Photos from Saturday’s Ole Miss-Miss State game

Here are some more photos from Daily Journal photographer Deste Lee …

01310921 David Huertas
Ole Miss’ David Huertas looks at the Miss. State student section as he celebrates after the 67-63 win over the Bulldogs. Huertas had 16 points in the game.

01310923 Zach Graham
Ole Miss’ Zach Graham goes to the goal as Miss. State’s Romero Osby defends in the first half.

01310924 Varnado block
Miss. State’s Jarvis Varnado blocks the ball as Ole Miss’ Terrico White goes up for a shot in the first half of the 67-63 Ole Miss win.

01310932 Coaches
Miss State’s Rick Stansbury and Ole Miss’s Andy Kennedy walk the sidelines during the game.


5 Responses to “Photos from Saturday’s Ole Miss-Miss State game”

  1. rebel2011 Says:

    was it one of those games benefitting the charity who helps provide shoes to homeless children? just wondering because of the shiny new sneakers

  2. JB Says:

    Rick and Andy, should have gone barefooted for this game.

    To another subject alone these lines; todays USA Today in Life, same page headlines: Economy Holds Families Hostage, as fears increase, households are on the verge of unraveling. Next headline same page: Billion-dollar January is the box office’s best. WOW!WOW!! Why cannot Hollywood help out in this matter since obvious they are not suffering from the economy crisis?

    Thanks, rebel2011, not a hit on you. Keep up your good posting.

  3. me Says:

    coaches v. cancer

  4. JakeFuryReb Says:

    JB, my dad and I talked the other day about the same thing. If the 5 richest people in America gave each person $1,000,00, they’d still be richer than us. And how in the world can someone spend like $500 million on a lawn??

  5. JB Says:

    Taking another look at those pics. Thats one happy and determined group of Rebels. They are a very competitive group. Coach Kennedy is doing business with his second team, so to speak. Don’t mean any degradation here, but this show the team that Coach Kennedy is building at Ole Miss. GO REBELS!!!

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