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Cotton Bowl Football

Here are the stories from Saturday’s Daily Journal …

COTTON BOWL:Rebels’ MVPs really stand tall when it counts

PARRISH ALFORD:Rebels’ defense finishes season with a flourish

COTTON BOWL:Time was on the Rebels’ side

COTTON BOWL:Texas-sized shootout sees Rebels remain composed

COTTON BOWL:Tupelo fans enjoy win

What do think the day after? What will next year be like? Share your thoughts with comments here …


22 Responses to “Links from Saturday’s Daily Journal …”

  1. JB Says:

    I think that was the best Rebel game that I have seen in many years.

  2. JakeFuryReb Says:

    I saw what happened with State this year after a “hot” season last year. I can’t help but to think that it might happen to us. But I do think that our coaches and players won’t let that happen.

    Great scenario for next year: The Alabama game is for the Western Division title and a trip to the SEC Championship game and just maybe the NC if we win. I know it’s a stretch, but they proved yesterday that they could hang and BEAT anyone in the country.

    Preseason rank: 11, might be a little lower because of us losing Jerry, Oher and the other outstanding seniors.

  3. UP Texan Says:

    Reminded me of 2nd half of LSU where we beat them down physically; play calling was awesome. My favorite was Dexes last score, we had been pounding them to the right, out of the Wild Rebel, Oher pulled left and Dex followed, Oher totally covered up the poor little DB, you couldn’t even see Dex behind Oher. We will miss Oher big time. The better team won, we had better athletes. PA, enjoyed seeing you this week and hope you and your wife and have a safe trip home. John (aka U.P.Texan) Go Rebs!

    P.S. Dallas sportswriters are saying Big 12 is a flag football conference!

  4. Matthew Says:

    PA I was shocked! I loved it and was disappointed I underestimated our team. I was really hoping for the citrus bowl b/c of locale and opponent but in hindsight this is the best thing that could have happened to us in the bowl scenario. Shocked the football country. I also loved your comment about Ed O making a cameo on the 4th and 4 call. That was seriously something we would have seen from him. Can’t wait to lay some wood to him and the vols when they come to Oxford next year. We need to pay him back for all the damage he did to our program.

  5. Jeff Jolly Says:

    I feel the building blocks are there for a great season in 2009. It hurts to look back and think what could have been….without the early season injuries to the DL….a few less turnovers….and the confidence they played with the last six games.

    2008 is definitely a season to remember. I just hope the 2009 team remembers what it could have been, if the first seven games had been played like the last six.

    Congratulations to Coach Nutt and all the Rebels for a great season. Really looking forward to August now.

  6. Raleighrebel Says:

    PA, I watched the game at a local watering hole and didn’t have sound for the game. What was the deal with Hardy? Did he even play? I’ve heard so much hype about him showing out in the Cotton Bowl to increase his spot in the draft, but never saw him play. Also, how did Powe do during the game? Had a tough time keeping up with the individuals during the game.

  7. tcfan Says:

    Powe and Hardy were both getting double teamed by All-Americans. After watching the game over, every time Hardy would try an inside spin move, there would be the guard to double him. They definitely keyed on him.

    As far as 2009, PA, I think the West runs through Oxford. You have Ole Miss/Alabama and Ole Miss/LSU both at Oxford, and I think those games will ultimately decide who’s your 2009 SEC West Champion. You have to like Ole Miss’s chances being the only team with an experienced QB. Throw in a confident McCluster, Pat Patterson hopefully taking Wallace’s place, and additions to the secondary and I think it’s hard to argue Ole Miss won’t compete for the West.

  8. pgrebels! Says:

    I can’t wait for next year. Bama looked confused last night in the Sugar bowl, but they will still probably be good this fall. They will be breaking in a new QB. Auburn is rebuilding, MSU rebuilding, LSU should do well–(they looked great against G Tech in Atl), Arky rebuilding. . . Ole Miss is really going to be the most experienced team, offensively especially. I’m gonna miss Peria, Oher, and all other seniors–thanks for the memories guys!

  9. JakeFuryReb Says:

    My prediction, eh, hope for next year:

    SEC Championship Game a rematch of the 2008 Ole Miss-Florida game. Will Florida avenge their loss or will Ole Miss once again spoil the Gators’ perfect season?

    That is music to my ears.

  10. tcfan Says:, a pretty accurate website on predicting early bird national rankings, predicts Ole Miss at #11 for next season.

  11. JB Says:

    “Powe and Hardy were both getting double teamed by All-Americans.”
    Those All-Americans looked to me like all-chain gang members right out of the Texas penal system. That Rebel defense gave them a course to remember.

  12. kylebuddy Says:

    Raleigh, I think TCfan is right. Their line was pretty darn good. On Peria’s sack in the third quarter Hardy was the first back there and flushed Harrell from the pocket.

    Texan, I got a hoot out of that flag football line.

