FOOTBALL: No game in Dallas soon

It has been rumored of late that Ole Miss will play Colorado in Dallas in the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium next year to complete the Rebels’ 2009 schedule.

Just a rumor folks.

There have been talks with the Texas state fair commission about bringing Ole Miss and an unspecified opponent to play at the Cotton Bowl, but there’s no interest on the Ole Miss side there.

There have been talks about the possibility of Ole Miss and somebody – Colorado is a name that has been mentioned – playing in the new stadium. That is a possibility, but remains a distant possibility, not one that would be in place for next year.

Arkansas and Texas A&M are already under contract to play in the new stadium.

The Ole Miss football schedule remains in search of the 12th game. It’s a topic of daily discussion, athletics director Pete Boone says, but it’s not complete yet.

— PA


34 Responses to “FOOTBALL: No game in Dallas soon”

  1. redstickrebel Says:

    What’s the schedule look like so far? I haven’t seen anything

  2. Raleighrebel Says:

    This is what I’ve seen. If this is accurate, it looks like we have one game to fill.

  3. redstickrebel Says:

    Thanks so much so we got Tenn this year good

  4. ColoradoReb Says:

    To me this is as bad as OM’s loss to LSU Sat. We should be using this momentum and selling season tickets. State got ahead and started selling early. I’m just ready for Pete to hit the road. Thats bad to say because I’ve worked for him in the past, but its time. Also guys, a big announcement coming from ColoradoReb later today. Be sure to check back in this afternoon.

  5. Charles Says:

    Just curious why people dislike Boone so much. Ole Miss sports teams are in pretty good shape right now if you ask me. Sure things could be better here and there, but look at what we’ve got…

    Football has a new coach and a strong season that everyone is excited about. Baseball is preseason top 15 consistently and will soon have one of the best stadiums in America (construction is behind, but that stuff happens). Tennis has one of the best teams and stadiums in the country every year. Basketball had some tough injuries this year, but we have a good coach who is a great recruiter and everyone should be excited about next year.

    I guess most people are mad about Colonel Reb. Personally, I think that was justified. I don’t really want to debate that, since it is all said and done, but I’m just wondering if that’s the main reason for disliking Boone?

  6. m4rebs Says:

    Ole Miss has already put season tickets on sale Colorado. Got an email from them 2 weeks ago. They don’t care if they have the 12th game on the schedule or not, it’s for all home games this season. Individual tickets are not being released for sale yet, so that is irrelelvant.
    Charles – Pete gets a bad rap b/c in alot of our eyes, he failed miserably in his first stint at Ole Miss and they asked him to come back. Secondly, they don’t like him because he comes across as a cheapo. I acts like it’s his money when it comes to funding some of the obvious items that we think the program needs to compete. Third, I’m sure is the Col. Reb thing.
    I’ve commented that all 3 major sports are now in good hands in my opinion, from a coaching perspective, but that hasn’t been that way very long. Boone hired O and he really took a black eye for the way he got rid of Cut and hired a first time coach, but I think he was trying to fix the most obvious problem in the program at the time….recruiting. So, if you measure him right now, I agree, he doesn’t look too bad. But you’ve got to think back to before Boone to see where the current facility upgrades came from, and in my opinion it was Chanc. K and Paul Schaffer.

  7. JB Says:

    ColoradoReb, just what secrets are you keeping from us?

  8. doubletripper Says:

    there was a thread on the ole miss insiders web site the other day from a rutgers fan saying that they were in need of another game and wondering if ole miss might be interested. i say heck yeah. would be great game for national tv and a lot of exposure for ole miss. i would much rather see them play someone like rutgers than la tech.

  9. Charles Says:

    m4rebs, that sounds like a pretty good analysis of the situation. I would agree that things seem to be in pretty good shape for the bigger sports at Ole Miss. Assuming that Ole Miss has another good season next year, what is the level of desire for a football stadium expansion? It would be great to have the stadium completely bowled in.

    Does anyone know how our attendance % has been for the past several years? Also, would something like an indoor practice facility for bball take precedence?

  10. ColoradoReb Says:

    m4 and Charles I agree 100%. Thanks m4 for answering for me while I watch Rocko that the oath. Doubletripper, I agree, a game with the Knights would give us great national exposure. I’m sick of the little La schools and they don’t get ticket sales a game like Rutgers would. OK, for the big announcement…………..

  11. jr85reb Says:

    Drumroll please…..

  12. Raleighrebel Says:

    I can hardly wait (yawn) CReb. I’m predicting a ‘I heard from a reliable source…’ prediction.

