FOOTBALL: Scruggs to Gamecocks

WR Lamar Scruggs, a 4-star prospect from the Jacksonville, Fla., area who had been considering Ole Miss, has given a verbal commitment to South Carolina. Scruggs will visit there this weekend.

— PA


12 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Scruggs to Gamecocks”

  1. david Says:

    good luck to him, but good luck catching the ball. I’ll be surprized if vizer will be there after next season. They have no qb, Garcia will find a way to screw up and get kickd off the team…

    PA- give me a commimnet shocker!

  2. amsteffe Says:

    i didn’t see this coming, but the timing makes it seem as if he didn’t have a very good visit here this past weekend…He just recently narrowed it to two, and as soon as he gets done visiting here he commits to SC. He did this before visiting columbia this weekend…I wonder what went wrong for him…He’s a big target and I think just as good as Patterson and Brown. He is an underrated guy, who has a great body at WR. I can’t wait for Melvin Harris to run that fade route down near the goal line….

  3. m4rebs Says:

    What do you guys think about coaches that leave one school and go to another, then try to take the recruits that they had been recruiting to their former school and sway them to the one they are now employeed? I was listening to Wimp Sanderson the other day on the Radio and he said he didn’t think it was ethical for the coach that used the former school’s money (for expense of them traveling, not to give to the recruits) and then use that inside track to sway them to their new school. I agree with that. They should be off-limits if their were funds provided by a school to get a coach into that kids home, sell one program, then that same coach, after moving, contacts that kid and recruits him elsewhere. That would not be too difficult to enforce either. These kids don’t mind telling Neal McCready who is calling, so surely they are telling the guys that are recruiting them who is calling. Does any of this make sense, or do I sound like I have sour grapes for Tracy Rocker? That is not my intent, I don’t think Price should be able to recruit kids at Ole Miss that he recruited at Auburn either. Thompson at Tennesse now, the kids he recruited at Bama.

  4. L2 Says:

    good point m4. we are seeing this become a problem more and more, especially within the SEC where it seems like coaches are playing fruit basket turnover. I at least think it should be something the league office at lease discusses. There should be some sort of time table put on these guys or something?? Not sure what the answer is, I just agree with you that it at least should be looked at.

  5. m4rebs Says:

    Any more word on Coach O recruiting issues? Haven’t seen or heard any of that other than here. It’d be a shame for all 5.3M$ coaching staff at UT to be sunk from the start with some sanctions right out of the gate.

  6. djrebel Says:

    I don’t have a recruiting shocker to offer at this point. How bout you guys? Any predictions? Signing Day is a week from today.

    — PA

  7. Charles Says:

    As the coaching salaries continue to increase, the recruiting battles will only get tougher and more cutthroat. It is ridiculous to hear some of these recruiting stories, but coaches in the SEC only have a short time frame to win or get out, so the pressure is on them.

    Recruiting shocker: Massie signs with Ole Miss………………….I hope.

  8. rebel2011 Says:

    my prediction is we sign 3 uncomitted guys: patterson, cotton, and massie, and if tig can straighten out his grades then he will be on campus come fall

  9. tcfan Says:

    Massie to Bama.

    Marlon Brown to GA

    Ole Miss finishes with possibly Pattterson, Gaines, Ja-Mes Logan, Cotton, Mike Marry, Alex Williams.

    Bank it.

  10. Charles Says:

    Massie is probably a long shot, but Chase and Ty at Inside the Grove think we have a pretty good shot with him. Ole Miss does have a pretty good track record with landing guys from Hargrave. Does anybody know if Nutt has had his in-home visit with Massie yet?

    BAMA really needs to land another big time receiver. Sounds like they are putting the full court press on Patterson, Randle, and a couple others. I think we get Patterson or Brown. Don’t know which one.

  11. ColoradoReb Says:

    Brown, Randle, Patterson, Cotton and Massie is my wishful prediction of the day. Great game for the Rebs last night. They sure showed everybody they can play on the level of other SEC teams. If they could learn to play in those hostile environments and come out with a win I think they’d be ok.

  12. george devaughn Says:

    cr we played at home the TAD PAD

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