FOOTBALL: More Cotton aftermath

Interesting take on the game from Lubbock here. Texas Tech defensive coordinator, after the question was asked to him, suggests that Tech might have worn down defensively at season’s end, because the Big 12 teams always beat up on each other.

Seems to me that happens in the SEC too.

I saw where the Dallas Morning News said the game exposed the Big 12 as a “flag football” league while the SEC plays “tackle” football.

The Cotton Bowl is just one game, but it did bring Big 12 defenses into question.

Ole Miss would have ranked ninth in the Big 12 in total offense, but the Rebels were playing quite successfully against better defenses.

There are some some really stout offensive teams in the Big 12, and I give the league’s defenses some wiggle room, but the total defense leader, Texas, ranked No. 50 in the nation at the conclusion of the regular season. After bowl-game shuffling Texas has moved up a spot, but nine Big 12 teams rank No. 77 or lower right now.

That counts for something.

Two of the top Big 12 defenses have yet to play their bowl game — Texas, which faces Ohio State tomorrow night and Oklahoma. The No. 1-ranked Sooners have the Big 12’s No. 3 defense, a unit that ranks 63rd national in total defense.

They face the SEC’s No. 1 offense Thursday in the national championship game.

— PA


33 Responses to “FOOTBALL: More Cotton aftermath”

  1. rebelfan38652 Says:

    Just got home from Dallas last night. Everyone called me a “homer” cause I picked the rebs in the pigskin picks. I was so proud to see so many rebel fans at the game. We got to the stadium at 11 am we were so excited. There was an obnoxious TT fan at the end of our aisle. She was really making a commotion for a while, then she just sort of disappeared. It was such an awesome experience!! Thanks for all of the great coverage PA.

  2. rebelfan38652 Says:

    This is a good read. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

  3. PatrickH Says:

    Dexter’s stats were great, but one other thing that really impressed was an open-field block he threw. You just don’t expect such an effective block from a guy that size. The TV announcers even commented on it.

  4. Mike Says:

    PA – The only disappointing thing about the game was our chant of “OVERRATED” directed at Tech. If anything, the chant should have been “UNDERRATED” in reference to our Rebels. We’ve been overlooked all season and with some of the games we played early, with the exception of Florida, I can see why some may have overlooked us. The roll we were on at the end should have opened a lot of eyes. I think it may have in the SEC but I don’t think it did nationally. Hopefully, our CB win opened some eyes nationally. I think this win will do a lot for recruiting. Can’t wait for signing day now and the start of spring practice.

    Thanks for your great coverage all season. It’s a real pleasure reading your work and participating on your blog.

  5. djrebel Says:

    Hey guys, thanks for being a part of this blog coverage.

    Patrick, I saw that block and remember thinking that’s just Dexter. He’s going to mix it up and do whatever he can to move things forward.

    I was a proponent of sitting him down for a little bit when he was having the fumbling problems, just to let him see the game from the side a little bit and re-focus. Glad it didn’t come to that. Dexter showed what kind of impact he can make on a season when he stays healthy.

    Mike, I’ve never understood that “overrated” cheer. It just takes away from everything the winning team just accomplished.

    — PA

  6. coloradoreb Says:

    Mike Leach to be on 60 mins. tonight. They are calling him the coach of the decade. Guess they booked it before OM handed it to him.

  7. m4rebs Says:

    Agree with the overrated chant as well. I said to folks standing around me, oh no, we are just underrated, and they all agreed as you guys mentioned. Since going to Ole Miss games regularly since 1997, I tried to calculate how many games I’ve seen in the past 11 years, but I lost track, anyway….the game on Friday was the best game I’ve ever witnessed. It was better than the 2003 Ole Miss – LSU classic, probably because we actually won this one, but again, a great game to witness in person. Speaking of LSU, how about a Tiger Stadium salute to a couple of observations at the AT&T Cotton Bowl:
    1) A big-time Tiger Stadium salute to the Dallas Police Department for NOT directing ANY traffic getting into the Fair Park area. It took 1 1/2 hours to get from I-45 to a parking space at a Church of Christ lot behind the Jack in the Box off MLK Jr Drive. I saw more parking passes thrown on the ground than people using them. Not sure if they weren’t expecting 88,175 people, or if that is just the way they know how to handle that many people or what.
    2) A Tiger Stadium salute to the Cotton Bowl Commission for making the decision to only open 2 gates into the entire place. My wife and I were astounded that the stadium was as full as it was at the beginning of the game with all of the difficulties we endured getting to our seats.
    3) A Tiger Stadium salute to the Texas Tech college couple that came and set down next to my wife and I in Section 11, right in the middle of Ole Miss section. They decided to be loud for the first 20 or so minutes of the game, and said they were going to take shots of whiskey from a flask at every Ole Miss score. They didn’t return to their seats after the 2nd quarter, they probably are still in a gutter off of Robert Cullum Drive if they stuck with the shot after each Ole Miss score….they may not have made it through the 3rd quarter conscious.
    Alot of people were centimental about leaving the Fair Park Cotton Bowl for this game, but with the traffic problems, the fake parking lots, the gate situation, the non-Ole Miss involved games being less than 40 degrees, I don’t see any reason NOT to leave for the new spot.
    I know I just complained about a few of the things, but all in all, it was one of the best experiences I’ve had surrounding an athletic event, period. The weather was beautiful, my seats were excellent, and the game couldn’t have worked out any better. So, farewell Fair Park, and Cotton Bowl Stadium, thanks for the memory of 2009 for all of us Ole Miss Rebels. We look forward to 2010, and one of the last historic venues in this beautiful country in which we live. One that is nestled in Pasadena and bears another agricultural phenomenon, the Rose. Hotty Toddy!!!

