HOOPS: MSU game thread

About 40 minutes to tip here. Not everybody on opposite sides of the Ole Miss-State thing hate each other. Just saw former MSU AD Larry Templeton emerge from the tunnel with his arm on the shoulder of Ole Miss radio man David Kellum. Don’t know what they were chatting about, but it seemed pleasant.

Andy Kennedy hasn’t come out yet, so the cat calls and whatever else is planned to celebrate his legal problems haven’t surfaced yet. Most of it hasn’t. There are four guys in the baseball-type three-quarter sleeve shirts behind me. The sleeves are yellow, and they’ve written “Taxi Service of Cincinnati” on them.

There was some mild heckling of David Huertas in the shoot-around about his days at Florida. He smiled back at a small group of students. It was good-natured.

Leave comments and observations below as the day rolls along.

— PA

107 Responses to “HOOPS: MSU game thread”

  1. djrebel Says:

    Trevor Gaskins is moving pretty well out at midcourt, dribbling around while his teammates shoot at both ends. Gaskins, the first of the knee injuries, actually could have come back this season, something about the type of ACL he had.

    The coaching staff chose not to push that and to just give Gaskins a year to heal, as most ACLs require.

    — PA

  2. Big draws Says:

    MSU sent out a letter this week telling the fans to lay off of Andy. Not sure if it’ll work but they tried.

  3. djrebel Says:

    I saw that letter. I just spoke with Greg Bryne, and he mentioned it. I figure most of the students-fans will behave just fine. A small percentage will not, and they’ll be the ones on television.

    — PA

  4. bigdraws Says:

    I think they were just worried about something vulgar getting on tv. Well, I’ll check in later. Yall rebels take it easy on us. Got some bbq on the smoker I need to go check on.

  5. djrebel Says:

    Mark Whitehead is one of the officials in today’s crew. He’s a homey, a few years older than me but we both grew up in Denham Springs.

    Mark was a part of the crew that I thought did a pretty good job in the Kentucky game Tuesday night.

    Draws, that smoker sounds good. There are advantages to not being at every game every Saturday.

    — PA

  6. bigdraws Says:

    Yep, I had to let my season tickets go this year. New addition to the family and all. Alright, now I’m really gone. Good luck to yall.

  7. ripleyreb Says:

    Wishing both teams a good game. Just hope we might come out on top. It will be tough task at The Hump. Go Rebs.

  8. ripleyreb Says:

    Hats off to Greg Byrne for that letter. He has earned respect from me, that’s for sure.

  9. djrebel Says:

    NOt a good start. State’s up 7-0 after Varnado’s block starts a fastbreak. Time out OM.

  10. djrebel Says:

    This is not one of State’s better defensive teams, but you wouldn’t know that right now. Rebels struggling to get good looks.

  11. djrebel Says:

    Terrance Henry started the game for Ole Miss in place of Cranston. I figure for more speed on defense. Henry is out of the game now, Holloway is in. State’s up 12-2 witha tiime out at 15:44. Ole Miss at the free throw line when play resumes.

  12. djrebel Says:

    State keeping REbels at arm’s length with the 3 balls. MSU 22-12.

  13. djrebel Says:

    Time out at 10:50. MSU 22-12. Dogs have hit a couple of 3s off in-bounds plays. They’re getting blocked shots, not only from Varnado. Rebels have settled down a bit and are getting better shots. Still an uphill climb.

  14. djrebel Says:

    The football recruits were cheered as they walked to their seats just behind us. State students are holding signs with recruits names urging them to sign. State is 4-for-8 from the arc, 9-18 from the floor.

  15. djrebel Says:

    Looks like Roger Wicker’s in the house. MSU 25-18

  16. djrebel Says:

    Time out at 7:56. MSU leads 25-18 and will be at the free throw line when play resumes.

    Jackie Sherrill is here today.

  17. djrebel Says:

    A 3 by Cranston and it’s 27-21. Dogs have shut down Terrico White.

  18. djrebel Says:

    3 by White gives Rebels lead at 28-27.

  19. djrebel Says:

    Dogs are going to Varnado because they figure OLe Miss can’t guard without fouling. While that is often true, Varnado has traveled the last two times he’s had it in the post. 4:52 left in the half, Ole Miss 28-27.

