FOOTBALL: Projected lineup

It’s never too early for football speculation, is it. In the wake of a solid signing class, here’s one man’s guess at a 2009 lineup.

SE – Shay Hodge
LT – Bobby Massie
LG – Reid Neely
C – Daverin Geralds
RG – Rishaw Johnson
RT – John Jerry
TE – Gerald Harris
TB – Dexter McCluster
FB – Brandon Bolden
QB – Jevan Snead
FL – Lionel Breaux

E – Marcus Tillman
N – Jerrell Powe
T – Lawon Scott
E – Kentrell Lockett/Greg Hardy
WLB – Patrick Trahan
MLB – Jonathan Cornell
SLB – Allen Walker
LCB – Marshay Green
RCB – James Scott
FS – Kendrick Lewis
SS – Jamar Hornsby

I could see John Jerry moving to the left side and letting Massie get his feet wet on the right side.

If Zaccheus Mason is as athletic as he appears, he could challenge at tight end. Ultimately, that’s still more a position of blocking than receiving.

Bolden at fullback provides speed and hands to go with blocking and comes under the heading of getting the best athletes on the field.

Powe’s development could be a key on defense. The strength and quickness are there. He needs to become more disciplined, and he was heading that way at the end of the season.


— PA


37 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Projected lineup”

  1. akrebel Says:

    PA, just curious, why do you not see Ted Laurent starting ahead of Powe next year? Also want to say thanks for the hard work, this is by far my favorite rebel site!!

  2. JB Says:

    No freshmen to make the starting lineup?

  3. djrebel Says:

    Thanks AK. I thought Powe was quicker at the end of the year and was beginning to work on his discipline issues at the line of scrimmage. I think Powe can push a center in the backfield. What he couldn’t do last year was what Peria did so well — get into the backfield, get re-oriented and make a play.

    — PA

  4. mantachie reb Says:

    Thanks for the hard work signing day. I was able to check in and keep updated. Do you think Patterson will play? Do you know how many may be in trouble with grades and not qualify? Are those decisions based on their final grades their senior year or act scores or what?

  5. rebel2011 Says:

    i have heard that smiley is planning on enrolling at butler cc in the fall, so thats another one that wont count against the 25. i think it should be interesting to see who will win the guard spot and who will play fullback

  6. ackerman17 Says:

    I think Brandon Bolden would be better suited at Tailback…

    Looks good tho

  7. djrebel Says:

    Mantachie, Patterson’s coach told me he expects him to make the grades. I’ve heard he’s got some ground to cover, but it’s manageable. He’s probably the biggest name that still has work to do.

    — PA

  8. TJ Says:

    Just wanted to point out that ESPN did a revised-“way too early top 25” after everyone has declared for the draft and more or less everyone has committed to colleges, and Ole Miss jumped up to the 11 spot. Of course I believe that predictions are still too early, but interesting to see that ESPN is jumping on the bandwagon for Ole Miss to be a force to be reckoned with.

    PS. I like the line-up PA. Sad to see Jason Cook not in there for FB anymore. He is a good friend. I think Bolden will do a great job.

  9. Mooch Says:

    PA, noticed you got the transfer Scott starting. Is that from what you have seen in practice or just a hunch? Haven’t heard much about Scott, just curious..

  10. djrebel Says:

    Mooch, I think they’ve got a lot of possibilities to work with … Vaughn, DeMareo Marr, Brandon Sanders, Marcus Temple and Scott. Didn’t see much of Scott in practice. Anyone who signs with Ohio State catches your eye on paper.

    — PA

  11. VA Reb Says:

    Good lineup. I predict that Davis, though, will start at tailback with Dexter coming in regularly to replace him and also to run the Wild Rebel…do we have anyone who could be a passing threat out of the Wild Rebel? With Dexter in, it’s pretty much going to be a run.

  12. richn Says:

    A good list – it will be interesting to see if they’ll be a big difference between starters Game 1 versus starters Game 6/9/12. I’m not sure Massie starts Game 1 – I know, he’s the greatest thing since loaf bread (even before they started slicing it) – but I think with his game experience as a blocking TE this year plus a spring Bradley Sowell starts at LT Game 1.

    I think you could see four different starters at tailback over the course of the season – although I could also see either Davis or Bolden establishing themselves. The way the season ended, Bolden would be my starter – although I heard Enrique looked good in bowl practices. Eason won’t be going anywhere, though – and I love our look when Dex is back there. As great as his tape looks, I don’t see Z getting much early time as Harris came on late and Nutt loved our two redshirts (Epperson & Allen) last year. I’m not saying Z won’t play, but I’d be surprised if its early. I believe he’s coming from academy ball and has only played two years of organized football. Give him a year or two and watch out.

