FOOTBALL: Gaines jumps in

Defensive tackle Corey Gaines gave a verbal commitment to Ole Miss on Monday. On the eve of Signing Day leave your predictions below. Pat Patterson, Marlon Brown, Bobby Massey … Do the Rebels get any or all?

— PA


42 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Gaines jumps in”

  1. Charles Says:

    Prediction: We sign Massie, Patterson, and Cotton. I don’t know what’s going to happen with Alex Williams. Would like to have him, but don’t see there being room unless he greyshirts.

  2. Charles Says:

    I feel like our coaches would have gone after another OL if they didn’t think there was a good chance at getting Massie.

  3. JG Says:

    Just Cotton, I think Patterson is gone.

    I think the more interesting question is who are they going to gray shirt? What do you guys think? With 32 commits they would have to gray shirt 7 if all were academically eligible.

  4. oxfordrebel Says:

    We carry Patterson and Cotton, I feel better about Massie than I did (but still don’t think he comes), and I think Brown wants to come here and he may or may not.

  5. Chris Says:

    The kicker from JA is one gray.

  6. Ackermanrebel Says:

    Massie,Patterson and Cotton will all be rebels brown will not but Browns grandmother has stepped in in the last few days and she likes om so we will see.

  7. oxfordrebel Says:

    Oh yeah, we sign Tig tomorrow as well.

  8. Ackermanrebel Says:

    Nutt sid the other day he will over sign and place some in juco

  9. Tyler-for-Heisman Says:

    I might be dumb, but I’m not quite sure what ya’ll mean by “greyshirt.”

  10. oxfordrebel Says:

    that’s right ackerman, if we get alot of pledges tomorrow like Nutt is expecting, we’ll be 35+ schollys.

    Been reading some things this morning guys, rumor has it that things are GREATLY improved on Brown. Could be a really exciting morning tomorrow. Patterson, Massie, Cotton all announcing in the morning, Brown at 2:45 tomorrow afternoon.

  11. Ackermanrebel Says:

    had an in home with the grandmother this past weekend and then she traveled down to look and talk it went well im told Brown is highly influenced by her.

  12. djrebel Says:

    The last I heared on Patterson was that it still looked good for Ole Miss with him.

    — PA

  13. Charles Says:

    Tyler, a greyshirt is when a player pays his way for the first semester or first year and then receives a scholarship the next year. This happens sometimes when schools oversign or when they aren’t willing to offer someone a full scholarship.

    I really hope we sign Tig. I’m ready to see him lay some wood. He could be a beast of a safety/db/lb, depending on how much weight he wants to put on. I wouldn’t be suprised if we got Brown also.

  14. Charles Says:

    Wouldn’t be suprised if we get Brown, but to be honest, if we land Massie tomorrow, I don’t care if we get anybody else or not. He would fill one of our biggest needs – depth at OL.

  15. T-Reb Says:

    A couple of additional requirements to be eligible for a greyshirt is that the player can only attend part time & can not practice with the team.

    I feel like we get Cotton & Tig for sure, Massie & Patterson probably & Brown a maybe. We also have in play Alex Williams, Mike Marry & Jesse Grandy. I think we are in good shape with those three as well. I just don’t know where we put all of them….

  16. Matthew Says:

    Evan Swindall will be a greyshirt. I’ve confirmed that. He is the OL from North GA. I say yes to Cotton, maybe on Massie (for some reason I just see him in Crimson next year), Mason to tn.

  17. Matthew Says:

    Patterson will go to southern or state

  18. oxfordrebel Says:

    Matthew, how do you see Mason to TN, he just gave us a verbal this past weekend? Or did you mean Brown, in which case there’s no way possible he’s going to UT, he’s looking for a place with QB stability which is why it’s down to us and tOSU.

  19. Ackermanrebel Says:

    The comitment of DJ Fluker to ala has turned massie to us he wants left tackle and he played with DJ in the allstar game decided he would play at om quicker.

