FOOTBALL: Gaining on Gaines?

Looks like Auburn is working hard on DL Corey Gaines, though Gaines remains impressed with Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt and the atmosphere he experienced in Oxford.

— PA


5 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Gaining on Gaines?”

  1. doubletripper Says:

    come on corey get onboard and experience the ultimate feeling of being a member of the land sharks.

  2. ColoradoReb Says:

    PA, one for you to follow up on……Rueben Randle and Byrce Brown are headed to Auburn? Bryce Brown was commited to Miami but changed his mind today and decided to take a visit to Auburn this weekend. Also, Randle had it narrowed between LSU, OK, and Alabama but has now said he wants to take a visit to Auburn this weekend before he decides. Its funny how these two are all of a sudden looking at Auburn don’t you think? I believe a NCAA investigator might ought to hang around campus this weekend with a listening device. Not accusing, just wondering?

  3. ColoradoReb Says:

    Heard from Marlon Brown’s cousin Florida is burning his phone up. He says they are still in Marlon’s top three. Looks like LSU is sparing no expense with their recruiting class this year either.

  4. ColoradoReb Says:

    I think if OM is gonna make a run for a Championship it needs to be this year. These big money schools rebuild quickly. It doesn’t look as if any of them are going to be down for long. I don’t know why anybody would look at Auburn right now with the other Coaches that are in the SEC (proven winners), but the cheerleaders must be showing someone a fun time when they visit.

  5. m4rebs Says:

    That’s not fair Colorado. Auburn has a good program, with and in the national eye, is a much more prestigous program than Ole Miss, although that is debatable since we have 3 national championships and they only have one…..which may be something else that could be debated, but then we’d debat all night, and not get sleep, and there you go. Anyway, not sure why all these guys are going to Auburn either, but our window is not as small as you suggest….we keep winning, it will keep bringing in talent, keep bringing in talent, keep winning, keep winning, and keep selling seats, and generating money, and upgrading facilities and coaches, which generates more talent in the program, which bringings in more talent to the program, and there you go. It’s when your coaching staff sits on their butt and gets complicent that the wheels start falling off. If you can weather the storm of losing a QB, like Bama will have to do (guaranteed 2 losses by the way), and continue the cycle, you don’t lose that much year to year. That’s why LSU is successful, even when they aren’t really successful. Ask any LSU fan and they are completely disappointed by the 2008 season, however, they lost their returning seasoned QB and there you go. The wheels haven’t fallen off though, and they will be a major contender next year again. So if you can weather the QB transition, and keep the lines solid year to year, you won’t have such a small window as you predict. It will be ok, until Nutt throws in the towel, like Cutcliffe did.

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