  20. djrebel Says:

    Rebels lead 30-29 tiime outat 3:18. MSU at free throw line when play resumes.

  21. djrebel Says:

    More on the celebrity watch. Boo Ferriss is in the house too.

  22. ColoradoReb Says:

    Go Rebs! Don’t let up…

  23. djrebel Says:

    Graham just picked up his third foul at 2:27. T White’s at the free throw line at 2:02 but misses both. 32 all.

  24. Akrebel Says:

    PA is this game on tv?

  25. djrebel Says:

    State leads 34-33 and calls time out at 45.1 after a missed 3 by Huertas. Rebels, probably, will have the last shot.

    More on the celebrity watch: First District representative Travis Childers is here too.

  26. djrebel Says:

    3 by Ravern Johnson…. Bogan travels at 2.9 seconds, and it’s 37-33 MSU at the half.

  27. Jeff Jolly Says:

    It’s the Raycom game today. Good 1st half for Rebels after a horrendous start. If they could shake these poor spurts they seem to have in each game, they might have a successful season.

  28. ColoradoReb Says:

    Its blacked out out here for some reason. All Ive got is the game thread. Someone please post a final at the end.

  29. ColoradoReb Says:

    Any of our recruits?

  30. djrebel Says:

    Nice rally by the Rebels after they looked shell-shocked at the beginning. State’s 3-balls were dropping a little less as the half wore on. Don’t have the numbers yet.

  31. djrebel Says:

    Got some numbers now. Ole Miss shooting 36.7 percent, MSu 38.7 percent.

    State was 4-for-8 behind the arc at a time but finished 6-for-15 in the first half.

    Rebels are 5-for-11 from 3.

    Rebounds even at 20.

    Terrico White has 6 points on 2 3s in 4 attempts.

    Graham leads the Rebels with 9 points, 4-for-4 at the free throw line.

    Ravern Johnson has 15 points to lead MSU.

    Honestly haven’t heard a whole lot of Kennedy heckling, but I’m right by the band, so I don’t hear much except the band.

  32. djrebel Says:

    Some signs with Kennedy’s mug shot were just confiscated.

  33. djrebel Says:

    Colorado, I didn’t recognize the recruits, but we were looking for Patterson and did not see him. Doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t here.

    Seeing a lot of Bogan and Terrico in the game at the same time. Andy’s trying to get Terrico going on offense.

  34. djrebel Says:

    3 by Huertas off a screen gives Ole Missa 46-44 lead. 2 3s in 2 trips for Huertas.

  35. david Says:

    i heard he didnt go to state…according to several sites.

  36. farley662 Says:

    Creb you can watch on yahoo.

  37. djrebel Says:

    Rebels lead 48-45 at 11:59 and have possession when play resumes.

  38. farley662 Says:

    Gene from dawgsbite says he saw him. Not a reliable source at all though.

  39. djrebel Says:

    Farley, I think that’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to Colorado. Way to go guys!

  40. farley662 Says:

    I’m trying PA.

  41. djrebel Says:

    Rebels 50-48 at 9:14

  42. farley662 Says:

    Like their coach, OM has a lot of fight in em.

  43. djrebel Says:

    After Huertas scores on a drive Rebels lead 54-48. Time out at 7:42, and State is at the free throw line when play resumes.

    Attendance has been announced at 10,757 paid, the building’s fourth-largest crowd.

    — PA

  44. farley662 Says:

    From what I’ve read on here, you guys are supposed to suck. This looks like a pretty decent team.

  45. Raleighrebel Says:


    That link didn’t take me to the game. Do you have to subscribe to anything to watch? Maybe i’m just stupid.

  46. farley662 Says:

    It’s on the yahoo college basketball page. Look under the picture in the main article and you should see it.


  47. Raleighrebel Says:

    By link, I meant the one you posted on BL’s site.

  48. farley662 Says:

    Try that one Raleigh

  49. Raleighrebel Says:

    Got it. Thanks man.

  50. farley662 Says:

    State looks sloppy. White looks really good.

  51. Jeff Jolly Says:

    I wouldn’t say we’re supposed to suck, but with season ending injuries to starters this should not be one of our better seasons. They’re playing a lot of young guys that would not have played very much withouth the injuries. If the freshmen have near as good a season as Warren had last year they could avoid a losing season. If the Rebels finish above the 500 mark, then Kennedy should receive serious consideration for Coach of the Year. By the way….nice avatar

  52. djrebel Says:

    State is struggling to score. Ole Miss is hitting some big shots. Zone has been good to the Rebels. T White just knocked down a 3 after Graham almost lost it dribbling 3 times. Then M White with an assist from Huertas.