  20. amsteffe Says:

    Massie: Alabama
    Patterson: Ole Miss
    Brown: Ohio State
    Cotton: Ole Miss
    Barksdale: Ole Miss
    Alex Williams: Arkansas
    Mike Marry: Ole Miss
    Jesse Grandy: Arkansas

    These are my predictions, I’m obviously hoping for more, but these are the most realistic I could come up with. This will put us at 36 recruits for the year with only 25 scholarships. But, there’s always a couple who don’t actually sign on signing day, or who sign with somewhere else. And there is always a few who don’t qualify academically. I think we’ll only have to grayshirt 3 to 5 players, the kicker being one. All this said, we are in a position to snag all of these guys. I’m really hoping on Massie.

    Go watch Z Mason highlight video on rivals. HE LOOKS GREAT!

  21. david Says:

    PA I have a source at Harding that said Brown has no idea where he is going to go. Not breaking news but there is some hope. I think the distance will be a factor and the qb sitution. My friend tends to believe he is leaning towards ole miss. He played football with Marlon for the last 4 years. They are friends so I tend to listen to him about it. Anyone who says that wouldnt want him is silly. I think we get Cotton for sure, Massie is 50/50 and Patterson is about 35%, I think he wants to play for satan. I hope I am wrong about him though

  22. rebel2011 Says:

    Here are my prections, with the percentage chance that they sign with the respective school.

    Patterson: has eliminated MSU and Tenn
    Ole Miss – 75%
    Alabama – 15%
    USM – 10%

    Ole Miss 52%
    Alabama – 46%
    somewhere else – 2%

    Cotton: has eliminated USM and Auburn
    Ole Miss – 99.9%
    K-State – 0.1%

    Ole Miss – 35%
    UGA – 35%
    Tenn – 15%
    OSU – 15%

    That being said, I think we pick up Massie, Cotton, and Patterson. Although we have a good shot at getting Brown, my gut just tells me that he will go elsewhere. Hope I am right about these predictions. Those three would put us way up the charts.

  23. oxfordrebel Says:

    amsteffe, only one I disagree on is Marry, I’ve heard he is going to Duke, us signing D.T. and Kight over the weekend filled up our LB spots, we have 3 already.

  24. Matthew Says:

    oxfordrebel thanks for catching my slip up, I did mean Marlon Brown. Since he is the last BIG PRIZE for the state of tn, I think Kiffin, O, Wilson, and those guys are promising him the world so that they can save face since he didn’t get the kid from paris, tn. I think Kiffin flew to see brown and others the day he was introduced. I think Marlon is still unsure as well, if patterson does not sign w/ us I think Brown may come here. I know ga is pulling on him hard as well.

  25. rebel2011 Says:

    Now for how we have room for everyone. I have been doing some looking, and this is what I have found out:
    absolute greyshirts/sign and place:
    -Gabriel Hunter
    -Marcus Berg
    -Evan Swindoll
    -Stephen Houston
    -Andrew Ritter
    We currently have 31 commits. I also have heard that there are two others who will be greyshirts for sure but don’t know who they are and have also heard that Nutt has 2 or 3 guys that he could ask to greyshirt if he gets in a bind. So we absolutely have one scholly open no matter what and will be able to have 3 or 4 open spots. However, I feel that we will only take commitments from Brown, Patterson, Cotton, and Massie, because those are the only ones that we will want to make room for.

  26. rebel2011 Says:

    PA, what are your predictions?

  27. Charles Says:

    I think Brown is most likely going to be with us or UGA. He would be an idiot to go to OSU. Terrell Pryor can’t pass. They would have been screwed against Texas if it weren’t for the senior QB getting them out of 3rd and long situations. Snead is the only reason we have a really good shot at Brown. I don’t think he inks with UT because their QB situation is so uncertain and they won’t sign another one until next year. Plus it sounds like he’s close to his grandmother, so proximity helps us.

  28. oxfordrebel Says:

    You hit it on the head with Brown, Charles

  29. david Says:

    who is uga’s qb?

  30. Charles Says:

    I think Joe Cox(rising senior) is the frontrunner at this point in the UGA QB battle. Logan Gray is also supposed to be a good QB. They’re also bringing in two 4* QBs this year.

