FOOTBALL: Predictions Anyone?

Happy New Year all. I did actually ring in the New Year, though not in the central time zone. I was close, though.

Sounds like Ed will resurface at Tennessee and not LSU. Always good to have options.

Houston’s gotten a lot of credit for coaching Ole Miss this season, as he should. I figure the Rebels’ success didn’t hurt Ed’s recruiting reputation either.

After a week of run-up tomorrow is finally game day at the Cotton Bowl.

Texas Tech has a really good offense, I hear. It’s a quality unit, and that passing game is not a good matchup for Ole Miss.

Honestly, the Capital One bowl would have been a better matchup for the Rebels with Michigan State running the ball every play.

There are two ways Ole Miss wins the game, and the Rebels can’t have one without the other.

They have to get pressure on Graham Harrell. The Texas Tech QB has been sacked only 11 times behind a pretty stout offensive line, but the Ole Miss defensive line is the nation’s best at getting in the backfield.

It’s not so important that the Rebels sack Harrell — though that would be nice — as much as they have to be disruptive.

The second thing Ole Miss must do is control the football. Keep the ball away from Tech. Move the ball and score. The Rebels have the offense to get this done against a Tech defense that is good but not better than anything the Rebels have faced this season.

At some point the cornerbacks are going to have to make a few plays too. They don’t have to make every play, and they’ll need help, but they need to get some things done.

Ole Miss was dominant on both sides of the ball over the last five games, but there’s been a pretty long layoff now, and Houston Nutt’s bowl record isn’t one of his strong resume points.

More than 90 percent of persons responding to an ESPN online poll pick Texas Tech, but the Rebels have been a popular upset choice, and I’ll take them as well.

Ole Miss 36, Texas Tech 35

— PA

24 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Predictions Anyone?”

  1. EglinReb Says:

    52 – 35, Rebel Offence is dominant. Section 4, row 65.

  2. 1826 N. Broad Says:

    Just thinking about a comment I heard Lou Holtz mentioned the other day. He said that teams that come into bowls on a season ending “roll” are not as productive as teams that sort of “limp” into the bowls… for example Vandy and LSU. This scares me for two reasons…1. we were definitely rolling and Texas Tech ended the season slumping and 2. Crazy Lou Holtz said it. I hope the Rebs are the exception that proves the rule tomorrow!

  3. Chad Says:

    Happy New Year, PA! I am worried about Tech’s passing game versus our DBs. I agree that if our defensive front can pressure Harrell, we have a good shot at winning. If he has to get up off the ground as often as Tebow did, Tech may appear to have brought a pea shooter to the fight.
    Putting a lot of pressure on our “Land Sharks” to seek and devour:

    Ole Miss 29
    Tech 21

  4. pgrebels! Says:

    Happy New Year! Go Rebs! Raiders score early then Nix adjusts and we take care of business.

    Rebels 30
    Zoro-wannabes 21

  5. pgrebels! Says:

    BTW I can’t believe the outcome of Chik-fil-A bowl! Wow!

  6. matt Says:

    40-38 Ole Miss, we will be in techs backfield all day.

    …all day

  7. Patricia Steward Says:

    Texas 45 Ole MS 0

  8. Gregory White Says:

    Texas Tech will have the home field advantage. Texas Tech 30-Ole Miss 14.

  9. Raleighrebel Says:

    Ole Miss 45

    Texas Tech 10

  10. L2 Says:

    OM – 38
    Guns in Holsters – 35

    Just smells that way here in Big D!

    Happy New Year PA & to all! Go get em Rebs!!

  11. ripleyreb Says:

    Patricia, Your prediction reminds me of the final score of another game a few weeks back. BTW, the Rebs are playing Texas Tech, not Texas.

  12. kylebuddy Says:

    Om- 35
    TT- 28 we get into their backfield all day long. Were the best d-line they’ve ever played against, can’t hate that! Jeaven Snead controls the ball, i feel like hes a great ball handler, and possibly a super star in the future. In his sen. year at OM, he will be the best QB in the SEC. I have lots of confidence in our offense. I mean, just think about what they have done! If our d-line preforms, were in great shape. TT’s d isn’t 2 good, so that should be even easier for Jeaven. Our problem is trying to get pressure on the qb.

  13. JakeFuryReb Says:

    Patricia, it looks like you have a grudge against UM for some reason 😀

  14. PatrickH Says:

    Ole Miss 31, Texas Tech 30. I’m looking forward to another blocked extra point.

    Good luck with the traffic in Dallas, PA. I drove through big D on the way to San Antonio last Saturday and only took two wrong turns. And as you reported, that wind Saturday was awful — it was even worse south of Dallas.

    (Although I live only 3 1/2 hours from Dallas, I’ll have to miss the Cotton Bowl. My wife earned her bachelor’s degree in December after taking one class per semester for many, many years, and the trip to San Antonio was a well-deserved surprise present to her. I can’t afford both trips, but you’ll hear me yelling all the way from Arkadelphia, AR.)

  15. Glenn M Says:


    Happy New Year and thanks for the always good coverage. I see the Rebels winning a close one by playing a nearly mistake-free game on D. Snead and Co. light it up just enough to outscore the Raiders, 41-38. Zorro-wannabes… I like that, pg!

    ’09 is shaping up to be a great year for the Rebs in all sports!

  16. farley662 Says:

    TT 32
    OM 24

    Dexter puts another on the ground when it matters.

  17. va reb Says:

    Rebs 35. TT. 28

    Jerry and Hardy have huge games.

  18. Jaxrebsteve Says:

    Since we always win when I pick against the Rebels, Tech 49 Rebels 28. Here’s hoping the score is the exact opposite and a Happy New Year to everyone who reads this blog.

    Hotty Toddy!

  19. imarebel Says:

    Our defensive front is the MVP of the game. Jevan throws for 300 plus and our running corp gets another 200 plus. Defense adds another score in a pick 6 and Houston Nutt and staff smoke some big ole cigars after the game in celebration.

    Ole Miss 42
    Texas Tech 21

  20. Straight Cash Homey Says:

    Key to stopping Tech is to force Harrell to move in the pocket. Blitzes do not work because it leaves holes. Got to do it with front four.

    Texas Tech 49
    Ole Miss 35

  21. JB Says:

    Ole Miss 35 Texas Tech 31

    I think the SEC teams much stronger in defense.
    The Big 12 teams much stronger in offense.

    So, The Rebel defense vs the TT offense; Ole Miss will prevail.

  22. ColoradoReb Says:

    OM 14 TT10

  23. stangreb Says:

    I would say 3-2, but I guess I will take 31-30 Rebs.

  24. Jay Stokes Says:

    tech wins this one by 7 or 10 points. rebels gain a lot of respect on the day but don’t come out on top. the raiders are not 11-1 for nothing. they will be the toughest offense ole miss has faced all season, and if there is one weakness on the team, it’s the secondary. bad weakness to have against tech.

    it’s hard to blitz guys against a 5 wideout set. great quarterbacks like harrell have a field day with that. i agree with straight cash above….the D line will have to carry the game on their shoulders. they’ll come through with some sacks, but the secondary will give up enough big plays to negate that.

    Texas Tech 41
    Ole Miss 31

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