    Ole Miss leads 63-55 with 3:35 left, and Holloway at the free throw line when play resumes.

    — PA

  53. ColoradoReb Says:

    Go Rebs! Take it to the house…. Thanks Farley for the link. Great picture on my laptop.

  54. farley662 Says:

    If you guys had all our your starters y’all would be lights out. I may have to take my employee up on free basketball tickets sometime.

  55. djrebel Says:

    Bost hits a 3. Ole Miss leads 64-58 at 2:46 and has the ball when play resumes.

    State hadn’t reached 20 points in the second half before that shot. Rebels have looked strong on defense, but long way to go.

  56. ColoradoReb Says:

    Hold em’ off Rebs!

  57. djrebel Says:

    Stewart misses a long 3 against the zone. Kennedy calls time at 1:09. Ole Miss leads 64-58 with the ball.

  58. ColoradoReb Says:

    Bad no call

  59. ripleyreb Says:

    Terrible no call after all the picky fouls on both sides.

  60. farley662 Says:

    Looked good where I’m sittin.

  61. rebnutt Says:

    D.T. Shackelford, 4-star OLB recruit from Decater, AL just committed to Ole Miss today–was previously committed to Tenn.

  62. farley662 Says:

    that should do it.

  63. djrebel Says:

    2 free throws by Huertas. Rebels lead 67-63 withh 9.9 left. State had a chance to tie with a 3 a little bit ago but Huertas fouled Bost before the Dogs could set up their offense.

  64. rebnutt Says:

    Demond Washington committed to Auburn today.

  65. Jeff Jolly Says:


  66. ripleyreb Says:

    Rebs 67–MSU 63

  67. ColoradoReb Says:

    oh yeah how sweet it is

  68. bigdraws Says:

    Hats off. Great game.

  69. Raleighrebel Says:

    Great win for the Rebels!

  70. ColoradoReb Says:

    Just baseball now and we dominate State in the big 3 sports

  71. farley662 Says:

    Good game by the Rebs. Congrats guys.

  72. ripleyreb Says:

    I can’t believe it . Good game by both teams. Way to go REBS.

  73. farley662 Says:

    Still have another basketball game to play Creb. And possibly the SEC tourney.

  74. ColoradoReb Says:

    Hotty Toddy gosh o mighty
    who the hell r we
    flim flam
    bim bam
    ole miss by damn

  75. ripleyreb Says:

    Good point Farley.

  76. ColoradoReb Says:

    News: Rick Stansbury just commited to Georgia

  77. ColoradoReb Says:

    I see the Rebs in the final four. The problem is my vision doesn’t tell me when. LOL

  78. ColoradoReb Says:

    Patterson to OM

  79. ColoradoReb Says:

    OMG, I feel like running 45 miles, but I think I’ll just mix a drink instead.

  80. farley662 Says:

    Don’t think a basketball game is going to sway Pat Creb.

  81. ColoradoReb Says:

    He just announced OM

  82. farley662 Says:


  83. ColoradoReb Says:

    JJ farley. I hope he does.

  84. farley662 Says:

    Rather y’all than Bama. Hate it when the MS kids go there just so we can’t get em. You guys have a nice day. Going shopping. Gotta get Paddy a walker and me a beer truck.

  85. L2 Says:

    WOW! Great effort from the entire team – Terrico is and is gonna b a beast!!

  86. m4rebs Says:

    Another gutsy performance by the Rebs. This was a major challenge, ask any of them. It’s amazing how well they jelled after taking some beat downs without the guys they normally count on being there. I think Andy Kennedy has done a tremendous job the last 3 weeks. I tended to question and criticize him earlier in the year, because it appearred he didn’t have his team prepared to play, and it even looked like that today at 12-2. You really have to tip your hat to the young guys that aren’t giving up on this season, these games, and their teammates. If we had the same confidence in the last 2 games, all season, we wouldn’t be in this bad of shape from a record perspective.