    I’ve been hearing that Eric Smiley is a sign and place guy because of grades. It’s weird though, because I read some article that said he had a 3.2 gpa last year. He was also being recruited by USC last year. Also, I think both kickers are greyshirts, as well as either Frank Crawford or Charles Sawyer, but I can’t remember which one. One of those guys had a weight room injury near the end of the year.

  31. rebel2011 Says:

    Charles, I have heard the same about Smiley, and those other guys you mentioned are probably the ones that i heard about.

  32. djrebel Says:

    2011, I predict that I’ll get over to Newks for a salad sometime before Nutt’s 2 p.m. news conference and that I’ll get home about midnight after the basketball game.

    Seriously, it’s easier to predict the weather than where a kid will go on signing day. I think Brown is a realistic shot for the reasons Charles stated. It would be great to get Brown or Patterson.

    Seems like Ole Miss would be a good choice for Patterson. The Tide will have an unproven QB next year, and Julio Jones will be their go-to receiver for at least two more years.

    If it becomes playing the right side at Alabama or playing the left side at Ole Miss for Massie, I would think that and some other factors bode well for Ole Miss there.

    The problem is trying to make these guesses by applying what seems logical.

    — PA

  33. david Says:

    charles it was berg who had the weight room injury and hunter fom memphis is taking a greyshirt to re-hab his leg. The kid is good as gold

  34. david Says:

    rivals is a joke calling Ole Miss a dissapointment. If out of state players means winning I am all for it. And looking at 45-0 doesnt seem like the ole miss players had a hard time getting up for in state rivaly. heres a link…complete joke of a article

  35. ColoradoReb Says:

    I think we get Cotton and maybe Brown now that his Granny talked and visited with Nutt. Massie and Patterson to Bama. There is no inside info on Massie or Patterson from what I’m hearing. I hope I’m wrong and they both come to OM. I think this has been one of the most difficult years of recruiting for all coaches. The competition has really heated up with all of the big names in the SEC. Massie did call one of the coaches yesterday and asked the coach if he guaranteed him he would start and be able to play the blind side, I think this is what he wants. Coach said he would be in immediately. I think this gives OM at least a fighting chance at him.

  36. Ackermanrebel Says:

    tig and massey on espn u tomorrow at 9:30 to announce om is their school of choice.

  37. ColoradoReb Says:

    Tig will announce OM for sure. Mass I hope.

  38. amsteffe Says:

    Tig and Massie wanna play together. The more I read, I see how close they are and they really want to play together. He would play quicker than at Bama I believe. It’s a program on the rise, and how could you go wrong with Markuson as your o-line coach? Tony Ugoh from Arkansas is now starting the blind side for the Colts, and Michael Oher improved is draft stock tremendously with a year under Markuson…We get one of either Patterson/Brown, but not both. Cotton is a lock from what I hear.

  39. Ackermanrebel Says:

    Brown will wait till 2:45 pm to announce he is waiting to see what patterson does. Patterson is announcing on wcbi columbus sometime tomorrow morning.

  40. redstickrebel Says:

    I plan on getting up at that crack of dawn tomorrow and get ready for this draft (signing day) I have taken off for the day. LSU has this big Bash which was started by Gerry Dinardo and this thing is huge. They charge admission and it gets bigger and bigger every year; big screen showing the players on the big screen with bio when they fax and commit. OM do anything like this? Any talk of it? I could go bu I’m going to be watching ESPNU and Internet. Anything else I should know about?

  41. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Red stick,
    There are usually UM signing parties around the state. I used to go to one in Jackson. I think it was on Lakeland Drive at a carpet store. When Brewer was at UM I was in Oxford and went over to the athletic offices and answered phones for them….course that was before the internet. I’m sure there’s one here on the coast….just haven’t heard about it yet.

    Not our school…but University of South Alabama is having their 1st signing day party tomorrow. It’s going to be in Mitchell Coliseum. Look forward to seeing their program develop. I think in the future….they will hurt Alabama, Auburn, and Southern Miss along the coast.

  42. Reb Says:

    I had heard that Patterson was in jeapordy because his father wanted more money. If he signs then I guess that got worked out, but we don’t need to have players coming to school for money. I want them to come to school based on the decision that Ole Miss was there best choice, otherwise he is just going to act out later when he doesn’t start or get thrown the ball enough.

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