RECRUITING: Markuson’s take

Offensive line and run game coordinator Mike Markuson

Mike Markuson

The Arkansas-Houston Nutt split was an ugly one that doesn’t need to be revisited in great detail right now.

One of the knocks on Nutt by much of the fan base, however, was his recruiting success.

Here’s what offensive line coach and run game coordinator Mike Markuson, who has coached with Nutt since 1993, had to say on that criticism and this year’s class:

“We got this rap there that we couldn’t recruit anybody, and we took two recruiting classes, our recruiting classes, to the SEC championship game. The people that are saying that are way out of line.

The bottom line is we won some games early on. Then it went down a little bit, but we recruited well enough to get them to Atlanta twice. I don’t buy all that. That’s fine. Recruiting is hard. You’re not going to be 9-4 every year, and you have to do a good job of selling every year.

We had good classes up there and probably average classes. People want results on the field. Hopefully we can keep this going like this. This is an exceptional year for us.

The quality of the players we’ve gotten out of state … look at our quarterback, look at our tight end, look at our linebacker, look at the backs and the receivers. We have the best player in the state of Mississippi coming to Ole Miss. We have size, speed and athleticism at every position. There’s not a position on paper where we’re lacking. We’re just not.”

— PA


6 Responses to “RECRUITING: Markuson’s take”

  1. Brian Says:

    Here is a link to video of Massie doing the Alabama hat fake. It gets to him at around 1:40 of the clip.

  2. Charles Says:

    HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! That’s the best thing I’ve seen all week. I love this guy even more now. You know that the BAMA D-Line will be watching that before the Ole Miss game next year.

  3. Charles Says:

    I guess this makes up for the Joe McKnight trickery from ’06.

  4. JB Says:

    “Markuson’s take”. Well my take is (and I am nobody) that in this recruiting class the Rebels, selected 7 offensive linemen, 7 offensive wr/rb and qb combination, so that tell me that Coach Nutt is going to stay offensive and ball control. But he did pick up a punter and kicker, just in case that they are needed. Wont go into defense, hopeful they will sit on the bench much of the time.


  5. rebel2011 Says:

    Man that video sure gets you pumped up. I am glad i didnt watch it live though or I would have been pretty disappointed for about 3 seconds. Thats great for him to just throw the Alabama hat like that

  6. redstickrebel Says:

    They are not kidding that’s a big horse. Immediate starter at Ole Miss. Probably have to work on conditioning making the jump from college to pro. I think the Rebel coaching staff did a good job of that last year. He will be good.

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