Cotton Bowl Football

Ole Miss quarterback Jevan Snead (4) holds the Field Scovell Trophy after beating Texas Tech 47-34 in the Cotton Bowl Friday in Dallas. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

We’re back in business. I’ll have some updates in the comment section below. I welcome your observations too.

Just Sparks has mono, we’ve learned, and will not be handling kickoff duties today. David Hankins, a redshirt freshman from Shreveport, has been added to the lineup card as a kicker.

Both teams are edgy after a week here and ready to play. My wife and I went to a movie in town last night and sat right behind Mike Leach with a bunch of Texas Tech players around us, one of which fell asleep during Valkyrie and snored through it when he wasn’t playing games on his cell phone.

Earlier in the day we saw Houston Nutt out at Sonny Bryan’s BBQ for lunch in the West End. Houston got their early and was in a back room with a small group.

We’re about 4 minutes from kickoff now.

— PA


108 Responses to “COTTON BOWL GAME THREAD”

  1. djrebel Says:

    Oher, Peria Jerry, Sanford and Cook as captains at the toss for Ole Miss. The Rebels won the toss and will take the ball.

    Cook, suffering from an MCL sprain, is dressed but is listed as the third fullback on the depth chart and is not expected to play much.

    — PA

  2. djrebel Says:

    Bad first drive for the Rebels. A sack and two penalties. They run about 7 plays and don’t get 20 yards before punting.

  3. djrebel Says:

    Tech goes 3-and-out. Cassius Vaughn was step-for-step with Crabtree on thrid-and-10. Pass was a little long.

  4. djrebel Says:

    Rebels kind of stinking on offense right now, Eason runs into the back of Miller an d fumbles, after the Rebels had gained momentum with a 10-yard run by Hartmann on a fake punt. Tech’s across midfield now.

  5. djrebel Says:

    Tech scores on a 35-yard touchdown pass. Marshay Green slips, and Edward Britton is wide open. He breaks a tackle at the 5 and scores.

    Tech 7-0 at 6:31.

    — PA

  6. djrebel Says:

    Rebels haven’t had turnover problems in a long time. Give up on now, and Tech converts. They showed a little run on that 4-play drive, and threw the quick pass once too. Might still be driving if Green hadn’t’ slipped.

  7. djrebel Says:

    Tech’s McBath just picked a Snead pass and ran it 43 yards into the end zone. Tech DE Jake Ratliff tipped it slightly.

    Tech’s defense is playing better than it’s offense right now, but you figure the offense will crank up, and with a 14-point lead in the first, that’s not a good thing.

    Right now Ole Miss is playing like the Rebels of September, not November.


  8. djrebel Says:

    It’s those “gift wraps” as Houston likes to say. Tech has followed two Ole Miss turnovers with two touchdowns.

    Tech 14-0 at 4:31

  9. djrebel Says:

    Nice apparent grab by Summers at the TEch 40 is ruled incomplete upon review.

  10. djrebel Says:

    Rebels on the board with a Snead 8-yard pass to Gerald Harris. Snead faked right and threw back left ot Harris, who had 1-1 coverage. Got some stuff done in the wild rebel, including a 29-yard pass from Snead to Summers when the touches went McCluster-Bolden-Snead-Summers.

    Tech 14-7 at 1:31

  11. JakeFuryReb Says:

    ole miss is still in it, which is great!

  12. djrebel Says:

    At the end of 1, Tech has 91 yards on 12 plays, but got seven when a cornerback slipped and seven more when a tipped pass went into the hands of a DB who raced 43 yards to the end zone.

    Maybe the Rebels can overcome.

  13. farley662 Says:

    How’s things PA? Seen the black helicopters flying above spying on the Rebs yet?

  14. 02rebel Says:

    Just gotta hold on to the ball…

  15. jh Says:

    Looks to me like we’re in a good mindset, ever after being down 14. Crabtree is limping, which is big. If we can get some good licks in on their QB, this thing might come together. Don’t need any more passes tipped or batted down like that one.

  16. djrebel Says:

    Snead to Wallace for 41 yard TD. Great catch in double coverage.

    Ole Miss 14, Tech 14 at 11:57

    10 plays, 85 yards, 3:34.

  17. 02rebel Says:

    Well, THAT livens things up a bit!

