FOOTBALL: New DL coach

Long-time SEC DL coach Terry Price will fill the DL position at Ole Miss. It’s his second stint at Ole Miss.

Here’s a bio.

Link to Ole Miss media relations news release

— PA


10 Responses to “FOOTBALL: New DL coach”

  1. Raleighrebel Says:

    Didn’t stay long at Iowa State, did he? He stayed at Auburn for 10 years, which is good. Sounds like a good hire, if its true.

  2. footballfan4life Says:

    He is a beast of a coach. great hire.

  3. david Says:

    it said on a article i read he was hired jan 5 2009, maybe a misprint….But think about the roots he has in alabama, and should add a little more blood to the grass for the land sharks.

    PA- Espn is cover man is saying TEnn is going after frank wilson is that true? I know you speak with him. That would be a slap in the face of state fans. If he goes

  4. djrebel Says:

    That would make sense. He’s a really good recruiter and he’s got ties with Ed going back to New Orleans, not just Ole Miss.

    — PA

  5. Mooch Says:

    Welcome back Coach Price!

  6. m4rebs Says:

    Heard on WJOX Birmingham that Wilson is gone to Tennessee already. Said it yesterday I believe.

  7. akrebel Says:

    Haha that is so funny that Frank Wilson is already gone from MSU…wasn’t he only there for like 2 weeks?

  8. ColoradoReb Says:

    This is a great hire. Nutt continues to surprise me with his smarts. Wilson is gone. That makes State look like more of a joke than they already were. When they asked Urban how the loss of Mullen would effect the team he said, “not much, Dan was really more of a paper pusher, who helped with recruiting, and he would call down to me with the formations the defense was in. I have always designed and called my own plays.” I’ll tell you who’s gonna be making some waves real soon and thats Tennessee. OK guys go ahead and mark a W for OM against Auburn, State, Arkansas, and LSwho. State fans get ready for JAckson State.

  9. doubletripper Says:

    i don’t know if i am quite ready to welcome someone from the snake’s crew especially one who snuck out with him in the middle of the night. i will be waiting to see if he sneeks out again if another offer comes along.

  10. ColoradoReb Says:

    Beats the hell out of Dubosey don’t you recon?

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