FOOTBALL: Recruiting update

Nice pick-up yesterday in linebacker D.T. Shackleford. … LB Mike Marry appears to be trying to decide between Ole Miss and former Rebels coach David Cutcliffe at Duke. … Word was WR Patrick Patterson was going to visit State over the weekend. We didn’t see him at the basketball game, but I was watching basketball, and Patterson could have slipped by. … WR Ja-Mes Logan also committed yesterday. … While the Rebels picked up two commits, they lost juco RB Demond Washington to Auburn. Seemed like that move had been on the horizon. … Rivals’ Neal McCready reported a funny tid-bit from the trail. According to Neal when Auburn coach Gene Chizik made an in-home visit to Tallahassee DT Corey Gaines, Gaines’ niece entered the room wearing a t-shirt from Rebel Rags.

— PA


23 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Recruiting update”

  1. rebelfan38652 Says:

    Nice pick up. Its going to be nice if we can pick up a few of these guys who are holding out. I think we have a good shot.

  2. colreb420 Says:

    i see kight gaines and z mason all committing today

  3. rebel2011 Says:

    I heard that Patterson did not go to Starkvile this weekend. I also heard that Nutt told Washington to go to Auburn because he was tired of the indecisiveness and also needed to make room in this class for others.

  4. oxfordrebel Says:

    Looks like we’re in position to get Z. Mason and J. Kight today. Keep an eye out. I’d personally rather sign Marry as our other LB, he’s got much better size. Kight’s a little guy. Mason could play on the B-ball team too, he’s a beast .

  5. oxfordrebel Says:

    Patterson and Cotton have all but signed the papers from what I’ve read. They’re keeping the suspense alive for the attention.

  6. david Says:

    cotton is becuase is dad is miltary and the base wants to do a big celebration. I dont blame them. I look at this list of players and I see good kids. PA, looks like theres a new coach character in town.

  7. redstickrebel Says:

    I’ve said it many times when it comes to Washington. He wanted to hear RB and Auburn in the same sentence and thy told him what he wanted to hear. I bet you ends up transferring next year. He’s too indecisive.

  8. rebelfan38652 Says:

    what is the latest on the open date of our schedule? I am hearing Rutgers.?

  9. colreb420 Says:

    probably IND

  10. m4rebs Says:

    Who is IND cr420? Indiana? I’d rather play Indiana than Rutgers. Rutgers is a dangerous program with Schiano at coach. He can game plan pretty good, as shown by how terrible his first 4 games went his year, then go for 8 wins in a row this past year. We haven’t played a Big Ten school on a regular basis that I recall, and the SEC usually matches up pretty good with the Big Ten.

  11. m4rebs Says:

    Rivals reports that Gaines is coming down to Auburn and us, mainly because of Tracey Rocker. That goes back to the piece that I posted last week. Rocker should not be able to be involved with this young man’s recruitment directly because he recruited him at Ole Miss. If the kid realizes that Rocker is now at Auburn and he would be playing for him, fine, but them to have that interaction at both schools is inappropriate in my opinion. Not sure how many others are doing the same, but it really appears Gaines may be the biggest committment that goes with the primary recruiter, from one school to the other. I just think that is dirty pool. I know, it’s a cut-throat business and coaches are on the hotseat all the time, but still, if everybody played a clean game, the game would be cleaner. You don’t have to stipulate it all. It’s like in baseball, if you hit a batter in one inning, the next at bat, expect it back. It is NOT REQUIRED, but if you don’t do it, trouble start brewing under the surface and it eventually explodes into a bench-clearing brawl.

  12. amsteffe Says:

    Shackleford was huge…and Ja-Mes Logan was huge. I’m telling y’all, Logan is very underrated, he will be a fantastic wideout for Ole Miss in the years to come. We gotta have Gaines, Patterson, Cotton, Barksdale, and Marry. If we sign those 5, that will put us at 8 4-star recruits and really give boost us into the top 25 recruiting classes. I know many people down play the rankings, but i think it’s a recognized accomplishment, especially to future recruits. Success can breed more success..

  13. colreb420 Says:

    yes the hoosiers. z mason committs per knoxville news sentinel

  14. david Says:

    i saw it on scout as well as inside the grove on mason, what a beast

  15. Jack Says:

    Z Mason. #2 tight end. Should be a great weapon!

  16. tcfan Says:

    Patterson was not at State this weekend, will sign with Rebels on Wednesday, through people that’s talked to me from Macon.

  17. tcfan Says:

    Massie is also reported to be a silent commit to Ole Miss.

    Expect Ole Miss to make a BIG SPLASH on signing day.

  18. amsteffe Says:

    Ole Miss may have a humongous signing day. I have been hearing things about alot of big recruits who are going to make an impact on signing day. An ESPN analyst says that they will be a top 25 recruiting class come signing day.

  19. rebel2011 Says:

    tcfan do you really mean it about patterson and massie or are you just hoping? If you are right then that would be huge

  20. Therebeldude Says:

    Patterson and massie!! Cotton will definetlu sign. Zaccheus mason! Looks like the big fish are bitin late. We are in bussiness boys. I can’t wait till Wednesday. It could be huge.

  21. imabulldog Says:

    and all yall are cool except the idiot who just posted that. I’m not attacking any of you, but this guys an idiot.

    ColoradoReb, congrats on the W saturday, once in 11 years-something like that is bound to happen.

    You really want to try and clown on Stanz and what he’s done at State…go ahead, that would be the equivalent to me saying yall sucked this yr in fball and that State was awesome. For real….

  22. imabulldog Says:

    get a life

  23. m4rebs Says:

    To quote my good e-buddy bigdraws…..”That’s when you know you got ’em.” –> See above.

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