  8. m4rebs Says:

    Dang it….you just can’t see how big it is till you hit Submit Draws. I promise, I didn’t mean to pen a freakin’ Homer again!!!! 🙂

  9. imarebel Says:

    M4 i agree totally. We had the same parking pass that many of you did and the idiot dallas police were turning us down into a parking lot off of what I called the Fair Park campus. We had about a 2 mile hike. We being me and a 4 month pregnant diabetic wife. It was horrible. All in all the end result was well worth me dragging her through the crying and whining from the TT fans. I believe they are worse than Alabama people. Well maybe not. Anyway thanks PA for a great year and lets get the basketball team on a roll now.

  10. david Says:

    Well I was sitting in sec 142 row 34 all the way up at the top the thier were tech fans in there just jawing the first 10 mins of the game. One gay was talking trash to a 10 year old. I believe when people chanted overated it was worth it. I live in KC and all you hear is how big and bad the big 12 is, well they found out first hand who the best conference in the nation is. The sec chant, was amazing right up there with the houston nutt chant. Lots of people were crying to when they say jason cook hobble out there. I loved the dallas trip this time. I got there at 9:30 and my group found some other rebel fans who gave us the ful southern treatment. I mad my way over to the cotton bowl, took some pics with the police horses and the rebel express. it was one of the best days of my life. What was up with the red and black balloons? There are a few idiots out there with the rebel flags. on a funny note, I was so high up there, I felt like those planes were touchable when they flew over. Thanks PA for evything, i lost my voice and I dont know about everyone else but it was worth it.

  11. david Says:

    imarebel, i agree with you on our way out of the stadium we got stuck outside the rebel locker room in traffic, and there were several tech fans still complaining. They got beat the score didnt indicate how bad the beating really was. I will however admit, i did meet a few tech fans who came up to us offered us a beer shook our hands and said thanks for a great game. Sportsmanship does exsist. But some tech players aka Carter(#76) and that number 71 do not.

  12. JB Says:

    I don’t know, Coloradoreb,but CBS 60 min just another one of those left wing liberal media organization who only want to report what they want to and not the whole truth. But, we do know the truth that the Rebels did beat the liven HXLL out of dem Red Raiders from de taco state..

  13. coloradoreb Says:

    We took a cab from downtown and were in the park in less than 10mins. He took us around the back way and right to the gate $17 and going back we did the same thing $23. No problems here. Of course I remembered from the last one what those great parking passes and lots are like. Great trip, great win. PA, we stop at exit 10 yesterday to enjoy some Don’s seafood down in your neck of the woods. Can’t understand why anyone would want to live in Baton Rouge though. You know Baton Rouge is french for sh#$ hole.

  14. djrebel Says:

    Colorado, I don’t know the exit number, but there’s a Don’s in my hometown, Denham Springs, which is French for cool place to grow up.

    I can see how Baton Rouge can be viewed less favorably by Ole Miss fans.

    You’ve got to know where to go.

    As far as traffic in and out of the Cotton Bowl, I remember it being pretty bad in 2003 on the media bus with a police escort. It wasn’t bad this time, though, and it wasn’t bad leaving since I was 8 p.m. getting out of the press box.

    — PA

  15. coloradoreb Says:

    I agree with you JB on the 60 mins., but I do like some of their work and Andy. I do wish you would’nt make those comments about tacos and liberals. With this new president and it is 2009 and its time we stop and treat everyone equitably, don’t you think? Of course I was raised southern and trust me I’m having my own problems slipping on some terms I use.

  16. coloradoreb Says:

    Yeah, PA, we stayed until all the players were off the field and I guess maybe some of the traffic had gotten out. I do think that could have been planned better so the game didn’t get out at 5:00 in Fri. traffic. We had a cab driver from Africa and he new perfectly how to go. Then coming back we had a very nice driver as well. We never got onto the freeway at all. This city definately had the best cabbies I’ve ever seen. Most of the ones we had were very interesting to talk to. Hey, PA, jj about B.R. I had a friend that attended LSwho? and it is a cool place, but being a die hard Reb and all…..
    It was Den Spr we stopped right accross from Bass Pro. very nice town. I’d like to live there, when they move OM to the coast.

  17. JB Says:

    Just the way I see it!!!!! I still have the freedom of speech until the 20 of Jan 2009.

  18. coloradoreb Says:

    JB I think you’ll be able to keep your f.o.s. after the 20th. Its our leader and we have got to all get behind him until he gives us a reason not to. I honestly think he might be the best president we’ve ever had. Preaching hate sure isnt gonna help bring racial peace.

