HOOPS: Vanderbilt game file

About 3 minutes to tip here. Trevor Gaskins and Eniel Polynice have made the trip, I see. No Chris Warren. He was still on crutches Wednesday night. Leave questions and comments below.

— PA


54 Responses to “HOOPS: Vanderbilt game file”

  1. djrebel Says:

    Your Ole Miss starters at Terrance Henry, Malcolm White, Terrico White, Zach Graham and David Huertas. Same lineup for three straight games.

    — PA

  2. djrebel Says:

    Rebels in red for the fourth straight game. Commodores in home white.

  3. djrebel Says:

    Hustling defense right now. Can’t shoot a lick though. Vandy 5-0.

  4. djrebel Says:

    Ole Miss time out at 15:59. Rebels haven’t scored, launching errant 3s, down 10-0.

    — PA

  5. djrebel Says:

    Rebels are looking inside, but finding the lane clogged with Vandy bigs. Terrico just dunked though, with an assist from Huertas. Vandy fouls on the other end. Rebels down 10-2 with the media time out at 15:24. Ole Miss has the ball when play resumes.

  6. djrebel Says:

    Mr. Commodore has to be hot in that suit.

  7. L2 Says:

    As usual, a superb start!

  8. djrebel Says:

    Can’t get a feel for the gym, because we’re in a suit under an overhang. Crowd is loud at times, but there is available seating in the lower levels.

  9. djrebel Says:

    Terrico set up in the corner on that dunk, and Huertas set up the play.

  10. rebfan Says:

    huertas needs to pass more

  11. amsteffe Says:

    Huertas is awful…He is way too streaky, and his inconsistency kills us at times…

  12. djrebel Says:

    Time out at 11:56. Rebels down 14-8. Lucky to be this close given how they’ve played so far. Five of 8 points from T White, plus a 3 by Graham.

  13. djrebel Says:

    Huertas has missed a couple of 3s. He’s had some nice moves to the goal but is having to aflter his shot and hasn’t gotten one down yet.

  14. rebfan Says:

    take him out of the game!

  15. amsteffe Says:

    That turnover by huertas was horrendous….Keep him out…

  16. djrebel Says:

    A steal by Tinsley, his second, begins a fastbreak, and Vandy is up 19-10.

  17. djrebel Says:

    Rebels one field goal in last five trips. Tinsley is wearing out the Rebels. VU 24-10 at 7:16.

  18. djrebel Says:

    A 10.4 ppg scorer, Tinsley, a freshman, has 10 points and two steals.

  19. amsteffe Says:

    The thing is, Vandy really isn’t playing all that great right now, we’re just playing terrible…rebels need to get it within 6 or 8 by half

  20. amsteffe Says:

    we’ve had some open looks, just can’t seem to knock em down, we cant shoot this poorly all game

  21. djrebel Says:

    Jeffery Taylor grabs a Bogan pass in the backcourt for an easy dunk. Second turnover in three tips for Bogan. Dores lead 29-10 at 6:10.

  22. rebfan Says:

    that was a great recruiting class, huh?

  23. rebel2011 Says:

    bogan needs to sit on the bench the rest of the game

  24. amsteffe Says:

    as much as huertas pisses me off, bogan is garbage…we need terrico, huertas, henry, holloway, and malcom i believe

  25. djrebel Says:

    Huertas just missed an open 3. He has 1 point, no field goals.

  26. djrebel Says:

    Tme out at 2:16. Vandy took control with a 15-2 run to lead 29-10. Right now is 31-15. Vany ball when play resumes.

  27. rebel2011 Says:

    huertas is a second half player, always has been

  28. djrebel Says:

    I wouldn’t trash the recruiting class right now. This bunch has done remarably well to be 4-4. White is the star, of course, but he wouldn’t be as developed as he is right now if Warren was healthy.

    Bogan is a good fundamental player who will be a good situational player. He doesn’t need to play the minutes he’s playing right now, but that’s what the situation is on this team.

    He’s not generally the turnover machine that he’s looking like right now.

  29. djrebel Says:

    T White scores from the baseline with an assist from Bogan. It’s 31-19 at 23.4 seconds. Vandy calls time and will get the last shot.

    — PA

  30. djrebel Says:

    31-19 at the half

  31. djrebel Says:

    Halftime Numbers: After Terrico’s 11 points, the Rebels’ next-highest scorer is Terrance Henry with 4 points.

    The Rebels are getting zero in the post. Malcolm White, who has scored in double figures the last four games, has gotten off only two shots. Cranston has gotten off one shot.

    Rebels are 8-for-33 from the floor, shooting just 24.2 percent.

    They’ve got a 21-20 edge on the glass, seven of those are offensive rebounds, but they still can’t score.

    — PA

  32. rebfan Says:

    I wasn’t trashing the bball recruiting class. I was asking about football, because the game was getting out of hand

  33. djrebel Says:

    2 3s for Huertas and a score with a loose ball. Rebels trail 39-32 at 15:58.

  34. djrebel Says:

    This is the closest Ole Miss has been since 14-8.

  35. djrebel Says:

    That makes sense. Sorry about that. I just get honed in one sport during a game.

  36. djrebel Says:

    Time out at 13:54. Vandy pushed the lead back to 13 with some great passing and a 3 ball by Beal.

    Terrico just scored on a drive and was fouled. He’s got 15 and will be at the free throw line when play resumes.

    Vandy leads 46-36.

