ESPN cites a source that says Ole Miss defensive end Greg Hardy will not return for his senior season. There’s been no official word from Hardy. Neither Hardy nor his family have been in contact with the school to put together an official announcement.

— PA


2 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Hardy to NFL?”

  1. rpmjr Says:

    We had been expecting this, but it still hurts. I wonder when he will go in the draft. I think he could have been top ten next year with the level of attention that the Rebs and Hardy would get. Imagine Hardy versus Tebow in Atlanta next season?

    This year, he has questions about his attitude, work ethic, and a lingering foot injury. Early second round? Surely this will cost Hardy money, since the difference in the signing bonus for a second rounder and an early first rounder is millions. Only way this works out well for him, is if he plays as well in the NFL that he did for the Rebs, and you never know when you move up in competition. NFL tackles are fairly decent (/sarcasm.)

  2. david Says:

    like I said earlier…its greg and his mom knows how important education is and I hears she loves Houston.

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