FOOTBALL: Ole Miss DL vs. Tech OL

Here’s the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal perspective on that key matchup.

— PA


9 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Ole Miss DL vs. Tech OL”

  1. kylebuddy Says:

    If our D-line preforms like they usually do, and so does our fast, passing offense does to, then I’m not even worried.

  2. kylebuddy Says:

    Do you know who won the beef bowl?

  3. djrebel Says:

    Kylebuddy, we won’t know the Beef Bowl winner until later today or tomorrow.

    — PA

  4. bigdraws Says:

    Andre Smith got suspended for Bama.

  5. JB Says:

    Rebs got a good defensive line, yes, but what happens when Texas Tech starts to fly over that DL and go down town. Just how good of defense backfield does Ole Miss have? We will know during Cotton Bowl play. My thinking; a shoot-out Texas Tech wins, ball control, Ole Miss wins. Do think that the Rebs will win this one.

  6. ColoradoReb Says:

    Eat mor’ chickn!

  7. rebeljon Says:

    Will Andre Smith’s suspension affect where Oher goes in the draft? I would think it would help.

  8. bigdraws Says:

    Mark May says that it will move Smith from a 6th to a 10th pick. Lou Holtz says it won’t effect him at all. Take that for what it’s worth.

  9. JakeFuryReb Says:

    Here’s some good video of the Rebels practice in Dallas, along with some other videos as well:;_ylt=AitdJik8Jk43.oTd3Wl0AhT1G6N4

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