HOOPS: Kentucky Game File

Ole Miss freshman guard Terrico White practiced, at some level, during this afternoon’s shoot-around. He is suffering from a bruised knee, and his availability for tongiht remains a “game time” decision.

Tip off is 6 p.m.

Leave questions, comments and observations below.

— PA


50 Responses to “HOOPS: Kentucky Game File”

  1. JB Says:

    I believe in miracles and miracles do happen; Ole Miss really need one tonight. Looks to me like they now have lost four (4) of their starting five.

  2. redstickrebel Says:

    I hate to say but no way in hell OM wins tonight. I have never seen a team so snake-bit. Rest Terrico they might need for a more winnable game.

  3. rebel2011 Says:

    Terrico will start just heard from AK himself on pregame

  4. JB Says:

    Maybe they should hold Terrico out of this game and save him for the Saturday game at Miss State.

  5. djrebel Says:

    Your Ole Miss starters: Malcolm White, DeAundre Cranston, David Huertas, Zach Graham and … Terrico White.

    — PA

  6. djrebel Says:

    So White’s good enough to play, but I reckon he’ll be a step slower in a game he needs to be a step faster. Knees do that to you. We’ll know shortly.

    — PA

  7. djrebel Says:

    Rebels hanging in early. T White moving OK, handling the point. He just hit a 3 and Rebels lead 7-3. Zone defense working well so far. Meeks 0-for-1

  8. djrebel Says:

    Time out at 15:55. Huertas just picked up his second foul, this one at mid-court as Kentucky was headed the other way following a 3-point miss by Terrico White. Rebels 3-for-7 from the field, UK 3-for-5. Both teams have hit 2 3-pointers. Rebels lead 10-9, UK with possession when play resumes.

  9. djrebel Says:

    Rebels are hanging with defense. Cats 6-of-13 from the floor, Meeks 0-for-1. On offense the spread game is working right now. Ole Miss is getting some good looks and getting to the line.

    Time out at 11:13. Ole Miss leads 20-16 with ball possession when play resumes.

  10. djrebel Says:

    For you trivia buffs, the Rebels last defeated Kentucky in 2001.

  11. djrebel Says:

    Meeks just hit two free throws. Kentucky is trying to get him shots in other ways now, like driving around a screen. 20-18 at 9:40, UK with ball.

  12. JakeFuryReb Says:

    The crowd looks amazing. Looks packed from what I can see too!

  13. djrebel Says:

    Time out at 7:40. Ole Miss 26-18. A 3-point play by Malcolm White with a lob from Murphy Holloway and a 3-ball from Terrico White, who has 8 points on 3-for-6 shooting, 2-for-5 from the arc.

  14. djrebel Says:

    Ole Miss 26-24 at 6:25. Meeks 0-for-4 from field, 4-for-4 FT line.

  15. djrebel Says:

    Cats on 11-3 run lead 29-28. No field goals for Meeks but 6-for-6 free throws.

  16. djrebel Says:

    Rebels score on 3 straight trips, 2 buckets by Terrico. Ole Miss leads 34-31 at 2:37. Holloway at the free throw line when play resumes.

    Huertas has had bench time in foul trouble.

    Terrance Henry has been a hustler on the boards but has three fouls and two turnovers.

  17. JakeFuryReb Says:

    I’m really impressed by the Ole Miss squad right now. Their D is hustling for real.

  18. djrebel Says:

    Jake, I’m sure you’re not serious about the crowd. Lots of empty seats. They’re active and have had good things to cheer so far.

  19. JakeFuryReb Says:

    Haha, I was surprised by the turnout. I have the tendency to overreact.

  20. djrebel Says:

    Cats take 39-37 lead at :39 on pass inside to Josh Harrellson, a seldom-used 6-10 sophomore. Rebels with the ball when play resumes.

  21. djrebel Says:

    Patrick Spach is in the game in relief of Will Bogan. Meeks has been guarding him. Turnover by Graham, and UK gets the last shot with 6.0 on the clock. Meeks misses a 3. He’s 0-for-6 from the floor, 0-for-4 from 3.

    Cats lead 39-37 at the break.

  22. djrebel Says:

    Jake, I’m on board with your defensive assessment. Hope it holds up.

  23. djrebel Says:

    Halftime numbers:

    White 12 points on 5-for-9 shooting.
    Huertas, 2 points, no field goals, 6 minutes, 2 fouls
    Malcolm White 11 points on 5-for-6 shooting.

    Meeks 0-for-6 floor, 0-for-4 3s, 6-for-6 FT line. He is the No. 1 scorer in the SEC, No. 3 in the nation at 26.1 ppg.

    Kentucky is shooting 43.3, Ole Miss 42.4.

    Rebels up 24-16 on the boards.

  24. djrebel Says:

    Time out Kentucky at 16:51. Rebels open half on a 10-2 run. Five points from Huertas including a 3, and a 3 from Graham. Nice bucket by Cranston with an offensive rebound.

