HOOPS: New basketball header

The new header is courtesy of Oxford Rebel, who has a nice touch with Photoshop.

OR, I need a little help with the dimensions, though. If you could resend it with a little bit of space to play with on the right end, that would be cool. WordPress does not allow me to edit your work in terms of scaling to fit or anything like that.

So you folks will know, when OR sent this header to me, Chris Warren was still quite healthy, and teams were unable to focus on David Huertas like they can now.

I like the header and will leave the injured Warren in there as a tribute to the preseason expectations this team had when not only Warren but also Eniel Polynice and Trevor Gaskins were healthy.

When Warren was injured Dec. 18 against Louisville he was the SEC leader in minutes played per game.

Andy Kennedy took a depleted roster and did great things in CIncinnati in 2006, but that bunch had four seniors.

The experience level he’s working with right now is far different.

— PA

24 Responses to “HOOPS: New basketball header”

  1. pBeez Says:

    new header looks great PA, and I like you’ve changed your last name to the Italian spelling of your name, ALFORI – is that in honor of the Cotton Bowl victory? I

  2. Raleighrebel Says:

    New header looks great Oxford Rebel. Kennedy looks like someone just told him he couldn’t ride in his cab.

  3. JakeFuryReb Says:

    pBeez, the header is too big, so it cuts off the rest of his name.

  4. hodges Says:

    i think people only remember eli manning but forget about players like romero miller who lead the rebels to a victory in the motor city bowl against randy moss a powerful offense. They made three bowl trips after that. with romero miller came a great signing class. I am a ole miss fan but i think if you a look at it people spend to much time on the eli days.

  5. akrebel Says:

    Oxford Rebel that header looks awesome!

  6. Raleighrebel Says:


    I’m pretty sure it was Stewart Patridge that took us to the Motor City Bowl and won. He was the MVP for that game.

    Romaro followed him and took us to the Indpendence Bowl the next two years (won both) and then the Music City Bowl, where he lost. I believe they brought Eli in at the latter part of that game and he did very well, but it was a little too late.

    I never was that impressed with Romaro, but am glad he and his team took us to several bowl games.

  7. footballfan4life Says:

    Stewart P won the motor city, Romero won 2 Indy bowls and lost a music city I believe. Hodges you are on to something, it is a what have you done for me lately world and 04-07 was as bad as its been in 25 years. So people look back to Eli due to that.

  8. JB Says:

    Who is the coach shouting at? I would say, just off hand, that it could be Farley.

  9. JakeFuryReb Says:

    Check out this cool video:


  10. m4rebs Says:

    Hodges, a sincere thank you for what you do to keep this country free and allow us to have “conversations” like this. I do believe however, you are giving Mr. Miller a little too much credit, but that are players people can like more than others, I take no issue with that. I was in school with Romero and I felt like he did just what his record as a starter indicated, ok for an SEC caliber QB, but not anything to rank up there with Eli. I don’t recall the Thompson WR that you are referring to at all. Are you think of Heard, Espy, Armstrong, Peterson, Ken Lucas (who is now a DB, but played WR at Ole Miss for 3 of 4 seasons), or Rufus French?? I just don’t remember a Thompson; maybe he was there, I just can’t “see” him on the field.
    Miller’s performances against Georgia (all 3 years he played them) and the 1999 Egg Bowl has stained my memories of him as a Rebel starting QB. We didn’t win a “Big Game” with him as the starter that I can recall. Never beat Alabama, had just one win against Auburn. He didn’t play well AT ALL in that Music City Bowl against WVU, but not many people do when it’s 7 degrees outside. WVU sure did, at least the first half. Eli got us back respectable in the second, but there wasn’t many of us left in the stands to witness it. My wife, to this day, says she didn’t see 1 play in that game, mostly b/c her eyes were frozen shut.

  11. m4rebs Says:

    Can’t remember who Snoop lead Hotty Toddy against, but I do believe it was during the 03 season. Russell Crowe did the Hotty Toddy for the 03 LSU game, because we went with the killing Tiger theme from inside the Colisiuem.

  12. m4rebs Says:

    Nice header OR. What’s the thing behind AK? Is that what’s left of the hangover from the Natti??? Good work dude.

  13. Raleighrebel Says:

    M4, we must have gone to Ole Miss around the same time. because I was finishing school when Romaro began as the QB. Don’t want to turn this into a Romaro bashing, but agree with you in what you said. He never lived up to expectations as an SEC QB. I remember being at the Alabama (at Alabama) game when we went into overtime and Romaro threw an INT to end the game. I don’t remember him being a very good runner either (except the last Egg bowl when he played), but I don’t have the stats to back that up.

    I remember being at the game when Snoop (Arkansas game by the way…had to look it up) and Russell Crowe did the ‘Are you ready?’ Can you actually hear what the guys are saying on the new jumbotron? That was always a problem in previous years.

