FOOTBALL: Recruiting update

A roundup of how things stand one week from Signing Day.

— PA


7 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Recruiting update”

  1. m4rebs Says:

    Couldn’t get to the story on the DJournal website. Looks like there may be some web issues or something.

  2. Raleighrebel Says:

    I was able to read it through the link.

  3. amsteffe Says:

    My recruiting rant…
    1. We gotta have Patterson, he’s a must.
    2. I feel like we also need James Logan, WR out of Texas, underrated guy that will be a nice pickup.
    3. Gotta have Gaines from Tallahassee.
    4. Must keep Jamar Hornsby from going to Tennessee.
    5. Mike Marry is a crucial guy, considering our LB class isn’t very deep at the moment, Willie Ferrel would also be nice.
    6. Cotton would be nice to have, but I don’t think anyone should go crazy if we don’t pick him up, those kinda guys come and go.
    7. Lastly, does anyone know what the deal is with Barksdale? When can he qualify? Does he wanna come here? If so, this semester? Summer?

  4. tcfan Says:


    1) I agree.
    2) I agree, just in case PP doesn’t come to OM.
    3) We’ll get him.
    4) Pretty sure we’ll keep him, unless last minute switch
    5) LBs will work theirself out (Tim Simon could end up there eventually), I agree though
    6) Nothing to worry about here. I’m 99.9% confident Cotton’s wearing Red and Blue next Wednesday.
    7) The story on Tig is this: Sources say his grades were in trouble but his Hargrave coach, Robert Prunty, claims that he’s getting things back on track. He claims offers from Ole Miss, UAB, and Miami. He said he has every intention to sign with Ole Miss on February 4th. We’re going to take him again, and if he doesn’t qualify, he’ll be at NWCC.

  5. tcfan Says:

    I’ll tell you this:

    We can look back eventually, but this is what I have

    Cotton 99.9%
    Grandy 95%
    Barksdale 95%
    Gaines 80%
    Logan 75%
    A. Williams 65%

    Possible: Massie, Patterson

  6. Charles Says:

    From what I’ve been hearing, Tig is all about the Rebels. It’s just a matter of grades. I’ve heard that he should make the grades, but I haven’t heard anything definitive. Maybe PA has some better insight.

    Interesting link to Bruce Felman’s blog below. He’s talking about how MSU is locking up the top Mississippi recruits. He also talks about Tig a little. Scroll down just past the Q&A section and you will see it….

  7. djrebel Says:

    I’ve heard Tig wants to be at Ole Miss, but I’m not sure how interested they are in Tig. May depend on how some other things pan out.

    — PA

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