    Guys, I also believe the pieces are in place for something special in 2009, but I try to take it slowly on expectations. I think the receivers are deep enough to absorb the loss of Mike Wallace, talented as he is. I think the DL is also deep, but Peria is a special player. He’ll be missed.

    — PA

  13. Rebfan Says:

    The no 4 team in the SEC sure gave the no 1 and no 2 teams all they wanted . gators got theirs in 2008 . In 2009 them red elephants will get theirs. Bama should just accept they are not champ material , more like CHUMP material. As for the rest of the SEC , the rebs had a bit of bad luck holding the ball but now realize how precious the ball can be and the feeling you get when you do protect it.The REBS will be in control of their own destiny in 2009 . With coach Nutt at the helm , all rebfans will be in for a heck of a ride.

  14. rpmjr Says:

    Just read a story on the commercial appeals website where Mike Wallace says Greg Hardy will join the Rebels going to Dallas to prepare for the NFL draft. Not good news for us. Hardy is a game changer, who could improve his draft position to top 10 if he comes back. Bad for Rebels, bad for Greg Hardy. Will cost him millions if he slides in the draft.

  15. rebnutt Says:

    Re: Powe & the earlier question, I thought Powe looked awesome on the downs he was in. He was pushing the center back into Harrell’s face several times–if our conditioning people can get his weight down & his stamina up, he can replace P. Jerry; maybe not immediately, but over the course of next year.To compete at the level a lot of folks on this board hope for, they’ve got to get some big-time OLs, but I’m not reading where that’s a strong suit for us this year. Finally, I see a lot of similarities in Bolden to Hershal Walker (not just # 34), his legs never stop moving, the build is similar, etc.–what an asset!!!

  16. Jay Stokes Says:

    Matthew, you at least have to acknowledge that an overwhelming majority of those guys out there on the field yesterday were there because of O. The man could NOT coach…..but Nutt came to Oxford with a team filled to the brim with talent waiting on him. So you can talk about “all the damage O caused the program” and whatnot…but seeing the amount of talent we have….it’s hard to get TOO angry. We know Nutt can coach talent… it will be interesting to see how he brings it in with a better school to recruit for this time around than Arkansas.

    PA, I think Snead hit stride in the last several games and really showed what he’s capable of. He had like 230 yards and 3 TDs at HALF yesterday…..much better than Harrell’s numbers….and that’s with a team who doesn’t pass every down. I can’t wait to see how he progresses next year.

  17. Matthew Says:

    Jay: Oher and the Jerry’s would have been in Oxford regardless of O, and skill players are available to many schools. I acknowledge we have talent and O deserves credit for bringing in talent that helped us win the Cotton Bowl, but overall he did way more harm than good. It’s easy to speculate about what might have been w/ a good hire back in the day but I’m not one who deals in that much speculation. The point is Boone made the worst SEC hire when he hired O, and he set the program back and I look forward trying to lay the wood to tn & the original “wild boy”. There are many in the Ole Miss nation who were/are loyal to Cut, and to O but the point is O is at tn and we need to crush the vols next year and get to the ATL.

  18. Raleighrebel Says:

    What’s up with the “-PA” after kylebuddy’s last post? Am I missing something?

  19. Oxford MS Condos Says:

    Great job Rebels! Great show in front of the nation. Wish I was there!

  20. L2 Says:

    Just got in from one of the true greatest few days I have experienced in a while! Have witnessed a lot of Ole Miss football, been a part of a lot of fun – but our guys put the icing on a great trip to the Big D! A script could not have been written any better!
    Want to commend the Rebel fans for showing up & being as passionate as I had ever seen them. Don’t know that I have seen a Rebel team (at least in my day) that has the attitude and mentality that this bunch had. No doubt a reflection of this coaching staff who has taught them how to believe. What a turnaround!

    On a side note – at the end, when the big uglies up front for TT got flags flying around everywhere – been trying to figure out what happened??
    After observing on recording – it appeared to me that the one who got so upset, was trying to tell the ref that Peria shouted – – – ‘hut, hut’ to get them to jump. Don’t know if anyone else heard, saw, or has another theory? If that really was the case – that is some funny stuff from the lead land-shark!!

    Hope everyone else had as great a time as we did & made it home safe.

  21. djrebel Says:

    Raleigh, I think what happened with Kylebuddy’s last post is that he was still logged in here at our home computer when I sat down to type. It was really my post.

    — PA

  22. UP Texan Says:

    L2: I watched that on the replay myself and that appears to be what happened b/c it was the TT center that got so mad. On the big uglies (a/k/a hoodlums) play on the 2 point conversion attempt after TT’s last score, the guy who Leach allows to paint his face (#76) got the 2nd unsportsmanlike and then proceeded to take his helmet off and strut up and down the sideline acting really bent out of shape. Guess what? He has announced his desire to be a pro wrestler so his little tantrum was obviously a feeble attempt at self promotion. I noticed his teammates weren’t paying any attention to him. I’m glad HN would never allow that behavior on our team.

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