FOOTBALL: Drummond commits

An adviser and family spokesman for All-American DE Craig Drummond of Chicago told the recruiting websites last night that Drummond had given a verbal commitment to Ole Miss.

He is expected to be enrolled within the next day or so and would be eligible to participate in spring drills. He says he will not take his previously scheduled official visit to Michigan State.

— PA


30 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Drummond commits”

  1. david Says:

    if this is true can you say best dl in the country…i know losing peria hurts but this kid has to have the brains to graduate early. I think that goes a long way in football. When you dont have to think and can just react it is always good.

  2. ackerman17 Says:


    Any more word on Raymond Cotton or Pat Patterson?

  3. VA Reb Says:

    Great news, PA. Keep hauling them in!!

    Hey Ackerman 17: Are you from Ackerman, MS?

  4. ackerman17 Says:

    I grew up there and went to school there, I live in Vicksburg now.

  5. Charles Says:

    Hey PA, not sure if you have seen this mock draft or not, but I thought it was interesting that Don Banks is saying Oher will not get drafted ahead of OT Eugene Banks because maturity issues. I’ve never heard anything about Oher having any issues. Was wondering what you thought about this.

  6. Charles Says:

    Sorry, forgot the link….

  7. 45 to zero Says:

    PA, did nathan stlaney take a redshirt this year? What are the guide lines for redshirting? (does it have to be filed before the season starts)

  8. redstickrebel Says:

    This was reported yesterday on scout but I was still seeing other reports that he was still looking at a couple of other schools so is this it? He is really committed huh

  9. amsteffe Says:

    Okay…allow me to talk star power for a second… With Drummonds commitments we have landed our third 4-star prospect. Out of Marlon Brown, Patterson, Lamar Scruggs, I think we at least land 2 of the 3. That would add 2 more 4 stars. Cotton makes 6. And Barksdale, if he would ever get his academic situation together, would make 7. What looked like a class with little star power, but lots of potential, may turn into a high powered, high starred recruiting class if all the stars allign properly

  10. colreb420 Says:

    drummond will be in oxford today at 6 and has gotten in to OM. is now waiting on being cleared by the clearinghouse

  11. david Says:

    colreb, source?

  12. bigdraws Says:

    “waiting on being cleared by the clearinghouse”

    What does Ed McMahon have to do with this?

  13. djrebel Says:

    Ackerman, all I’ve heard on Patterson is that he’s said his decision will be closer to signing day.

    Charles, I’ve not heard of any maturity issues on Oher. I know Nutt and Markuson wanted him to become a more physical player, and they believe he took that step this year. He’s always had the footwork.

    — PA

  14. rebel2011 Says:

    it has nothing to do with the clearinghouse he is just waiting to get admitted into spring classes at the university. this is a great commitment for the program. now brown patterson and cotton need to join the bandwagon and we will be rockin and rollin!

  15. ackerman17 Says:

    Thanks Parrish

  16. djrebel Says:

    45, Stanley did redshirt. It’s not something that has to be filed before the season. Decisions are routinely made on redshirting a kid in the middle of the season, and they change depending on a team’s injury situation, etc.

    I was very impressed with Stanley in the times I saw him in practice. Nice touch, especially on a deep ball. Not a mobile, running qb, necessarily, but not a statue in the pocket either. Has enough mobility to escape pressure.

    — PA

  17. m4rebs Says:

    David – how do you know he is graduating early or graduating late? Anyway, it will be nice to try and keep that 8-10 man rotation going on the DL, which is probably more important than having 1 or 2 powerhouses. I think 4th Qtr time, our DL had a major edge this past year b/c of being fresher than the OL’s. I’d rather have the deepest offensive and defensive line than the best. Then again, you may not feel like you can have a deep line without having high quality guys, 2 or 3 deep. It is a cycle though it seems.
    I’m not sold on the Cotton guy either. The kid that went to Alabama last year, Star Jackson, he’s not even getting talk about taking the reigns next year at Bama with JPW’s vacancy. Everyone assumes it will be McElroy, and I guarantee you it’s not on talent, it’s on knowledge of the offense you are going to ask the guy to lead. Will Cotton be a QB, or will he be another Michael Spurlock…..a guy that wasted 2 solid years heck-bent on playing QB (or back-up QB) then goes to the NFL as ends up one of the premier return men in the league? Only time shall tell. Cotton appears to be athletic, but will he be able to manage the Wild Reb and the I-formation, and the Spread and the……and the……????? I just don’t think he makes or breaks this class. I’m more interested in getting the Massie kid away from Alabama. He’d make an immediate impact on the OL in my opinion.