  37. coloradoreb Says:

    Just got here, this is still winnable, Huertas will get loose in this half

  38. coloradoreb Says:

    We’ll get L2 to get those prayers cranked up

  39. coloradoreb Says:

    I noticed Vandy got tired at the end of a couple of games this year that last five minutes may change the weather

  40. djrebel Says:

    Time out at 11:25. Rebels cut it to seven for a second time but Vandy surges out to a 12-point lead with an open 3 ball against the zone by Goulborne and a 12-foot j by Ogilvy against man defense.

    Zone has been really good to Ole Miss during this streak, but Vanderbilt is passing so well on the perimeter that the Dores inevitably find an open shot. It’s happened a couple of times.

    Vandy leads 51-39.

  41. djrebel Says:

    Rebels aren’t defending well enough here for any sort of comeback. If that doesn’t change there won’t be one.

  42. coloradoreb Says:

    PA, CBS is saying a couple of the Rebs have Flu like symptoms?

  43. coloradoreb Says:

    Maybe the strep you were speaking of?

  44. djrebel Says:

    Time out at 7:45. Vandy has pushed the lead to 17 at 60-43. A 3-pointer and a finger roll by Goulborne and a pull-up j by Drake. Poor defense by the Rebels.

  45. djrebel Says:

    I guess we’ll hear about that in postgame. Andy said Wednesday that Malcolm had a bit of the flu, but he didn’t mention anybody else. We keep wondering when Graham’s knee will give out or if he can make it to the end of the year going to just games and not practice.

  46. coloradoreb Says:

    Certainly can’t win when you miss at the line either. Graham doesn’t look like he’s feeling right. May be his knee?

  47. coloradoreb Says:

    PA, you can go ahead and start packing up on this one…not looking promising.

  48. george devaughn Says:

    om could not hit a bull in the butt with a base fiddle today

  49. m4rebs Says:

    We did shoot terribly, but that’s why Memorial Gymnasium is THE HARDEST place to play in the country. It is just a different perspective than anywere else. Good effort to make it repsectable at the end of the game. On a side note, I thought this was the best officiated SEC basketball game I’ve seen in a long time. The refs really let them play and that was a breath of fresh air from blowing the whistle every trip on both ends.
    Bogan appears to be a high school player, period. A guy of that size has to be able to handle the ball if nothing else. He turns it over EVERY trap he dribbles into. I’m sure he will improve as he matures, but it is amazing to me that he is playing D1 basketball with that poor of ball control, at his size and lack of shooting ability thusfar. I think Huertas presses in the 1st half a little too much. He definetly takes a little time to heat up and if he would just let it come instead of forcing it, he would be a much more consistent player. He turns alot of people off after watching 20 minutes of him throwing up bricks, most of the time folks are thinking the 2nd half is more of a fluke. Anyway, I felt if we didn’t dig ourselves such a huge hole early, it is a much different game. Vanderbilt shot well and used good ball movement to get open looks and they made them. We got open looks, especially in the 1st half and didn’t score on them. Nice job in not giving up, and a 10 point loss in Nashville is probably one of the closer of the 46 losses that we’ve had there.

  50. JB Says:

    M4, Aim High!! Time for the Rebs to start another winning streak and hit the bull in the butt. Well maybe, not with a base fiddle, but just to hit more basket with that round ball. That basket today for them was probably square and hard to put that round ball into it.

  51. Matthew Says:

    Bogans should be @ a place like Millsaps, nice kid I’m sure but he should not see the court @ Ole Miss (I keep my tongue in check when he is in for us). Huertas is a shooter and you have to ride out the cold streaks b/c the hot streaks make it worth it. The key today was the lack of effort/hustle/mental skills on the defensive end of the court. You can’t let a team shoot that high of a percentage in a game and expect anything short of a blow out. Also the inside presence which was on display against ky and state was awol today. No inside scoring and no inside rebounding to speak of. That will be the key in every game between a W and an L. Malcom White and the other big guys have to establish the paint. Terrico White can not do it all by himself, but how sweet was that dunk by Terrico and the other by Henry I believe. He got clobbered on that dunk but no call. Kennedy needs to focus on developing Henry, Graham, and the other guys (minus Bogans) and really focus on owning the paint with the big men. He has to establish a mean streak in ’em. I know Malcolm can get it done when he has his head/heart into it. Like Kennedy said after that one game, “where has that guy been”. The answer is in the same jersey the entire time we just have to get it out of him.
    p.s. PA do you take the Trace when you go to Nashville? If you haven’t checked it out that bridge overpass in Franklin is gorgeous from the bottom. Also did you know Merriweather Lewis (of Lewis & Clark fame) is burried on the Trace in TN. You pass right by it on your trip if you take the Trace.

  52. JB Says:

    Believe Ole Miss can go 4-3 remainder of regular season. But also, believe that they could go 3-4 or even worse depending on just how well their outside shooting goes. Sorry to say this,so, should they be able to make it to the SEC tour., thats about the end of their season for this year.

  53. coloradoreb Says:

    I think Bogan is a great leader and a smart unselfish player who can shoot 3’s. He was never recruited to be a inside player or a drive it to the basket guy. The problem we have is that all these guys are filling in cracks, big cracks. Bogan is definately a D1 player with great ability as long as he is able to play his strengths. I think we had a couple of guys sick and a knee problem as well. I had my doubts about the coaching and the recruiting earlier but I think this team is doing all it can with what it is left with. Hope the Rebs will feel better and play better next week. It aint over til the cab driver confesses. Good luck Rebs!

  54. brc38663 Says:

    I believe Ole Miss will finish 8-8 in the SEC, that would make them 17-13.
    They should win their first round SEC t. game,they might lose the next day because of lack of depth.Ole Miss should get to host 2 N.I.T. games, win both and be 20-14, after that I can’t say. I’m a proud REB fan no matter what happens, but 20 wins again this season would be great.
    GO REBELS!!!!!

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