FOOTBALL: A few quick notes

I spoke with athletics director Pete Boone earlier today on several different topics.

Along the way Pete said the department is getting ready to release an incomplete football schedule. The fourth and final non-conference opponent has been a series of getting close but not getting a final deal.

Boone thinks that will be done soon for obvious reasons. “It’s high on our list of things to do,” he said.

He also said there will be no increase in price for season tickets for the 2009 season.

There is the possibility that one or two games could be priced higher than other games when tickets are purchased on an individual basis, but season ticket prices will not go up.

Prices this season were $50 for SEC games and Memphis and $40 for remaining non-conference games.

— PA


5 Responses to “FOOTBALL: A few quick notes”

  1. Mike Says:

    After watching the CB on tv I wondered why we hadn’t played bump and run with our corners all season or at least a lot of the time. We played bump and run with TT most of the game it seemed like and weren’t beaten badly once. Our cover guys played as good a game as anybody has all year against TT. Hopefully we’ll see much tighter coverage with our corners next season.

  2. Jay Stokes Says:

    seems like i remember from a couple of years back when orgeron was there…they signed a two year contract to play texas. am i remembering this right??

    if i remember correctly, they were going to add texas and georgia tech to our non-conference schedule. good move, in my opinion. quality non-conference opponents draw good press.

  3. matt Says:

    The Ga Tech series was suppose to take place relatively soon, like 2010 and 2011 but they have postponed the series until later in the decade. However we do have a home and home scheduled with texas and clemson starting around 2012 -2014 or something to that extent

  4. ColoradoReb Says:

    Who waits this long to get finished with a schedule? Pete is loosing it, no he’s lost it. I think Nutt is this reason he isn’t being fired. Somebody over there needs to learn how to write a coach’s contract as well. A three year no complete clause is becoming the standard throughout the nation. I don’t know why OM and State will be the last to act. Seems we are becoming a tryout team for the big money boys. Not to say that 2m isn’t alot of money, but you know if we’re paying 2m LSU, Auburn, Alabama, Tennessee, and most of the rest can and will pay more. The question is how do we stop the non-sense?

  5. BC Says:

    posting of future football schedules for all ncaa teams.

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