HOOPS: Day After Observations


Not a good day for the Rebels in Nashville, but a few thought here.

When it was a 19-point deficit in each half, they kept playing. Good sign.

Terrico White is a player and brings his game every time out. Another good sign.

If I’m missing other good signs from a 71-61 loss post them below.

I think Ole Miss has improved and is ahead of where I thought they’d be following Chris Warren’s injury. Terrico White is a rising star, but had Warren remained healthy, White probably wouldn’t be as developed as he is now, and therefore wouldn’t be making the “wow” plays as often as he does.

White’s 3-point shooting is vastly improved from December, which, he says, comes from a minor technique adjustment that has him keeping his hips straight.

Yesterday the Rebels were unable to figure out Vanderbilt’s post defense and couldn’t get anything done inside. There was no Malcolm White, no Zach Graham penetration. You can’t live that way. Can’t be a totally 1-dimensional perimeter team.

Someone posted yesterday that David Huertas is a second-half guy. I think that’s true most of the time. Huertas, is at least a “one-half” guy. He’s usually going to get it done in either half.

Had he been on in the first half like he was in the first, the deficit wouldn’t have been a problem in the final 20 minutes. Yes, the Rebels got close in the second half, but when you’re battling back from 19 down, every possession becomes critical. They got to the seven-point mark twice and hit a wall.

Then it became an issue of having to press late in the game, and they weren’t very good on the press in the back half. The rotations were late, thus the long passes and layups by Vanderbilt.

Vanderbilt’s also got some nice young athletes. The point guard Tinsley hurt the Rebels in the first half, and the backup shooting guard Goulbourne hurt them in the second half. Both are freshman.

Not a bad rebounding effort, but the zone defense, that was good to Ole Miss in the three-game win streak, was much less so this time. Vanderbilt crisply passed the ball around the perimeter until finding an open shooter.

It was a frustrating day for a team that now expects to compete and win. Malcolm White left the floor shouting at assistant coach Owen Miller. Don’t know what that was all about, because White snubbed us with a no comment when he was leaving for the bus. I don’t think he actually said no comment, but he gave us some form of negative non-verbal communication. Didn’t see Miller. I don’t think the argument was major.

— PA


15 Responses to “HOOPS: Day After Observations”

  1. redstickrebel Says:

    Vandy is good. Maybe Vandy is the best team in the SEC, if not in the top 3. Rebs still learning. The shouting match is frustration they will get that figured out. Keep fighting Rebs not easy at LSU. LSU is a confident bunch remember the 32 point loss at home. Rebs need to be careful with these road games and not get on a losing streak it could happen. So young.

  2. Jay Stokes Says:

    vandy is not the best team in the SEC. their conference record before yesterday’s game was 2-4. LSU is the best team in the conference right now….followed by florida.

    i agree that the road game at LSU is going to be tough for them. i don’t see them coming out of baton rouge with a win….as much as i’d like to see it. LSU is playing so well right now, and road wins are hard to come by. rebs have two big home games that follow though…..gotta take advantage of those.

  3. Thomas Ward Says:

    I would have to disagree with your comment about our zone defense yesterday. It appeared from my vantage point yesterday that we began the game in man to man and got torched. It was only when we went to the zone that Vandy’s scoring cooled off (at the end of the first half). When we tried to go back to man to man again later in the game, Vandy’s scoring picked up again.

    Vandy is not the best team in the SEC but they played well yesterday. We could not shoot ourselves out of the Vandy zone defense early on, which was not surprising to me…opposing teams often struggle with the sight lines at Memorial Coliseum. When we did penetrate the zone, their big guys (they started two guys who were 6’11”) caused us to rush or altar our shots; we missed a lot of shots that we typically make. By the time our outside shots started falling, we were too far behind.

    If anyone besides Huertas or White had stepped up, we may have had something for them.

  4. rebeljon Says:

    The deal with vandy is the unorthodox nature of the gym that requires shooters to adjust their game. Without a consistent outside threat, it’s that much harder to penetrate or get the ball down low. A more experienced team might be able to compensate with stingy defense and patience but we’re just not there quite yet. Nonetheless, it’s nice to see Terrico getting better each game. He’ll give us more options at point guard next year if we have to play a team with a lot of length at the perimeter or we can stick with Chris if we’re getting burned with speed. Not many teams have those options.

  5. djrebel Says:

    Thomas, I’ll give you that. There were periods of effective zone defense, because Ole Miss plays a lot more zone now than it did before the injuries. I did think yesterday the zone was not as effective as it was during the win streak. I thought on several possessions Vanderbilt had great passing and ball movement to find an open man. Maybe that’s more a reflection on good offense than poor defense.

    — PA

  6. doubletripper Says:

    one silver lining in all of the injuries we have had, is that the young players have gotten a lot of playing time they might not have othetwise. this will really show up next year. also we, like a lot of other programs, need to recruit some more big men and develope a better inside game. i still think coach K has us going in the right direction. GO REBS.

  7. JB Says:

    I think that about 1981 Ole Miss had about a 8-10 SEC record. They went into the SEC tournment and won it and then on to the NCAA.

    They could possible do it again this season.

  8. JB Says:

    “Day After Observations” Not in HOOPS, but NFL Pro Bowl. Ole Miss represented very well in the NFL Pro-Bowl today in Eli Manning and Patrick Willis. Another great tribute from Ole Miss into a national sports fame. GO REBELS!!!

  9. cr Says:

    Huertas is the most experienced player we have but has not assumed the leadership role like Terrico. Next year I predict he sits more – a lot more and I for one can’t wait. I can’t imagine Warren contributing that much either. Neither Huertas or Warren have been able to get it done unless we have the momentum. Terrico is at his best in those situations when we must score.

  10. Jay Stokes Says:

    cr….i think that you’re ignoring the reality that huertas has been a crucial reason ole miss has hung in lots of games this year……and to say chris warren is a momentum player??? there is no doubt terrico is great, but you’re putting him on a pedestal above two seasoned veterans. i’ve got a better idea….how about all of them playing a lot of minutes next year? it can’t be a bad thing to have three guys who average 15 to 20 points a game on the floor at the same time, can it?

  11. redstickrebel Says:

    I think Vandy is getting hot at the right time and I think you will see their record improve in a hurry. LSU is probably the best but watch Vandy.

  12. coloradoreb Says:

    LSU is the best team in the SEC and Florida has been lucky, State is definately in the mix, IMHO. The SEC as a whole is very weal compared to other conferences. I haven’t been to Memorial so could someone let me in on what makes it so difficult to play there? I know its not the fans. I’ll go along with JB on the rest of it.

  13. brc38663 Says:

    Ole Miss will benefit from these struggles in the long run, they play hard and their young players are learing what its like to play week-in, week-out in the SEC. AK brings in at least one very talented player each year, ad the injured players back to the team next year, and Ole miss will be a Sweet 16 team. Go REBS!!!

  14. cr Says:

    With the game on the line vs W Va – CW turns it over (see game vs USC last year); with the game on the line vs MSU Huertas turns it over – this ain’t stepping up. Terrico hit the 3 that basically won the game for us vs MSU. Huertas and CW are vastly overrated and get a lot of attention because there have not been other options. When we have options next year these two will fade away – like they do in the clutch now.

  15. imabulldog Says:

    Next yr, yall are gonna be tough. Especially with Warren back, it’ll be Dawgs and Rebs-dukin’ it out for the West

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