FYI: Morning Update

I assume it’s not possible to catch strep through your computer, but if you think it might be, stand back. I’m at risk. Had to cart a young ‘un to the doctor for a strep test this morning. Kyle’s got his meds now, and he’s back at school.

I’m trying to make a dent in a list of chores before leaving for Nashville this evening. Ole Miss and Vanderbilt meet in a noon tip tomorrow, a CBS national telecast.

The Rebels have won three straight, all in their red jerseys, seldom-used before this streak.

After a 1-5 start in SEC play Vanderbilt is 3-5 at the midway point following back-to-back wins at Auburn (which was missing point guard DeWayne Reed) and at home against Alabama last night. The Tide was very competitive at Memorial Gym in a 79-74 loss.

— PA

18 Responses to “FYI: Morning Update”

  1. Matthew Says:

    PA I know Memorial is a tough gym to play in but do you see the Rebels pulling one off? I think the depth/fatigue will catch up w/ us as the month rolls on. I know a lot of folks have made a big deal about the # of kids we signed but did you see where Troy signed 41. Also Tony Franklin resurfaced as the Off Coord. @ Middle TN. Hope he puts it on ms state this fall in the ‘Boro. Also grab you a burger on French Bread @ Rotier’s, you’ll thank me for it. It’s walking distance from the Vandy campus.

  2. Matthew Says:

    Also how is our RPI looking?

  3. djrebel Says:

    Matthew, I think Vandy is average and beat an average team last night. I think the Rebels have a shot Saturday and will have a shot in most games, though next Saturday at LSU will be tough.

    Didn’t see Troy’s 41.

    I appreciate your dining recommendation. Sounds like a place I’d enjoy. If I don’t make this time, I’ll file it away.

    — PA

  4. countrygrahamfan Says:

    I just became aware of the poll to select members of the all century team. Have any of y’all participated? The 40 or so candidates are all familiar names to me, though I never saw all of them play. Selelction of the 10 was interesting, but difficult. My first effort had 4 guards and a small forward for the first five. But I eventually listed Tuohy, Carter, Kessinger, Sesay, & Ball as my first five with Harrison, E. Turner, Glass, Stroud & Brackeen following. Only one true center in the group – sounds like many of the Ole Miss teams I’ve seen play.

  5. JakeFuryReb Says:

    Here’s a cool story on HDN posted on

    Mailbag: Nutt among an elite group of coaches

  6. Charles Says:

    Didn’t BAMA sign something like 32 last year?

  7. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Markell Lee? He was an Ole Miss commit. I haven’t seen where he signed with anyone.

  8. rebel2011 Says:

    jeff heard he is juco bound because of grades

  9. rebel2011 Says:

    matthew our rpi was 61 as of yesterday

  10. JB Says:

    Even tho they are riding a three (3) game winning streak, those streak are made to be broken. Hope this is not the time for it to be broken.

  11. ripleyreb Says:

    I predict the Rebels will be in those red uniforms until they lose. Hope they stay in red foe a While.

  12. m4rebs Says:

    PA, sickness must be pretty ramped right now, I struggled with sinus garbage all day. It’s hard on you when it 12 F one day, then 72 F the next. I just can’t take the swings this time of year.

    Not to be picky or anything, but the CBS telecast tomorrow is Regional. In fact, it is so regionalized, I can’t watch it here in Tuscaloosa, at least that’s what my Direct TV guide is saying. I will get to see Notre Dame travel to UCLA instead. This irritates me to no end. You’d think we’d be in an SEC game. I’m hoping it was just a misprint, but they seldom are. Hope we can pull it out. Vandy did not look good against Bama, even in victory last night. I think that may play to our advantage a little bit, the quick turnaround of the ESPN2 game on Thursday, then the Saturday morning game, it’s not the time of year to be playing on that short of turnaround yet.

  13. m4rebs Says:

    I take it back, my guide now shows the Ole Miss at Vandy game as the Noon time slot tomorrow on CBS. Nevertheless, only the Souteast will see our game as the UCLA / ND has more appeal in larger areas. It still beats the heck out of Raycom and NO HD!!!!

  14. coloradoreb Says:

    I bet I’ll get ND and UCLA out here. Don’t they know there are Rebels in these mountains?

  15. coloradoreb Says:

    Wonder if it will be on the net….?

  16. basketballsecurity Says:

    I’m not sure this game is a national telecast, the New York market will have Notre Dame vs UCLA. Too bad my sister in law will not get a chance to see the game.

  17. kylebuddy Says:

    Yeah, i started to realize that the rebels have only been wearing their red jerseys. Do they have blue ones just like them? I know that they have some gray ones like them. I haven’t seen them but once in their gray jerseys, and that was against West Virgina.

  18. djrebel Says:

    Sorry bout that. I see CBS and think national.

    — PA

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