FOOTBALL: Rebels in Senior Bowl

WR Mike Wallace and DT Peria Jerry score touchdowns. OL Michael Oher and LB Ashlee Palmer also see action.

Senior Bowl

— PA


2 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Rebels in Senior Bowl”

  1. david Says:

    I watched this game last night and boy I came away amazed. I mean what qb would love having Herman Johnson and Michael Oher on both ends protecting you. All I have to say about wallace is, that db lost his cup and wallace blew by him and even had to come back for the pass. Palmer was all over the place. He had a lot of energy and that should help him. Peria was a beast as usaul. I did get a kick out of seeing gram herrel being picked off again.

    PA, I am hearing good things about this weekend with vistors.. I also heard theres a new Wr out there looking. Norwood who had commited to alabama, is no longer wanting to go there. Theres some type of story behind it, thoughts or ideas about him or this weekend?

  2. djrebel Says:

    Neal McCready of Rivals contacted Norwood and reports that Norwood denied any contact with Ole Miss and says he remains committed to Alabama.

    Just following along on the recruiting sites, it looks like Drummond’s visit went well and it might be between Ole Miss and Michigan State for a pretty good DL pick-up who could enroll early and go through spring drills.

    — PA

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