HOOPS: Tide holds off Rebels

Here’s the print edition game story. The Rebels got good looks at the end from players they’d want to have to ball in that situation. They just failed to convert.

A loss that gets away hurts this team more than most, because this bunch has to work so hard for what it gets.

I wrote several times about the officiating in last night’s game blog, and the fouls were heavily weighted against the Rebels most of the time. I didn’t think the officiating was over-the-top bad, however. There were a couple of swing calls that went Ole Miss’ way too.

Bottom line is, this isn’t a great defensive team. It is a team that hustles and plays with good energy most of the time but not a team that guards well.

That’s on defense. On offense it’s hard to tell if they’re getting banged up without the benefit of a call, because they don’t try to pound the ball inside.

Well, the Rebels are 1-3 now with no immediate relief in sight. They play at South Carolina, which just defeated Florida, Saturday evening, then host Kentucky and travel to Mississippi State next Saturday. The Rebels don’t play well in Starkville in the best of times.

— PA


One Response to “HOOPS: Tide holds off Rebels”

  1. JB Says:

    I think the Rebs played a good game under the circumstance that they have been thru. GO REBS!!!!

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