  13. ColoradoReb Says:

    in a minute. I do think now that we have our baseball, football, tennis, and track programs on track we need to turn our attention to basketball. We need a practice faucility and maybe even a new arena. More so, we may need a new coach. I know many will disagree but I am willing to give AK one more year since he has had lots of bad luck this time around. As for Pete, one other comment I’ll make is that Pete doesn’t listen to the Rebel faithful like he should. One should never forget the people that pay his salary.

  14. djrebel Says:

    Colorado, I need this prediction, man. Give me some time to work with if it’s something I need to follow up on today. I’ve got to pick up kids at school.

    — PA

  15. ColoradoReb Says:

    OK, I heard from a reliable source that a great Rebel will be returning to Ms to help move his Rebel teams into a new era of winning and prosperity. After much prayer and discussion, ColoradoReb will now assume the new title of Ocean Springs Reb. With him he will bring his loving family. His two boys will continue to prepare themselves to take the field at the great University of Mississippi and once again the stadium will come alive with the loud and constant screams of this great fan. I will being closing my doors here in Colorado to take a job with the City of Ocean Springs. I look forward to once again being with my people and supporting the University I love so dearly.

  16. ColoradoReb Says:

    PA, I’m sure this is fact but you may want to follow up just to be sure.

  17. ColoradoReb Says:

    Also, on another note, I’ve been told that the University may be looking for its first female Chancellor. Now there’s something you can really follow up on PA. LOL

  18. djrebel Says:

    Congrats on the move, but don’t you think you can be in Oxford quicker with a non-stop from Denver and the short drive from Memphis? Ha. Good luck.

    — PA

  19. ColoradoReb Says:

    Don’t like to fly, PA. If they’d let me drive the plane I might consider it. International flights are OK because you can usually get several drinks down and pass out before you have a chance to get too nervous. You know my trip through your neck of the woods after the Cotton Bowl was to meet with the good folks of Ocean Springs. Really, I think I’ll be able to fly into Oxford with Trent on Dickie’s plane because he’s not using it right now.

  20. ColoradoReb Says:

    PA, what about the ole boy from Brentwood, TN. Is he going to Vandy because Nutt pulled his scholarship or because he got academically accepted to Vandy?

  21. djrebel Says:

    Don’t know on the ole boy from Brentwood. Nutt told me the other day he has three scholarships to give, and I know he’s going after more guys than that. It may be a matter of shuffling things around.

    Did you guys meet in Tupelo?

    — PA

  22. ColoradoReb Says:


  23. colreb420 Says:

    CR, thad has a brother that is sick and wanted to stay close by so he could take care of him.

  24. ColoradoReb Says:

    The CL is reporting that when he got accepted to Vandy he dropped OM, but a lot of OM people immediately blogged that Nutt pulled his offer two weeks ago.

  25. ColoradoReb Says:

    That makes sense colreb420

  26. ColoradoReb Says:

    The guy had nothing but good things to say about OM so I figured Nutt hadn’t pulled his offer

  27. colreb420 Says:

    they did pull his offer when he went back on his word that he would not talk to other schools. only reason we found out he was talking to other schools was because his coach called kent to tell him about it.

  28. JakeFuryReb Says:

    I have a feeling that Ole Miss will face Oregon in a BCS Bowl next season. (is it correct to say ‘this season’ now since last season is over?) Maybe the Fiesta Bowl…maybe the Rose Bowl?

  29. JB Says:

    Iam with you Jake, for the national championship. GO REBELS!!

  30. ColoradoReb Says:

    I’ll just take an SEC championship game for once in my lifetime and I don’t care who its against. We get to play UT in the regular season and the game will be tough, you can count on it.

  31. Charles Says:

    SI’s Stewart Mandel revised his rankings for next season and has us at #5!

    Almost every preseason poll I’ve seen has us in the top 10. If we can land Bobbie Massie, I think we will be a legit top 5. Our starting O-line should be really good next year, but we need just a little more depth I think. Plus it would be nice to give Bradley Sowell some competition for that starting OT spot. Massie should be able to win the starting spot, but if we get him, that would mean we have two solid players in that Left Tackle spot. Sowell could play some TE on blocking plays with Massie at LT and Gerald Harris mixing in and out at the TE spot. I’m really looking forward to seeing Harris perform next year. He should be another good receiving target for Snead.

  32. L2 Says:

    Hate to jump over basketball & what is coming in baseball – but just read mandel’s piece on for ’09 predictions…..While I am beyond excited about this upcoming fall ……. is this team ready for pub it is getting? Deserved? You better believe it!!
    Are we ready to get over the hump? time will tell……but how thrilled I am to see these guys getting just due. Here’s believing Nutt can keep their heads on straight!

  33. JB Says:

    As M4 stated: AIM HIGH!!! GO REBELS

  34. JakeFuryReb Says:

    Wow. I feel good about the mock preseason polls. I just hope we can stay healthy til then and through the season.

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