  18. JG Says:

    this was posted on the clarion ledger blog, not my words

    HUGE NEWS on coach O_gone and the Patterson kid….From an extremely reliable source, Coach O is apparently about to be investigated for recruitment violations. Both current and past players will be looked at. This will be breaking new in weeks. Patterson will be going to TN because “O” offered more luxuries to a second hand affiliate of Patterson. Nutt could not match and that may be a good thing. NCAA is already snooping around U of M campus and they will be all over this. Patterson would be a valuable asset but we have enough great receivers already on board and we don’t need any more sanctions. For you puppy dogs who think Patterson will shock the world Feb. 4th, you can stop dreaming. You couldn’t began to know how to wheel and deal for him if you wanted to. His mind is set on high profile programs and the highest bids. Apparently that will be TN. Patterson, its not worth it kid….follow your heart and go where you know you will be happy, the money will come soon enough! 45-0!!!

    Would anyone like to comment? or validate?

  19. rebel2011 Says:

    PA, how does stanley look compared to jevan last year? does he look like he can be a great starter in a couple years or just a solid backup?

  20. djrebel Says:

    Didn’t get to see Jevan last year because practice was closed. It was only open for stretching this year, but most of bowl practice was open, and that’s when the younger guys were getting a lot of work.

    I saw Stanley most early in the season and late in the season, and I thought he looked good at both ends.

    — PA

  21. david Says:

    Well if hes enrolling now he must of graduated early you would think…it was a guess… PA ideas about who we get between Brown, patterson, Cotton, Williams, Jones, and Gaines?>

  22. farley662 Says:

    If O is going to be investigated, that will be bad news for you guys. Do have to say that ole boy who wrote that has a way with words.

  23. david Says:

    Not really, hes doing it as a UT employee, so there for it fall back on him.

  24. farley662 Says:

    If they are investigating his recruiting practices you can bet they will go after OM and USC. The NCAA likes to bust people.

  25. david Says:

    No they dont Farley, come on state got away with it for how long and Bama is still doing it right as we type and they dont get busted. Even if he is Tenn will buy their way out of it with all the money they are spending.

  26. JB Says:

    Looks like a happy group over here today. See a few Miss Staters joining to make this enteresting.

  27. JB Says:

    Regardless of how many five star receuits Ole Miss brings on board. Snead is the heart of the program, he goes down to injury early in the season and there goes the Rebels. They would be luck to win five game without Snead.

  28. ColoradoReb Says:

    I’ve heard Brown will be at OM while Patterson is being swayed by Tenn. When kids sit on the fence this long they either want something for going to the school or they have an ego the size of Alaska. Either way I don’t think he is good for us. Randle has not made any comment yet I believe and I think he would be a great fit at OM. Nutt has had some calls with his folks. I wish Patterson would decide not to go to Tenn for a visit.

  29. ColoradoReb Says:

    JB, there are some boys who could fill in if Snead goes down. I think we look better at QB than we have for a long long time.

  30. m4rebs Says:

    Farley, I beg to differ on your one point, sir. USC will not get anything done to them, period. The Pac 10 will protect them till their death. If the Reggie Bush situation didn’t prove that USC is untouchable, then I don’t know what else would. Ole Miss on the other hand, would not be of interest to the NCAA…..until we have some success…..uh oh. That #5 preseason garbage may be compacted alot sooner than Labor Day, especially if the NCAA has their way.

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