  18. farley662 Says:

    Great catch by Wallace. Makes the work day much faster watching a good game on the computer.

  19. jh Says:

    Tie game. You gotta love these Rebels.

    TV announcers said that after their first possession went 3 and out, TT’s Leach changed his shirt. He may have to go topless now.

  20. djrebel Says:

    Looks like Jason Cook is getting to play on the extra point and field goal team.

    Tech has 3:20 of possession right now to Ole Miss’ 14 plus. Tech has moved it well with some big plays, while Ole Miss has converted third downs.

    Ole Miss leads in total offense right now 222-91.

  21. jh Says:

    There’s our pressure! Now, just some good wood on Harrell will be huge.

  22. djrebel Says:

    Tech’s at the Ole Miss 28 with 8:17 left. Tech called a time out to avoid the delay.

    Tech FS McBath, who returned the pick for a TD, has a hamstring injury and may not return. Today’s pick was his seventh of the season.

    This drive began at the Tech 25.

  23. JakeFuryReb Says:

    “We want the ball”

    Did you guys hear that after the coin toss? That pumped me up!

  24. Barry Spencer Says:

    The difference in time of possession is huge. At this point it looks like Ole Miss’ game plan is going according to plan.

  25. jh Says:

    We stunted right out of that draw.

  26. djrebel Says:

    Haven’t seen black choppers Farley. Am I missing something? Tech’s about to score again. First down at the 2 aftera 26-yard run.

    Harrell to Crabtree on a slant for a 2-yard TD. THe kick, if good, will make it 21-14 atthe 7:44 mark.

    Crabtree has just two catches so far, both on this drive.

  27. djrebel Says:

    That pass to Crabtree just made Harrell the NCAA career touchdown pass leader with 132, surpassing Colt Brennan of Hawaii.

  28. JakeFuryReb Says:

    They’re making me nervous with fumbling the ball on punt and kick returns. Just one missed block and TT’s ball.

  29. 02rebel Says:

    Don’t really give a rip about Pat Green (could be Pat Boone for all I care). I just just love this TTU home game.

  30. jh Says:

    PA, two quick timeouts that we called. Does it look like we are confused on the field?

  31. 02rebel Says:

    Watching the game @ home in HD. PA, does the rebel crowd there seem as rowdy as they do on TV?

  32. djrebel Says:

    Rebels have tied it up, probably with too much time left. Ole Miss covers the 80 yards in nine plays. THey converted a third-and-10 from the 31 with McCluster getting 32 on a quick pass. Snead hits Gerald Harris in the middle of the field for the points from 21 yards out. IT’s 21-21.

  33. djrebel Says:

    Vaughn with a pick and Ole Miss at the TT 45.

  34. Barry Spencer Says:

    GO D!!!!!!!!! INTERCEPTION

  35. jh Says:

    Wow. Confusion for sure.

  36. djrebel Says:

    Time out Ole Miss at 2:46, second-and-10 from the TT 45. Rebels have outgained Tech 302-177 at this point.

    Ole Miss just forced a turnover, the first by Tech. Tech has forced two and turned both into touchdowns.

    Cordera Eason hasn’t been back in the game since his first-quarter fumble.

  37. JakeFuryReb Says:

    Man, look at McCluster go baby!!

  38. djrebel Says:

    Rebels get to the 11 but get only 3 on Shene’s 27-yard field goal. Still it’s good enough for their first lead of the day. Ole Miss 24-21 with 1:08 left in the first half.

    It was about this much time left when Tech got a good return and went down the field to beat Texas.

    To this point, however, it’s been a nice recovery by Ole Miss from a quick 14-0 deficit.

  39. jh Says:

    Now that is what you call a big tackle.

  40. djrebel Says:

    Quite and ending. Tech with a fourth-and-5, Harrell is almost sacked but runs free and the middle is wide open. Sanford misses a tackle near the 20, and Harrell gets to the 3 where Lewis causes him to stumble. No time left on the clock.

    Rebels 24-21 at the break.

  41. djrebel Says:

    The teams have combined for 584 yards so far.

    Ole Miss has outgained Tech 337-247.

    Tech has 14 points off two Ole Miss turnovers, Ole Miss has 3 points off one Tech turnover.

