FOOTBALL: Evening Update


I just returned from my first NHL experience. (See Zamboni above.) It was cool, as I imagined it would be, and the fact that I left in the second period is not a reflection on the quality of the evening. Got things to do this evening.

The Cotton Bowl had great seats for us. I was about 10 rows up from the glass.

It was disappointing that I did not see a fight and did not see the home team score, but there were a few good body checks against the glass, and a coupe of penalties. Looked like the Egg Bowl on ice.

Nothing earth shattering on the bowl front today. Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt thought practice went well.

I congratulate the Rebels for being punctual to their 1 p.m. presser. Texas Tech was 45 minutes late.

The Rebels visited a children’s hospital in the afternoon. We should hear results of the Beef Bowl sometime in the morning.

Nutt and Texas Tech coach Mike Leach appear at 9 a.m. presser tomorrow, the last day of player and coach access.

I’ve gotten most of my interview stuff done, and now it’s mostly a matter of cranking out copy for the game day tab.

— PA


9 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Evening Update”

  1. ColoradoReb Says:

    PA, I was told today that parts of the hotel were closed off for renovation. (i.e. the revoloving restaurant). Is that true?

  2. ColoradoReb Says:


  3. basketballsecurity Says:

    PA, Not to change subjects, did you hear anything about Kayla Melson’s injury in the second half of Monday night’s Lady Rebels game against Northwestern State. I didn’t see what exactly happen but she had to be carried on a stretcher with a neck brace to a waiting amublance.

  4. ColoradoReb Says:

    PA, while you’re milling around try to find a guy by the name of James Bradley. He’s been a photographer at the Cotton Bowl since before my daddy played at OM. If you want to hear some great stories about the Cotton Bowl he’s got a bunch. Some call him “brad”.

  5. tcfan Says:

    Guys, I’ve heard it all. It may be a joke, but it’s intention is to be taken for truth.

    A recruit’s father talked to another recruit’s father who got the word around of what Mullen was telling his son. Mullen was visiting with this recruit with, what is assumed to be a grad assistant, when Mullen says to the recruit and his father that he wants to restore Mississippi State in the West and get back to winning conference and national titles like in the ’50’s and ’60’s.

    The recruit and his father both look a little puzzled, as does the grad assistant, and Mullen asks his GA, “What did I say?”, and the GA replies “Oh, nothing, sounds great”. On the way out, the recruit’s father overhears Mullen asking his GA, “What did I say back there?” and the grad assistant replies, “Uh, Coach, we haven’t won any national championships”.

    Then, Mullen says, “I thought we were a national power back in the ’50’s and ’60’s”, and the grad assistant says, “Ohhhhh, no Coach, you’re thinking of Ole Miss, Mississippi, not Mississippi STATE”.

    I hope that’s just a rumor :).

  6. tcfan Says:

    This is an email that is making some circulation.

  7. djrebel Says:

    Colorado, I haven’t been to the team hotel. Everything’s working at my hotel.

    I haven’t met Brad yet, but I’ll keep an eye open.

    The Cotton Bowl folks really take care of us.

    — PA

  8. djrebel Says:

    Security, I had not heard of her injury. I hope it isn’t serious. Thanks for letting me know.

    — PA

  9. kylebuddy Says:

    When you do here the winner of the beef bowl, tell us. Is the winner by team, or by person on team, or by every-man-for-himself?
    Who won the game last night? Why didn’t they opt to go to the Mavs game?

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