    Classy comments from Farley and Draws. Thanks for being good sports. I’ve done it before over on the other one, and it is not an easy, or fun SUBMIT COMMENT to make. Tip of the hat to you two guys too!

  87. m4rebs Says:

    That was a great atmosphere for recruits to be around, no doubt. I hope us coming out with the W leaves a positive impression on some of the guys that may still be undecided, from our perspective anyway. Looked SOLD OUT and rockin’ most of the game. That Humphrey Beaugart is sure a tough place to play. We broke the streak today, but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it weren’t another decade when we get another win over there. Hotty Toddy!!!

  88. JB Says:


  89. JB Says:

    Looks like Ole Miss Rebels and Coach Kennedy got in the last laugh at that sarcastic Miss State bunch.

  90. bigdraws Says:

    JB, I thought our crowd took it easy on the Rebs considering all that’s happened.

  91. jprebel Says:

    Terrico White will be SEC Freshman of the Year.

  92. JB Says:

    Did you wear your turban today and sit on the front row with “Taxi” ?

  93. ripleyreb Says:

    I agree Bigdraws, I was expecting much worse.

  94. ripleyreb Says:

    Hey JB. Who you pulling for tonight? Rowdy Reptiles or Vols?

  95. JB Says:

    Got to stay with the Rowdy Reptiles, Hope my son-in-law don’t catch wind of it. His FSU all the way and most of the family.

  96. JB Says:

    Got to stay with the Rowdy Reptiles, Hope my son-in-law don’t catch wind of it. He is FSU all the way and most of the family.

  97. JB Says:

    Sorry PA about the quick on the finger double post. Please delete one or both.

  98. JB Says:

    ripleyreb, did you make it down there today? They do have four lane road in and out of Starkville now, don’t they? Last time I went there was on one very cold winter night. Thought we would never make it there. That old basketball arena was like a barn, we had to sit near the playing court. Players falling and landing all around. The Rebs put up a good fight that night. It seem like that ride home was much longer than the way down.

  99. farley662 Says:

    Why do OM people try to talk about Starkville being in the middle of nowhere? Oxford is the same way. Nothing here and nothing to do if the Rebs are not in town. Well, unless you want to go see the Cooters play at Two Stick then it’s game on!

  100. ColoradoReb Says:

    I will say the MSU boys took this one with class. My dad was at the game and said the fans were even graceful after the defeat. Its good to see the two main schools in Ms going at it like this. Maybe the Egg Bowl will decide who goes to the SEC Championship game in a few years. Farley, thanks again for the link.
    L2, I that would be a great sermon. Accepting people for their differences. Had someone tell me today you can’t be a democrat and a Christian. I think Jesus was known for being a little different than the rest of the pack.

  101. farley662 Says:

    I agree 100% Creb. Proud member of the religious left myself.

  102. ColoradoReb Says:

    OM and State compared to say LSU are in the boondocks. I never did see why OM wasn’t at Jackson.

  103. m4rebs Says:

    If it were in Jackson, it would have had one less member of it’s alumni chapter…..me. I love Oxford, and I think it is great, but I’m from a small town and I like it that way. I think Starkville could be a place that you could like, too, but they are different. Not a bad different, just different, in my opinion.

  104. m4rebs Says:

    The main reasons people think it is difficult to be a Christian and a Democrat is because the “typical” party stance on a couple of key items:
    1) Abortion 2) Homosexuality . In my strong opinion, the truth of the world, The Holy Bible, is clear on both of these two issues, and they are 180 degrees away from the Democrat’s stance on them. Therefore, as a Christian, I can’t find myself supporting a group that believes something different than the Holy Bible tells me. That is why I think that comment and feeling exist; right, wrong, or otherwise. Good night all.

  105. farley662 Says:

    I love Oxford. Think its a great little town. But, so is Starkville in it’s own right. The fact that either fanbase tries to downgrade the other teams town is laughable. Both are in the middle of nowhere. Both are small hometown places with good, down home people. Never have understood it.

  106. L2 Says:

    Thanks for the sermon help. Just finished a series on ‘compassion’ – worked myself over pretty good on that one!
    We can disagree – but everybody ought to have compassion! That is all the preaching I am doing on that subject 🙂
    Hope all have a great night & a ‘super’ Sunday!

  107. Bobthe Reb99 Says:

    Did Huertas salute the flag during the anthem at the Hump? He does not at Tad Pad.

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