HOOPS: Huertas and the flag

Two readers have asked about David Huertas and what he’s doing during the National Anthem before games.

He doesn’t appear to be facing the flag, I’m told. I meant to check that on Saturday and forgot.

Huertas doesn’t come across as though he’s got political issues with the flag, and as far as I know we’re still on good terms with Puerto Rico.

I asked assistant coach Michael White if he thought Huertas had a raging political issue I didn’t know about, and he laughed, saying that Huertas is a kid who becomes distracted easily and that the staff has the same trouble with him in meetings and in practice.

Maybe it’s just ADD.

Just talked to Huertas a minute ago. He backs up the ADD theory and says basically he’s thinking so much about the game that he tends to look down at the floor and not at the flag.

He was shocked by the question and says he has no ill will for the U.S.

— PA


3 Responses to “HOOPS: Huertas and the flag”

  1. Jay Says:

    Um, isn’t Puerto Rico part of the U.S.?

  2. JB Says:

    Jay, I think that its a commonwealth of the US.

  3. djrebel Says:

    I was being facetious.

    — PA

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