    This conversation has brought up a good memory for me though, and that is the season of 1997 when Stewart Patridge gave the Rebels a great and unexpected winning season. I believe that was the year we beat a top 10 ranked LSU in Baton Rouge and then went to Starkvegas and won the Egg bowl at the last minute with a late TD pass and the Riverboat Gambler decided (Tommy T) to go for two. I will never forget hearing Jack Cristal (may have misspelled that Draws/Farley) continuously repeating, “JJ JOHNSON on the carry!” That was a great game and season for the Rebels.

  14. m4rebs Says:

    I was a freshman in 1997. It was a good year to be exposed to Ole Miss athletics in person for the first time. First game I ever attended was against Central Florida. A guy named Dante Culpepper was the QB and they decided to go for 2 and win the game after getting to within 1 with a flurry of scores late. Dante was tackled at the 1/2 yard line by none other than the chalk. He tripped and fell down prior to reaching the goaline and we ended up winning 22-21. That set the tone for the season. John Avery, Stewart Patridge, Eli Anding, Brock Krietz, and Nate Wayne. Good times there. Man we’ve come a long way, no offense to any of those great players in Ole Miss history.

  15. JakeFuryReb Says:

    Have any of you guys noticed that the Heisman winner (recent ones anyways) never live up to expectations in the NFL? Great example from 2003-Jason White. I haven’t heard a peep from him since then. Maybe I just don’t watch NFL enough but I just haven’t seen it. Maybe it’s more of a curse than anything. I’m glad that Eli didn’t win, if thats the case.

  16. pBeez Says:

    JakeFuryReb – I was just funning PA, I know the header is off a bit. It does look great.
    All of you who were there in the mid-late 90s, I a wondering if I was your TA or your prof for US History! If you had Skemp, Owens, Haws or Namerato there is a good chance I was, and then I taught my own classes in the spring of ’99. Graduated that year, the 150th anniversary. We were out in the Grove, singing the Alma Mater, and when we got to the part about the wind whispering in the trees, the breeze picked up. I swear Trent Lott and Chancellor K came close to tears.
    On a related note, I heard this weekend in NYC that Chancellor K may move up retirement a year after the big win in the Cotton Bowl. We can debate which team was the best, but IMHO, Chancellor K is the best leader of Ole Miss in the modern era.

  17. Raleighrebel Says:

    Freshman year was 1994. I had Cooke for History pBeez. He was a great teacher. That guy from California with the penny loafers and the porn mustache was a jacka$$ though. I dropped his class the first day.

  18. JakeFuryReb Says:

    WOW. I was watching the Fiesta Bowl and they showed a Texas guy on the sidelines with a man-mullet and chinstrap beard to go with it. They can’t say anything about Mississippi being a redneck state!

  19. oxfordrebel Says:

    Thanks for the compliments guys, I’m far from a pro at photoshop, but it’s amazing what you can do with some youtube tutoring 😉 .

    I hope the header isn’t a sign of bad things to come. The original header had Gaskins and Polyniece on it b/c I had better pics of them. But, they were both canned for the season, so then I put in Warren, then Huertas. Warren went down not long afterwards, so I’m hoping that’s not fortelling of Huertas too.

    PA, the new size should be in your email by the time you read this.

  20. QueenCityFan Says:

    Raleigh – Cooke was the best history teacher ever. I think I had the same ‘penny loafer and porn ‘stache’ guy – except I stayed in his western civ class and had a horrible semester.

    Anywhoo, here’s hoping for some quality SEC wins for the hoops squad and lots of good experience for next year.

  21. m4rebs Says:

    pBeez, I think I had Cooke too. I don’t remember too many of those electives from my freshman year though. Summer session after freshman year, I took a Civil War class from the older guy with the Rolly Fingers mustache. I can’t remember his name though, but he was good. I took it with Taboris Fischer and he and I studied some together while he was playing for the Seahawks.

  22. pBeez Says:

    Civil War guy was Harry P. Owens. I enjoyed working with him and taking classes from him, though he almost failed me for my inability to spell secession correctly. That’s bad in a civil war class, esp if you are a grad student.
    I think penny loafer/porn star is Les Fields. He was always a super nice guy outside of class!

  23. m4rebs Says:

    Who was the younger prof with the redish-brown beard? I think he taught me US History. Cooke was World History, right?

  24. pBeez Says:

    Cooke was military history, and I believe he taught the wester or world civ survey. He was retired military, Marine I believe. He was a straight shooter for sure.
    I left in the spring of ’99 m4rebs, and beard and redish hair doesn’t strike a bell . . . well, I had a goatee and redish hair and was only 33 at the time, wasn’t me was it? Honestly, as I typed that it occurred to me that it could be me.

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