FOOTBALL: Head coaches speak

Texas Tech coach Mike Leach was entertaining at the head coaches press conference a few minutes ago.

Leach might be fun to cover, but I’d have a hard time adjusting to his time zone, I’m sure. He wasn’t as late today as his players were yesterday for their news conference.

Lubbock media say they’ve waited as long as an hour and a half for the regularly scheduled 11 a.m. weekly news conference to begin.

I took a picture with hopes of having it up on the blog. I’ve put some bad ones on here, but this one was too bad. The little camera phone struggles indoors.

Anyway, the Rebels will begin practice shortly.

Haven’t heard any results on the Beef Bowl competition.

Players visited the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital yesterday. Dr. Luke Waites, the man for whom the hospital’s center for dyslexia is named, is a former Ole Miss football player.

“A hospital visit like this teaches our guys to be grateful, thankful and count their blessings every day,” Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt said.

Players can choose between a Dallas Mavericks game and a bowl party tonight.

— PA


3 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Head coaches speak”

  1. ColoradoReb Says:

    I’m seeing a pattern here with the folks from TT. I don’t think they’re very happy to be at the Cotton Bowl and are not taking it seriously. I am hearing from some people they’re are goofing off at practice. They’re basically over looking the Rebels because we’re #25. A buddy of mine in Irving said he saw some of them out at 2:30am last night at a club. (I don’t think Kennedy is in town.) Boy I sure hope they’re over looking us. Its good some are asking Nutt about his bowl record, too. Thats what we need is some reporter to piss him off and he’ll be all fired up for the game.

  2. kylebuddy Says:

    Yeah, they’ll just keep over looking us when we beat ’em up on Friday. I can’t wait! And also, showing up 1hr. late for a presser is unacceptable. They are clearly over looking the Rebels. Did they know this QB had to fight for the job at Texas? And almost got it?

  3. m4rebs Says:

    They don’t care about that. They hang 70 points on teams with a better secondary than we have. Not saying we can’t hang, but they have no reason to be intimidated by us. Let’s be honest, they are the team that has only lost 1 game, right? We’ve lost to teams with records in the 7-6, 6-6, and 7-5. Our successful run was back in November, that was over a month ago. The rust could have definetely set in by now. We’ll just have to see. I’m going down there, but I’m not planning on making statements like we are going to beat ’em up or stomp the poop out of them.

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