know Hardy and John Jerry have filed the non-binding paper work to research their status. I don’t know where Hardy might go. I’m not seeing his name in the first round for any projections. If anyone is, I wish they’d post it here.

    I’m hearing Hardy is leaning to coming back, but I don’t know that for sure.

    He could obviously enhance his draft stock by playing a full season with big numbers. It’s just hard to guess with Greg Hardy.

    — PA

  24. UPTexan Says:

    Rebnutt, sorry I’ve been out of the office this afternoon. On Hardy, further to what PA says above, I spoke with him Saturday when he came off the practice field. This was my first time to talk to Greg and now I understand what PA and the other sportswriters mean when they say you never know. He is very hard to read, like in another zone. But very polite, not to give anybody the wrong impression.

    Anyway, since it was Greg, I said to him that I was going to deliver him a subliminal message and whispered “stay” “stay” “stay”. I then mentioned that I thought he had more mileage to gain at OM in raising his NFL stock like Michael did this year. His response was something like “yeah, we can win the national championship”.

    Without commenting on our odds for doing that next year, my impression was that this is coming from somebody who had thought about coming back. I also congratulated him on the Florida game play that made the cover of SI. When I said “you really creamed Tebow”, he just sort of looked at me like “whatever”. That’s about the extent of my encounter with Greg.

  25. Raleighrebel Says:


    I don’t know how reputable some of these sites are, but I did see one where Oher was picked to go 2nd and Hardy 28th:

    updated 12/29

    Also, Todd McShay of Scout.Inc has Oher and Hardy ranked 23rd and 29th, respectively out of his top 32 prospects.–updated 12/22

  26. Raleighrebel Says:

    Oh, here is the Todd McShay link:

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