    The combined first-half scoring has tied a Cotton Bowl record.

    Snead has outshined Harrell so far in the matchup of ex-Texas prep QBs. Snead is 13-for-23, 222 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT. Harrell is 15-for-28, 148, 2 TD, 1 INT.

    Crabtree has 3 catches for 19 yards, 1 TD.

    Wallace has 3 for 65 and a TD, Gerald Harris has 2 catches, 29 yards, 2 TDs.

    Rebels pressure on Harrell has been hit and miss, but that’s to be expected against the Tech OL.

  42. JakeFuryReb Says:

    PA, I am really impressed by Ole Miss in this first half. It took Snead a few throws to get warmed up but in the 2nd half I think we’ll see just how proud Snead is to be at home in front of his family. And Dex is running the heck out of the Tech D. Great game so far!

  43. djrebel Says:

    Crabtree slips and Green returns a pick 65 yards for a TD. It’s 31-21 Ole Miss at 12:12 in the third. The Pick 6s now cancel each other out.

  44. djrebel Says:

    This is the second time in Cotton Bowl history that two picks have been returned for touchdowns. The amazing thing is this has been accomplished without LSU quarterback Jarrett Lee. I’ve got to attribute that one to David Brandt of the CL.

  45. djrebel Says:

    McBath for Tech is back on the game after Green returns a punt to the 9.

  46. djrebel Says:

    Missed opportunity guys. That’s huge. Shene’s been money all year and was due for a miss. Could have been a dagger with six. Would have put Tech in panic mode.

  47. jh Says:

    OMG! What an interesting call. Now Rebels, let’s get 6!

  48. djrebel Says:

    Texas Tech offensive coordinator Ed Orgeron calls for a QB sneak on fourth-and-4 from the Tech 37. It’s short.

  49. JakeFuryReb Says:

    Got to hand it to the defense, the sceondary of all, of Ole Miss for showing up today

  50. jprebel Says:

    That’s what I’m talking about. Smash mouth football.

  51. jh Says:

    Now that is what I’m talking about! I really like the running plays. Their D is looking tired to me, with heavy legs.

  52. djrebel Says:

    Brandon Bolden up the middle from 17 yards out. In keeping with the way they’ve played the back half of the season, the Rebels are rushing the ball better in the second half.

  53. Bro-n-law Says:

    Hey, PA, just curious… is there a wind? I noticed earlier that all of the kickoffs for Ol’ Miss have been short, with the exception of the last one.

  54. jprebel Says:

    No we need one of those long time consuming drives.

  55. Lynn Says:

    Has anyone thought of this? Ole Miss should declare itself the national champion. Here’s why:

    Ole Miss beat Tex Tech,
    Tech beat Texas,
    Texas beat Oklahoma.
    Ole Miss beat Florida
    Therefore Ole Miss, National Champions
    Makes as much sense as the BCS

  56. djrebel Says:

    I don’t think wind’s a factor. There are no little flags atop the goalposts, so I can’t tell with that. A couple of flags at the very top of the stadium are blowing OK, not great.

  57. Bro-n-law Says:

    Sorry, slow to the party. Is the redshirt freshman doing the kicking honors? That may explain why the kicks were short.

  58. djrebel Says:

    Tech’s moving down the field now, hitting crossing routes where the middle is open after a blitz. Big gain on a shovel pass too.

  59. djrebel Says:

    Actually, the guy’s kicking a little deeper now bro-n-law. Took him a bit to get the bugs out.

  60. djrebel Says:

    Touchdown tech on a slant to Britton. Vaughn missed the tackle, and the blitz was on. It’s 38-28 with 12:13 to play.

    The drive went 83 yards on 9 plays in 3:31.

    Rebels going to have to score again, I believe.

  61. jh Says:

    TV just showed a stat. We now have over 90 yards rushing this half. TT has 2.

  62. Bro-n-law Says:

    Don’t turn the ball over. ugh………..

  63. djrebel Says:

    It was about to be over, but another fumble ….

  64. djrebel Says:

    Ole Miss has not won a game this year with more than 2 turnovers. … but, before I can hit enter … Trahan hits Harrell for a safety. 2 points for Rebels and the ball back at 10:02. It’s 40-28. Harrell, sacked for the second time today, is slow getting up.