    Still no field goal for Meeks.

    Rebels lead 47-41.

  25. djrebel Says:

    Time out 15:54. Rebels lead 50-43 after a 3-ball by Terrico White, who has 15 points on 6-for-10 shooting. UK at the free throw line when play resumes.

  26. ColoradoReb Says:

    Rebs are looking great! Go Rebs!!! I think they got em’

  27. JakeFuryReb Says:

    Kentucky has a guy named Pat Patterson. How ironic? haha

  28. david Says:

    what are those white sheets of paper? I see them on tv.

  29. djrebel Says:

    Meeks is heating up. A long J and a 3 on the last two trips. Rebels got the lead up to 10 a few minutes ago. Now it’s 58-55 at 10:49 and Malcolm White at the free throw line when play resumes.

    Kentucky’s making a push now with Terrico White on the bench. He is 7-for-11 from the floor and leads Ole Miss with 17 points. Knee hasn’t seemed to bother him.

  30. david Says:

    PA, any clue on those white sheets of paper on the seats…I can honestly say the game looks so much better on regular espn and Ole miss is getting lots of love from the announcers.

  31. djrebel Says:

    Time outat 7:34. Malcolm White is playing possessed. That’s not always good. It means he’s prone to throw up a wild shot, and that’s happened a time or two, but he’s going to the glass hard. 16 points on 6-for-9 shooting, 5 boards. Rebels lead 66-57. Kentucky with possession when play resumes.

  32. djrebel Says:

    Time out Kentucky at 4:24. Huertas hit a 15-footer for a 70-61 lead, and they’re playiing that Hoosiers clip. Cranston just fouled out. Graham and Co. still defending Meeks well, but he hasn’t missed — and isn’t likely to — at the free throw line. Kentucky ball.

  33. djrebel Says:

    The sheets of paper are letters from the student section encourage the rest of the fans to cheer, cheer at the appropriate times and cheer loudly.

  34. amsteffe Says:

    looks like redstickrebel is gonna eat his words tonight baby…no faith…poor excuse for a rebel fan

  35. david Says:

    with meeks on the floor until it hits 0:00 i wont call a victory

  36. djrebel Says:

    Time out Ole Miss 2:53. Rebels lead 72-63. They were overplaying Terrico a minute ago and he made a great pass to Malcolm for the dunk. Ripley you got my back on the final?

  37. david Says:

    i have it if u need it

  38. djrebel Says:

    Jump in whosoever will.

  39. david Says:

    what a game plan for Coach K…Meeks shut down

  40. david Says:

    no problem…I got it covered. Baby is asleep for the night

  41. JakeFuryReb Says:


  42. djrebel Says:

    58.1 to play. T White at the FT line and Rebels lead 80-68. I am calling this one, boldly, for Ole Miss.

  43. amsteffe Says:

    like i said, game over, redstickrebel has no faith, im really dissapointed

  44. Jay Stokes Says:

    85-80 final……cats get a couple of gift 3’s at the end when nobody cared anymore…..

    malcolm was a beast tonight……hopefully the team can build on this win……

    Go Rebs

  45. Queencityfan Says:

    Wow … what if … we still had CW, EP and TG. Great effort. Great win.

    This is why I get frustrated with the ‘downer’ fans that Ole Miss seems to attract. Redstick … CR?

  46. rebeljon Says:

    Nice to see Malcolm playing his best game at the right time. He’s definitely experienced his share of adversity. It’s nice to see hard work pay-off.

  47. L2 Says:

    Great showing by the team tonight. Everyone pitching in to do their part. As was said on the telecast tonight – they could quit and throw in the towel but they have bought into AK not letting them make excuses for the injuries & off the court stuff. Great effort!

  48. m4rebs Says:

    Great heart from our guys tonight. Nice to see them get a win on a national stage. They deserved a good showing and a big win for what they have endured to this point. Now, how can they handle success? We know they are an inconsistent, young bunch, but I think State matches up much like LSU does versus UK. Excellent defensive strategy by our coaching staff. We’ve been critical of them at times on this blog this year, so when they do a great job, we should also reflect that in our comments. Well done by all in this win. Disappointed in the crowd, but a .500 winning percentage does that. PA, what were the papers/white things in the seats at the Pad tonight? I remember the 2001 game very well PA. I think Malcolm White grew up tonight. I think he is a guy that has huge potential and major upside, he just hasn’t shown anything remotely close to what he was hyped as, until tonight. Tip of the hat to the White boys, they played huge. Congrats Rebels. You made us proud tonight!!!

  49. redstickrebel Says:

    You’re right I had no faith and I am eating crow today happily and I added lots of La. hot sauce. I guess miracles do happen. Way to go Rebels ya’ll looked great on TV.

  50. redstickrebel Says:

    one more point no one came on here and predicted a win last night but I should have and will have more faith.

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