FYI: Tuesday morning thoughts

Trent Lott for chancellor? I’ve heard that name from a couple of directions now. There could be a perception problem there.

How might that fit with the department of athletics? …

Ed Orgeron got a lot of attention for his recruiting at Ole Miss. One of his most energetic recruiters was Frank Wilson. The former running backs coach landed at Southern Miss in the same capacity and was hired at Mississippi State in the last week of December.

Frank will be on the SEC Beat with me Tuesday. I spoke with him just a few minutes ago. He’s excited to be back in the SEC. A New Orleans native, he has not completed an employment tour through each of Mississippi’s Division I schools. …

— PA

18 Responses to “FYI: Tuesday morning thoughts”

  1. Jay Says:

    I hope Ole Miss doesn’t hire Lott. No offense to him; he served the state well as a senator. However, after the Strom Thurmond flap, Ole Miss would be flushing 30 years of trying to change perceptions down the drain.

  2. david Says:

    PA, rumor had it that coach O was in Mississppi last week scouting and he was viewed negatively…I have heard many reasons why, and I know some players are pulling away from Tenn as a result…Do you think this is true?

  3. VA Reb Says:

    I believe Lott is a typical politician…always looking for a photo op.

    On a different note: I just saw that the Saints fired their defensive coordinator…maybe Coach Ed saw that coming and got out while the getting was good!

  4. JB Says:

    Ex-Senator Lott was once a cheerleader at Ole Miss. I thought that he was a very good senator, Senate Leader, and nd did good things for the State of Mississippi. He and Mr. Boone maybe originally from the same town.

  5. djrebel Says:

    David, I have not heard that rumor. I do know that once Ole Miss players felt they could speak freely many of them had unflattering things to say about the way things were run for the previous three seasons. I also know that Ed is a passionate recruiter that, from what I can gather, worked that end of the job more than a lot of other coaches. I think he’ll get some talented players to Tennessee.

    — PA

  6. L2 Says:

    What are thoughts on who might be recruiting wise a bigger threat (if u can call it that) to our recruiting between Frank & O. Or do you think either will?Nutt seems to be broadening the recruiting base somewhat like O – so does either pose serious competition with our recent success?

  7. OLineCoach Says:

    As far as recruiting goes, success breeds success. The Rebels keep winning…they keep signing the better players…

  8. rpmjr Says:

    Trent Lott for Chancellor? I think I just threw up in my mouth.

    Remember, rumors are that he was offering the judge presiding over his lawsuit a spot on a federal bench through his access to Bush. This was going on when Lott’s bro-in-law and Ole Miss sugar daddy Dicky Scruggs was attempting to bribe another judge.

    And remember he asked southern Mississippian’s not to sue their insurance companies after Katrina when he was in fact . . . wait for it . . . suing his insurance company.

    And if you think I am anonymously submitting garbage, see these links:

    or google Trent Lott DeLaughter for more.

  9. redstickrebel Says:

    Look at OM D-line this year awesome give ED credit. His line is you will wake up tommorrow and feel sick to your stomach you didn’t go to OM. That works better when recuiting at USC and it will work for Tenn. Joe McKnight laughed at that and said Ed was right thats why I choose USC. This guy will get it done. Frank Wilson is the reason that McKnight even considered OM This guy is good too.

  10. Charles Says:

    Please don’t hire Lott! Are there any big O-line prospects out there that you guys think we can bring in? Massie seems to have been very quiet during the recruiting process. I know he still has visits to Georgia and Alabama set up. I hope Nutt will do a home visit with him. I guess Watts is out of the picture. Those are the only two guys I’ve seen on the radar that could be impact players next year.

  11. djrebel Says:

    L2, in that scenario I think Frank would be a bigger threat than Ed. He’s a very good recruiter, and he’s in the backyard going after all the same guys now.

    — PA

  12. L2 Says:

    Agreed. Let’s just hope that as mentioned above – success continues to feed this recruiting thing & the Rebs continue to be right there year in and out!

  13. redstickrebel Says:

    THIS MUCH IS TRUE LOOK OUT FOR TENNESSE WHAT A GREAT PROGRAM HACKSAW REYNOLDS TALKS ABOUT Archie and his kid goes to school there. the SEC is just too tough. Look out nation

  14. ColoradoReb Says:

    I think OM will be up and down like always. When we get it going in the right direction we’ll have a coaching change for greener pastures. Don’t forget the big money boys will always pay whatever it takes to win. I think Nutt got alot of talent from O and he knows how to coach em’. If I were LSU I would be more worried about O than OM and Ms St. Lott would be a big mistake for OM. Look for another big time defensive announcement next week. State I think will be down for at least two years before Mullen gets settled in as the big cheese.

  15. JB Says:

    yep!! Coloradoreb, I agree with you in part. It wont be too long until they will be on, as ususal for the last 35-40 years, a roller coaster ride. As for next Chancellor, couldn’t care less.

  16. nwrman Says:

    Trent Lott will not be a candidate for OM job. He makes way to much money with Lott/Breaux.

  17. ColoradoReb Says:

    Yeah, nwrman, there’s way more money in cutting back room deals than teaching.

  18. doubletripper Says:

    lott sucked as a senator and would be worse as chancelor. all he did while in the senate was feather his own nest.

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