  65. jh Says:

    Huge response from our defense. Great call from Nix.

  66. djrebel Says:

    Today’s attendance is 88,175, breaking the record set in 1976.

    While there’s a break in the action I’ll tell you the Rebels are at the Tech 2 with second down after a 30-yard gain from Snead to Hodge to get to the 1.

    Enrique Davis then carried for a 1-yard loss. Eason, who fumbled early in the game, hasn’t been back. Davis fumbled on the Rebels’ previous possession.

    Ole Miss has turned it over three times.

  67. Bro-n-law Says:

    Congratulations on a great win. I don’t see Tech coming back from this.

  68. djrebel Says:

    McCluster from the Wild Rebel scores off the left side. It’s 47-28 with 4:34 left, and the chants of SEC begin by Ole Miss fans. Many Texas Tech fans are not around to hear those chants or are leaving as of this post.

    I’ve turned in my MVP ballot with McCluster on offense and Trahan on defense. Any thoughts?

  69. Bro-n-law Says:

    Bolden didn’t too bacly, either

  70. Barry Spencer Says:

    Sounds good to me1111111111111

  71. JakeFuryReb Says:

    PA, I say the entire Ole Miss team for MVP

  72. 02rebel Says:

    I’m so proud for the seniors this year. You know they’ve got to be having fun today.

  73. jh Says:

    Snead played a very strong game, the pic was a tipped ball. But McCluster had a monster game, including that last touchdown when we lost yards on each of the plays before that. That was a big score.

    Jerry and the D line didn’t have that many sacks, but I’ll bet Harrell has never had so little time to take the ball, see the field, and get it off. They had a huge impact on the outcome of this game.

  74. jh Says:

    PA, can you tell what their 71 is going nuts about?

  75. JakeFuryReb Says:

    jh, looks like leach’s jerk attitude has trickled down to the players.

  76. jh Says:

    Their O line has had a long day. They wanted to be in a BCS bowl, and now they for sure don’t want to be here.

    They sure can no longer whine about Harrell being stiffed for the Heisman Trophy. He’s good, but he was the second best QB on the field today.

  77. va reb Says:

    What a team effort!! Way to go Rebs! I’m so proud for the seniors. A great way to start the New Year! PA, thanks for all your hard work this year. Larry

  78. jprebel Says:

    The CBS anouncers never gave the REBs any respect. They were so biased towards TT it made me sick. They still don’t think we beat them.

  79. pgrebels! Says:

    I wonder if there is still any question about how great SEC defenses are in comparison to Big 12?

  80. JakeFuryReb Says:

    NO ONE IS STILL GIVING OLE MISS RESPECT! Nothing from ESPN, just talk about hockey!

  81. Lee Mincy Says:

    Just wait until Dr. Lou comes on. He may make us National Champs. He has said several times we could have easily been in the National Championship game if not for the turnovers in the early games.

  82. pgrebels! Says:

    Hey Lee–
    Today we played like the National Champs! Most likely we will have been the only ones to have beaten the National Champs, Florida, and we win by default!

  83. Jay Stokes Says:

    those FOX commentators were absolutely terrible……it was CBS-caliber bad.

    great game by the rebs…..graham harrell reminds me of tom brady, and that’s definitely a bad thing. so good to see him get his jersey dirty for a change.

    MVP goes to dexter in my book.

    hope you had fun, PA…..thanks again for all the good reporting!

  84. n.o.rebel Says:


  85. Lee Mincy Says:

    Harrell does look a lot like Brady. I got a little worried when we fumbled at the one. That brought back too many bad memories.

  86. JakeFuryReb Says:

    I’m gonna be PA for a minute and ask you where Ole Miss will be in the final polls.

    I say top 15.

  87. Lee Mincy Says:

    At least top 15. Outside chance at top 10.

  88. JB Says:

    As Lynn states above:Has anyone thought of this? Ole Miss should declare itself the national champion. Here’s why:

    Ole Miss beat Tex Tech,
    Tech beat Texas,
    Texas beat Oklahoma.
    Ole Miss beat Florida
    Therefore Ole Miss, National Champions

    YES, the Rebs National Champs, should the Tide lose tonight, regardless of the other outcome.

  89. farley662 Says:

    JB, I think the oldtimers disease has finally gotten ya.

