FOOTBALL: Kiffin, Orgeron admonished

Letters in the files of the Vols’ head coach and his top recruiter.

UPDATE: Columnist calls for Kiffin’s firing

— PA


14 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Kiffin, Orgeron admonished”

  1. coloradoreb Says:

    Livin’ on the edge? NCAA is scared of LSU, Bama, Tenn, Aub, and Fla. If this had been OM or State we’d be on probation for 3 years. Money talks!

  2. rpmjr Says:

    Does anybody else think that Lane Kiffin and Coach O could be an unmitigated disaster?

    And is it wrong to look at a train wreck?

  3. akrebel Says:

    rpmjr…no its not wrong…and it sure as hell is going to be alot of fun:) I already hate kiffin

  4. colreb420 Says:

    these two are the biggest joke in the SEC. cant wait until they are run out of rocky top.

  5. bigdraws Says:

    For those of you who wonder why I usually don’t bother with Brad Locke. I got this out of his article in the paper this morning.

    “Oh yes, because after LSU comes a trip to Auburn – which just beat Ole Miss -“

  6. djrebel Says:

    Now Draws, I’m not trying to enter into counseling with you, but I will say it’s easy to get fingers ahead of brain. I’m sure he knows they just beat Tennessee.

    — PA

  7. bigdraws Says:

    Just tell him to leave the valium alone, please.

  8. Charles Says:

    Speaking of recruiting, here is an interesting article on Bryce Brown and his “agent”.

  9. cr Says:

    I love Finebaum. Where else can you get this; “directing him toward the door while gently placing a pacifier in his big mouth”. As I remember this combination was almost in Oxford as O initially wanted Kiffin for his offensive coordinator.

    Fulmer must be having the time of his life watching this circus.

  10. rebel2011 Says:

    one word: ouch!

  11. Matthew Says:

    Kiffin has no brain which makes him and O a perfect fit. The idiot named his son Knox. That will look real nice after he is fired after 3 years of disappointment. They’ll cut him loose in the middle of a season and name O interim coach mid-season is my hope. They should have paid up for Brian Kelly from Cinn.

  12. doubletripper Says:

    brian kelly is no prize either. he has had modest success at a basketball first school. way over rated.

  13. rebel2011 Says:

    PA any update on who our last nonconference game will be against?

  14. m4rebs Says:

    O and Kiffin are absolute idiots. What a bunch of egotistical wankers. Kiffin’s spoon-fed behind, is rotten. Who is he to throw rocks at others when it is he who has the largest target on his chest? This is the SEC, not the PAC-10. He isn’t at USC where he can let his mouth overload his rear by running down somebody else, and not having the talent or ability to show them on a Saturday in the Fall. My sure-solid lock for the 2009 Football season…..Tennessee will have the largest margin of defeat than any other team in the conference; not on their pure lack of talent (which is evident, especially at QB), but on a couple of teams that will have superior talent, and will beat the ever living poop out of them. And I hope they are on CBS so the whole nation can see it, and one of em is in Oxford, Mississippi. Hotty Toddy!!! Eat Poop Vols!

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