  19. JB Says:

    Mile high atmosphere does things to ones normal behavior

  20. m4rebs Says:

    Typical liberal comments….taking something totally not offensive to anyone, turning it around, and persecuting someone for voicing their opinion. Sounds more like the KGB and the Soviet Red Curtain. Get ready JB, go buy your firearms now.

  21. JB Says:

    M4 I have my weapons and ammo.

  22. m4rebs Says:

    What’s wrong with calling someone liberal or saying Texas is a state of tacos? There is a Taco Bueno on every single corner? That has absolutely zero offensive nature to it at all, just stating a fact.

  23. m4rebs Says:

    Luckily for me, I didn’t get conned into buying the parking pass. I thought it was wierd them offering them on the bowl blog anyway. My point was there HAD to be pissed off folks for paying for a parking pass, then paying some jackleg on the side of the Arby’s to park too. My point was there were more on the ground than in the lots.

  24. JB Says:

    Getting back to the Ole Miss sports. Football on a roll,recruiting could be the best in some years, great baseball coming soon, the basketball team is still with us and has the SEC ahead , could pull off some surprises.

    GO REBELS!!!!

  25. coloradoreb Says:

    Go Rebs!

  26. david Says:

    ok i heard hardy is gone? Anyone heard the same? I read he was going to somewhere in texas to work out with, sanford, oher, wallace and jerry

  27. m4rebs Says:

    David, I looked around a little bit and was unable to find anything saying Hardy was going but that doesn’t mean anything. You are probably right, he is probably gone, and I really don’t blame him. As PA has mentioned several times on here, that is probably not a bad deal for either sides of this relationship. Don’t get me wrong, Greg is an exceptional talent, however, I don’t think we get 100% Greg very much anymore. Even in the Cotton Bowl I noticed him on the Harrell scramble at the end of the half, I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that Greg Hardy is faster than Graham Harrell, but he wasn’t on that PLAY. I think that is what the issue was this year anyway, this coaching staff just didn’t put up with that attitude, so Greg didn’t “feel good” enough to play, and who’s to argue with him on that? Like my wife and I learned a long time ago, you can’t argue somebody’s feeling. Filling the gap next season, we have good talent coming back on both ends….Tillman and Lockett are back and with the way we have shuffled in lineman all season, we should be in good shape for younger guys to step in and contribute as well. We’ll be ok, either way.

  28. m4rebs Says:

    One other note, I saw where a ton of Tech folks on their blog act like Tech didn’t show up to play, and they “gave” us the game on their own. If anyone kept a team in the game, it was us….we turned the ball over twice on their side of the field, once at the 1 yard line. Each team threw a pick six, and Marshay Green, unmalested, ran out of bounds on that punt return, in which we got zero points on that possession. So, that being said, which team gave which team chances? If you get your head out of your rear and face reality, it was the one with more offensive yardage, more turnovers, and more POINTS at the end of the GAME. You can’t argue a feeling though….

  29. m4rebs Says:

    Last thing, and I’m out….I’m just finishing watching the game on TV. I think I’ve figured out why #71 on Texas Tech crapped the bed on the 2 point conversion. It looked like Johnathon Cornell was going to blitz on the first try from the 2 yard line, and he appearred to be bobbing his head, which I’m assuming he is yelling something at the line of scrimmage, probably hut-hut or something. That is illegal, a simulation of a snap. However, taking off your helment, in which 71 & 2 both did, is equally as illegal. Last thing that you TV viewers didn’t see, after Ashlee sacked Harrell on the 2 point attempt after the penalty, #76 (with the makeup on) took the ball and threw it at the end zone and almost implanted the ball in one of the pads on the sideline. I don’t know why he got so pissed, I guess from getting abused all day, with makeup on. Anyway, that whole little deal sure didn’t leave a high regard for that team in the sportsmanship perspective. It really wasn’t evident from TV, but they sure made a butt out of themselves from angles not seen on FOX’s Television production.

  30. L2 Says:

    after getting home & watching replay – i thought i saw the same thing you are talking about. also, that reaction that 71 & 2 made – reminded me of my middle son when big brother won’t give him what he wants. Hilarious – yet classless!

    PA – thanks for the link to their posts. amazing how one Rebel can get on there and needle them a bit…..and the majority of them want to rip their helmets off and say we made them ‘mess up.’
    also – thanks again so much for your work this season. this outlet to talk a bit has been great. glad to see everyone made it home safe!

  31. bigdraws Says:

    Congratulations on the win. I’ll let the Homer slide this time Matt.

  32. djrebel Says:

    L2, I appreciate the contributions from you and everyone else on this blog as we try to grow these things here at the Journal.

    Matt, good to see you on here, though I you wear me out with the length of those posts. (Ha.)

    — PA

  33. bigdraws Says:

    I was reading thru the comments below the article and found this one.

    “Raidergreat on January 3rd, 2009 9:13 pm
    I really think when people go on other people’s web sites to make terrible untrue comments about their team is truly classles”

    That’s when you know you got em.

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