RECRUITING: Odds and ends

Some odds and ends from Houston Nutt’s recruiting press conference yesterday.

The coaching staff was obviously pleased with how things went and was loose and relaxed. Most of the assistants attended the news conference.

Defensive coordinator Tyrone Nix, who is usually a 9 ½ on the intensity meter, was all smiles when he entered the room a minute or two before Nutt.

Nix likes interviews as much as he likes root canals, but yesterday was different. He was laughing and joking and walked to the podium while everyone was getting settled.

“All right, any more questions? Any more questions about Texas Tech? Anything else about Michael Crabtree?”

He then laughed loudly at his own comic skills and took a seat in the back.

Here’s what Nutt had to say on a few topics:

In-state recruiting: Though they landed the big one in Noxubee wide receiver Pat Patterson, the Rebels signed just five Mississippi high school prospects.
“We gave everybody an opportunity in this state, especially early on, but when they don’t show interest you go on to the next one. We had summer camps. We reached out. A few we actually wanted, but they didn’t want to come. The ones that did, I’m excited about those, and I’ll put them up against anybody. The others, our progam’s taking off, and they missed out. That’s the way I feel this year. They had their opportunity, and they missed out.”

Cordova, Ala., RB Tim Simon: Clemson made a hard run at Simon, who was the runner-up for Mr. Football in Alabama. It took a car load of Ole Miss coaches to keep their verbal commitment in the fold. “I felt better after Tyrone (Nix), Derrick (Nix) and Terry (Price) … we had a car load of our guys go over there, and I knew we were closer to the grandmother, the mother and the aunt.” Simon will begin at tailback but could end up at linebacker.

Signing 38 prospects: “There’s no rule against that. I know it’s a high number, but the thing it does is this, it helps Mississippi, and it helps our junior colleges. I’ve never been in a state with so many junior colleges. Our staff does not believe in taking 10 or 11 junior college guys a year, but you do want to give back and help. There will be times when you need one, two or three difference-makers from a junior college … like Patrick Trahan at linebacker for us this year. You get some guys who want to be part of the family but you know probably will not make it academically. It’s important to build those relationships. You want people who want to be here.”

— PA


16 Responses to “RECRUITING: Odds and ends”

  1. RavenReb Says:

    Thanks for the great work yesterday and all the days before. Your info is so “on target” and readable.

    Just currious about the Bo Tillman situation; so what is the latest? Is he gone forever, still up in the air or will he be at Ole Miss this summer?

    Thanks, RavenReb

  2. VA Reb Says:

    Nutt gives a good explanation for signing so many…that makes good common sense, especially in a year when there are so many good athletes available.

  3. djrebel Says:

    Didn’t ask on Tillman yesterday. Last I heard he was going to enroll in the summer. I’m sure that’s a wait-and-see deal.

    — PA

  4. m4rebs Says:

    Raven, Bo Tillman has had nothing happen to him in the past 2 weeks other than the gauntlet he supposedly threw down on the admitting deal that occurred last Friday, but it was much ado about nothing.

    The Tillman that got in trouble is an Ole Miss alum that works for the CFL, according to what PA said yesterday. I think there is some confusion related to that story.

  5. thespear Says:

    so, he’s gonna put 13 in junior college, but doesn’t believe in taking 10 or 11 from junior colleges? That makes a lot of sense. I could be wrong, but sounds like quite a few of those guys just lost some major opportunities

  6. Charles Says:

    I’m with you thespear. I don’t like his explanation of sending guys to JUCO. These guys didn’t sign with Ole Miss to play JUCO. Maybe he means they will play JUCO in the fall and enroll in Ole Miss in the Spring? I guess that would be okay if it were the case, but I don’t think a greyshirt can do that. I may be wrong. I think a greyshirt is a part time student in the Fall and then signs to be with the team in the Spring and can participate in drills at that point in the Spring.

  7. m4rebs Says:

    I think he has probably given all of us, much less of an explanation than he gave these kids and their families. They know if they are going to qualify or not, and that will tell the tale on who goes where. I think he’s probably got AT LEAST 13 non qualifiers on this list, and let’s be honest, what does the kid have to lose by signing a Letter of Intent to a school if he knows he won’t qualify. It’s better than a 4 or 5 star not signing ANYWHERE and him have to answer 14 reporters that he made a 7 on his ACT and his GPA is a 0.1. This way, from the kid’s perspective, it appears that everything is ok and on the surface, nobody has to answer the tough quetions. From Nutt’s perspective, if someone signs a NLI, there is a 1-year NO RECRUIT stipulation that is put on that player, so if they are at NWCC or ICCC, no one can “recruit” them officially, so if things work out with grades and on the field performance, everybody is a winner b/c they enroll in school next spring and join the team at the same time they would have if they didn’t sign a NLI until the next year. If that is the angle we are working it, I don’t see any issue.

  8. Ackermanrebel Says:

    PA, is there any truth to saban calling Nutt yesterday to acuse him on the massie kid or mal moore calling pb this morning???

  9. djrebel Says:

    Haven’t heard that one. I know Alabama’s not used to losing recruits. Alabama and LSU are going to get theirs. I think this is a case of them not getting theirs and everybody else’s too.

    I don’t pretend to know what went through Massie’s mind, but it’s certainly plausible to believe that Mike Markuson’s reputation for getting linemen to the NFL, plus the Rebels’ strong regular season finish, plus the opportunity to play early at left tackle could all add up to make Ole Miss an attractive team for him.

    — PA

  10. Ackermanrebel Says:

    Yes your right also Dj Flucker being there helped us and tig and massie are buds that is coming from some ala people i work with claim they got if of heard from an om guy last night also.

  11. JB Says:


    Sweep Tillman under the rug and after a while he will disappear.

  12. imabulldog Says:

    That’s really funny what Nix said about Crabtree and TT 🙂

  13. redstickrebel Says:

    I’ve never heard of a school signing this many guys. I know some oversign. I’m sure it has happenned at some point but definitely not the norm. You have to believe a lot of these guys won’t qualify. There’s no guarantee that they will go to Ole Miss if they go JUCO is it? Could some off these end up at Hargrave? Is that what Nutt meant by giving back? I know he mentioned JUCO but Hargrave and Nutt seem to have a great relationship. This could be his way of giving back.

  14. djrebel Says:

    No guarantees, Redstick. Some of them could end up at Hargrave, and Nutt has a good relationship there.

    I think the biggest thing is it just plants a seed, a memory signing day 2009. It beefs up a kid’s resume to be able to say he signed with an SEC school, and Nutt and the staff will sell it to him in the next go round as, “We believed in you then.”

    — PA

  15. brc38663 Says:

    the ole miss rebels once enjoyed a great time in their history, from 1959-63 the rebs posted a record of 43-2-3 and won 3 SEC titles.this was accomplished due to strong recruiting, and a great coach. we might not have jake gibbs and coach Vaught, but i believe this could be the next great era of OLE MISS football. with coach nutt leading the way.

  16. JB Says:

    I doubt that Coach Nutt will be around as Rebel coach as long as Coach Vaught. From what I remember Billy Kinard took over after Vaught retirement. Kinard had 9-3?? (Norris Weese era) first season and down hill from there. Ole Miss has not been a strong competive team since, until Tommy T.came to the rescue. Well, Brewer did fairly good.

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