HOOPS: Today’s Game

Ole Miss at South Carolina
n When: 6 p.m., Colonial Life Arena, Columbia, S.C.
n TV: Fox Sports Net South (where available). Live internet video at ESPN360.com.
n XM: 200
n Series: Tied at 12.
n Last year: South Carolina won 80-77 in Oxford last year.
n Coaches: Ole Miss – Andy Kennedy (76-45, third year; 54-31 in third season at Ole Miss). South Carolina – Darrin Horn (124-52 in his sixth season; 13-4 in first season at South Carolina).
n Notes: For Ole Miss, Cranston was 2-for-2 from 3-point range at Alabama. … Holloway, who grew up not far from Columbia, S.C., has scored in double figures in five straight games. … Terrico White is averaging 18 points in his last three games. … For South Carolina, Downey, who was recruited to Cincinnati by Andy Kennedy, leads the SEC and ranks sixth in the nation with 3.0 steals per game. … Baniulis is shooting 55.2 percent from 3-point range.

n Probable Starters
Ole Miss (10-8, 1-3 SEC)

G – Terrico White 6-5 Fr. 9.4p
G – David Huertas 6-5 Jr. 19.1p
G – Zach Graham 6-6 So. 7.0p
C – Malcolm White 6-9 So. 5.4p
F – DeAundre Cranston 6-9 Jr. 3.0p
Top Reserves: G Will Bogan, F Terrance Henry, F Murphy Holloway

South Carolina (13-4, 2-2 SEC)
F – Dominique Archie 6-7 Jr. 11.1p
F – Mike Holmes 6-7 So. 11.2p
C – Sam Muldrow 6-9 So. 3.3p
G – Devan Downey 5-9 Jr. 19.6p
G – Zam Frederick 6-o Sr. 16.2p
Top Reserves: F Evaldas Baniulis, G Brandis Raley-Ross, F Austin Steed

Game Advance: Different style in frontcourt for Ole Miss

— PA

29 Responses to “HOOPS: Today’s Game”

  1. JB Says:

    Is that all the subs (3) for the Rebels?

  2. ColoradoReb Says:

    Question: Why does the CL only cover State? and when they do cover OM…. Why is it always negative? Just wondering?

  3. ripleyreb Says:

    JB, I’m old and forgetful, but if I remember right the Rebs are down to eleven players dressing out. I thought one of the strong points this year would be depth. That thought went out the window when three of their best players went down with injuries. With all the playing time the young guys are getting, it will be a plus down the road. Have a good day. Go get em REBS.

  4. djrebel Says:

    JB, we don’t list all the subs. Gotta cut if off somewhere. Space limitations in the print edition.

    — PA

  5. m4rebs Says:

    Probably only 3 worth the ink on the print edition, from a basketball perspective, not a life perspective.

  6. jmreb Says:

    The game starts at 8PM ET.

  7. JB Says:

    Thanks guys! Be watching the Rebs play in about 2 hours. We get them on two, Fla Sun and FSSO. I am really counting of a good win and performance out of them tonight.

  8. kylebuddy Says:

    One q that needs to be cleared, u said that it starts at 6:00 our time, but the tv says 7:00 our time, and jmreb just said that it starts at 7:00 our time to.

  9. ripleyreb Says:

    kylebuddy, tipoff is 7 pm Tupelo time. Channel 402 or channel 33. Go Rebs.

  10. ColoradoReb Says:

    State is getting all they want from Georgia right now.

  11. JB Says:

    Miss State really has got a good basketball team, or so it seem. Would like to see them win, but lose two to Ole Miss.

  12. ColoradoReb Says:

    OM is not on TV out here. I have FSN or whatever but its blacked out.

  13. ColoradoReb Says:

    Anybody got a score for me?

  14. Jay Stokes Says:

    SC up 28-27 with about 4 minutes left in first half

  15. Jay Stokes Says:

    terrico white was taken to the locker room with some kind of injury….not good. he’s been playing, though…..so i’d imagine he’ll be out there in the second half

  16. Jay Stokes Says:

    37-35, SC up at half…..terrico was back out on the floor before half, but limping some.

  17. JB Says:

    Both teams playing very good basketball in my opinion, missing shots, but hustling, agressive, both coaches letting them play the game, run, shoot, run. That Ole Miss team is one scrappy bunch of guys.

  18. Jay Stokes Says:

    halftime point totals:
    graham – 9
    huertas – 8
    henry – 6
    t. white – 6

  19. tcfan Says:

    This team will be LOADED next year.

    Chris Warren
    Eniel Polyniece
    Trevor Gaskins
    Terrance Henry
    Zach Graham
    David Huertas
    Murphy Holloway
    Terrico White
    Reginald Buckner

    WOW!!!! As well DeAundre Cranston and Will Bogan.

  20. Jay Stokes Says:

    tough start for the rebs in the 2nd half….SC starts the half on a 14-0 run, padded by some untimely turnovers by ole miss and the fact that the rebels still haven’t made a 3 pointer in the game. SC up 50-38 with 14 minutes left.

  21. Brian in Oxford Says:

    The senior bowl is on NFL network as well. Oher, Jerry, and Wallace have been getting TV time and props from the commentators. 13 minutes left as of this post, hopefully the BB guys will hang in there.

  22. Jay Stokes Says:

    terrico white leaves the game for good during a nightmare of a 2nd half for the rebels…….they can’t buy a basket this half, with the only 3 pointer of the game for ole miss coming from huertas a few minutes ago.

    this one’s gonna be hard for the rebels to pull out. yet another tough loss for a young team with absolutely nothing going their way this year.

  23. JB Says:

    I think the Rebs did good. Had a bad second half. Ball would not go down for them. They still played hard basketball and my hat’s off to them. There’s no quit for them. GO REBS!!!!

  24. m4rebs Says:

    Loaded with the same guys losing to LSU, NM, and Carolina by alot of points. I’m not sure this “style” of basketball is a recipe for success.

  25. Jay Stokes Says:

    i agree with m4…….they really have had to slow down their tempo of play with all the injuries…..this isn’t the type of game AK wants to play, but they sort of have to do the whole half-court thing for now. players like murphy and terrico are capable of fast break points, but they’re not experienced enough yet to be efficient with it. while this season will give guys like murphy, terrico, and terrance a lot of needed experience, it won’t give them much experience running the style of offense typically coached under kennedy. next year, while they will be smarter players, they will still have to get used to the up-tempo offensive style of play all over again. however, i think that’s much easier to adjust to than having to adapt to SEC ball straight out of high school. all in all, i think the rebs are still a good team….they’ll pull out a few more wins before this season is over with….and they’ll definitely be a force to be reckoned with when all the star players are on the floor at the same time next year.

  26. ColoradoReb Says:

    Basketball is over this year

  27. ColoradoReb Says:

    Can’t wait for that first baseball game

  28. m4rebs Says:

    It may be over for you CR, but for the 11 remaining guys that suit up in Navy and Red, there’s a long, long, long way to go. They need to look themselves in the mirror, and decide which direction they want to go. They’ve been dealt a bad hand, will they sulk the rest of the year, or will they tighten the laces and hit some people in the mouth?

  29. m4rebs Says:

    Make that 10….

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