HOOPS: White’s new role

It’s an evolving role for Ole Miss freshman guard Terrico White.

Rebels coach Andy Kennedy has called white a “monster athlete,” then added, “I say that affectionately for those of you who don’t understand monsters or athletes.”

Point is White has a skill level and showed in high school a knack for finishing plays.

He’s shown a typical acclimation period through the pre-conference season, but with point guard Chris Warren out for the season, the Rebels need more from White. They need more scoring, and they’ll need him in the point guard role some of the time.

White says he’s comfortable with the increased demands, but Kennedy knows not to expect too much too soon even though he needs a new and improved Terrico White right now.

“He’ll continue to evolve into that role at the point as he gets more and more comfortable. He’s got they physical ability to do it. He has to be smart, not expose the ball. When you have the ball more your attention to detail has to be greater, and that’s going to be a growth process,” Kennedy said.

— PA


One Response to “HOOPS: White’s new role”

  1. redstickrebel Says:

    You have gotta luv that no one knew how good Warren was till he had to play. Let’s go Rebs

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