FYI: Morning links

Greg Hardy’s mother influenced his decision to return to school for his senior year. That’s what he said in a prepared statement Thursday. Hardy did not attend the news conference.

Ole Miss basketball coach Andy Kennedy’s attorneys will be in court today, the first step in legal maneuvering stemming from Kennedy’s Dec. 18 arrest in Cincinnati on a simple assault charge.

— PA


6 Responses to “FYI: Morning links”

  1. JB Says:

    Good for Hardys mother. He needs a quality education, can’t play football all his life. One bad injury and his playing days are over.

  2. Matthew Says:

    PA, what does AK, his wife, and attorneys think they are doing? This is ridiculous. I think he should have contacted some “other parties” who have a little more insight prior to firing off this lawsuit.

    I think he’ll realize how big of a mistake that was on his first conference road game. Can you imagine the taunts he will have to endure now. They had enough ammo as it was but to add this tid bit of damage will only make things worse and hurt his image even further which will make it harder (no pun intended) to continue to improve the program.

  3. djrebel Says:

    Matthew, he was going to get the taunts anyway.

    I think information on Andy’s side about what happened that night was beginning to come out that was putting he and the staff — once you get past the fact that it was 1 a.m. — in a more favorable light.

    I can only imagine the strategy behind his suit is to overwhelm the cab driver.

    — PA

  4. moparman Says:

    I think Mrs.Hardys lawsuit trial will be as interesting as Mr.Hardys criminal trial.I hope that you will keep us updated on her trial,as well as his.

  5. rjm Says:

    I like Andy from his days as a player and asst coach at UAB.

    And, I do think the cab driver is less than credible.

    But come on, suing for a lack of sex ??

    This makes Andy and Kimber look like laughingstocks.

    I can understand suing the cabbie.

    The valet seems credible however.

    And lets be honest, even if he were to win a suit, it wouldnt be collectable.

    Why would he throw his sex life, or lack thereof, out there ?

    Makes no sense.

    I understand he has plenty of money and spending $50-100k to clear his name might be worth it in the long run given his likely future coaching earnings. (Even if he flops out and ends up at a lower level)

    Still, like so many coaches have told so many players, nothing good happens after midnight when alcohol is involved.

    And AK was even on Huggins staff when Huggs got his DUI.

  6. JB Says:

    I think a bit of confusion here in names and who is suing who. Mrs Hardy is looking after her son Greg; keeping him in college to get a college education for him before he embarks on a professional football career. A Great mom, and thinks and caring about the welfare of her son.

    Now dem law dings long to dat ol mis baskbal coach in his extr dings dat hapn elswhere.

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