FYI: Thursday morning links

More to come later. Hurrying out the door now.

— PA

Signing Day

Hoops: Ole Miss 78, Auburn 59


6 Responses to “FYI: Thursday morning links”

  1. JB Says:

    Three (3)wins in a row!

  2. Charles Says:

    Great time to be a Rebel fan! Congrats to HDN, AK and all the other coaches. I knew it was possible to bring in such a great recruiting class, but I am still amazed that they were able to finish so strong. BBall is on a hot streak and now we’ve also got what should be a great baseball and tennis season ahead of us. Spring practice will be here before we know it. PA, I don’t know how you were up so early this morning after the day you had yesterday!

  3. mantachie reb Says:

    Thanks for all your work yesterday. I also want to thank all the fans who were posting.
    I was unable to look at Rivals, ESPN, or other places. I was able to check in during the day here and keep informed. keep up the good work. What a day yesterday was. Looking forward to seeing what HN will do his second year.

  4. TJ Says:

    I think the SEC has made a statement year, both in recruiting and on the field. Although some had arguably said that the Big 12 was better than SEC this year, Ole Miss came in and “man-handled” Texas Tech (ESPN’s words, not mine) and Florida beat Oklahoma (closer game than I thought it would be, but a win is a win). The supposedly “better” Big 12 got beat on both match ups with SEC teams.

    As for recruiting, 10 out of the 12 SEC teams ranked in the top 25 on ESPN,, and Albeit they are in varying order (see: Florida as #21 on Scouts but #5 on ESPN), but I think the message is the same: THE SEC IS WHERE YOU COME TO PLAY REAL COLLEGE FOOTBALL

    Footnote: I still have a lot of respect for a lot of other teams outside the SEC, but I think we have solidified our conference as the best.

  5. djrebel Says:

    Thanks for your support, guys. Yesterday was long, but it’s an occupational hazard we can see on the calendar and prepare for. It was a fun day.

    — PA

  6. redstickrebel Says:

    You did great job PA we don’t even need those other websites for OM info. Thanks

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