  90. farley662 Says:

    Oh yeah, congrats and what have you.

  91. mark Says:

    hotty toddy

  92. JB Says:

    You are probably right, farley, but i am, just like the ole timex, ” “Take a licking and just keep on tickin”. So did the Rebs this season, but they came back. The Ole Miss Rebels just finished this season in great form. 6 game winning streak and that with a bowl victory.

  93. Charles Says:

    PA, Great reporting all week and all season. Wish I had found your blog earlier in the year. I felt like I was in Dallas because of all the great coverage you had. Already looking forward to next season for football. Safe travels back for everyone that went to the game.

  94. brett pearce Says:

    When does the team get back?

  95. JakeFuryReb Says:

    With the season officially over, Ole Miss heads into the offseason with momentum not seen since the Eli era, or maybe ever. What does the future have in store for Ole Miss? Only time will tell.

  96. 02rebel Says:

    Go Utes!!! My allegience to the SEC is out the window when it comes to Bama. I can remember having reservations during the off-season after Eli graduated (unproven QB is Spurlock). I can say that I am pretty confident about next fall right now. Let’s see how recruiting goes!

  97. Jaxrebsteve Says:

    Hotty Toddy! Great showing by our team, coaches and our fans. Even though they scored 27 on our defense, the coaches did a great job of putting the pressure on Harrell and not on our secondary. Great tackling for the most part all day.

    The offensive play calling was a masterpiece all day long. I hope we can find a way to lock Kent Austin up. Boone better rip up his contract and add a few 0’s to it. This is one that all Rebels will enjoy for a long time.

    We need to capitalize on this and keep improving on our recruiting class.
    We have to keep momentum and keep adding SEC quality talent. I am concerned that we aren’t in the running for many Miss. kids. We can’t just leave them to State and Southern. I know, a worry for another day.

    Great job Rebels!

  98. Brian in Oxford Says:

    Congrats to the whole team. It was fun to listen to the “experts” tell us how wonderful TT was the first 3 quarters and make a 180 in the 4th. Go Rebs and keep it up for next year.

  99. JakeFuryReb Says:

    a 180 in the fourth? tt made a 180 on the way in.

  100. kylebuddy Says:

    Why did the “mad scientist” call that QB sneak up the middle? Agian, were just Ole Miss. Every time the Rebs did somthin good, the announcers said” Great pass by Harrel” or, ” Woa, great catch by Crabtree” when it was Mike Wallace and Jeaven Snead who were actually doin the stuff.

  101. kylebuddy Says:

    The “experts” next year might not underrate us so much. But, then agian, we are “Ole Miss.”

  102. kylebuddy Says:

    Then agian, i hope the Rebs get Connor.

  103. kylebuddy Says:

    94% said we couldn’t
    WE DID!

  104. JakeFuryReb Says:

    kylebuddy, that was probably the greatest thing i’ve ever seen as an Ole Miss fan, and the proudest I’ve been.

  105. djrebel Says:

    Hey guys, thanks for taking part in the thread. We’ve gotten the print edition stuff put to bed, and we’re back in the room unwinding a little bit. We’ll get on the road about 5. Kylebuddy, we’ll see you in the afternoon. I know you had a good day. Help Emily take care of Chipper.

    — PA

  106. oxfordrebel Says:

    What a great, great game by this wonderfully coached Rebel team. I was a little disappointed with the D-line, was really hoping we’d push their O-line around and garner about 7 or 8 sacks, but give credit to their big men, they protected him enough to let him have a chance to win, but our secondary really showed how much they have grown up through the season. Marshay Green played great.

    The offense was tremendous, we got our early game jitters out of the way at the beginning and rolled on from there. Awesome way to send the Cotton Bowl out, sure looks nice seeing Ole Miss the winner of the last CBC at the original CB. Hopefully, it’ll be BCS instead of CBC next year.

    Man, I hate to see this year end, but what a way to go huh!

  107. colorado Says:

    Well just in room in Shrev. , La. What a great game! We’re headed to the coast for some r&r. My wife needs her catfish fix before heading back to Co. I have to give to the entire staff and team. State fans should fear this man. He’s the real deal! Keep the donations rolling so we can keep him. Also, Colt Who?

  108. colorado Says:

    Graham Who?
    Tim who?

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