    I believe Hartman keeps the FB job (looked pretty good in the Bowl game) unless Derrick Davis makes a full-time move and pushes him out. Vaughn is going to fight to keep his CB spot, so I’ll give him that until I hear some practice reports about Scott (although I wouldn’t be surprised given his resume).

    Past Shay and Dex, I think you’ll see Summers on the field quite a bit because they like his blocking ability. Not saying he’ll be listed as a starter, but I bet he’ll be on the field first in a few games if we look to establish the run early. I bet Hornsby doesn’t start Game 1, but he’s a stud and it won’t take him long.

  13. rpmjr Says:

    Bolden at FB? I would have him starting HB. No way you put your best RB in at FB just to get your best athlete’s on the field for every play. Besides, the FB needs to open holes and wear down the LB’s, why not Hartman?

    Also, Cassius Vaugn didn’t graduate. #41 Temple and #6 McGee played a lot at corner. Are you sure James Scott if for real? And not with Johnny Brown at SS?

    And since when did we have so many guys to play in the secondary? I’m starting to get on the SEC championship bandwagon when I think about all the talent we have on paper.

    Can Nutt deliver when the expectations are high? That will the question for next season.

  14. cr Says:

    I like Sowell at LT as well for the same reasons Richn noted. Why does Tillman start ahead of Lockett or Hardy? Can Johnny Brown not grab a starting safety position? I have always been impressed with his physical approach.

    As far as the skill players on offense I think Austin/Nutt will design plays and formations to take advantage of the talent on hand. Z Mason in short yardage and in the red zone could be a terrific target or just as a distraction. We can put a couple of pretty tall guys out there at times if needed. The backfield can be almost anything with any number of combinations.

    It isn’t quite as critical as last year but Jevan needs to stay healthy. It would have been disastrous last year – especially early.

  15. doubletripper Says:

    pa i think i agree whith richn that hartman will be the FB. he looked good ever since cook went down. and also agree that you should not take the ball out of bolden’s hands. he is our hardest runner. when i saw how the cotton bowl game was shaping up, i told my son that that was bolden’s kind of game. when it gets down and dirty, he’s the one i want toting the mail.

  16. amsteffe Says:

    SE – Shay Hodge
    FL – Lionel Breaux
    TB – Brandon Bolden
    FB – Andy Hartman
    QB – Jevan Snead
    LT – John Jerry
    LG – Reid Neely
    C – Daverin Geralds
    RG – Rishaw Johnson
    RT – Bobbie Massie
    TE – Gerald Harris

    * Ferbia Allen and E.J. Epperson will rotate in at TE as well.
    * Melvin Harris will be utilized on the fade pattern inside the red zone.
    * McCluster will run the wild rebel and TB from time to time.

    DE – Kentrell Lockett
    DE – Greg Hardy
    DT – Lawon Scott
    NT – Ted Laurent
    WLB – Patrick Trahan
    MLB – Jonathan Cornell
    SLB – Allen Walker
    CB – Marshay Green
    CB – Cassius Vaughn
    FS – Johnny Brown
    SS – Kendrick Lewis

    * Tillman and Stephens will make a 4 man DE rotation.
    * Powe will play on run downs, such as first, or short yardage.
    * You can pencil in the LB’s.
    * Johnny Brown can step in right away, Hornsby maybe mid-season.

    I talked to Sowell at the bball game the other night against Auburn. He said they don’t know where he’s gonna play next season yet. He also said that Kendrick Lewis could make the move to CB and that he’s more than capable. He also had high praise for Johnny Brown at safety next year

  17. redstickrebel Says:

    Joseph Addia at LSU played some fullback at LSU before he became a featured back and that really helped him become a better receiving back out of the backfield. He learned the disipline of blocking and then coming out of the backfield. I like that thinking. In the long run yes he’s a bruising tailback. Lets switch em in and out keep em fresh. Bolden and Hartman, Hartman and Bolden. Everyone sold on Marshay Green?

  18. rebelste Says:

    I think he is right on the mark with Bolden, Nutt said several times this year he wanted more speed at TB thus the reason Mccluster was moved there. I see a couple of the speedy freshmen getting a shot at TB.

  19. brc38663 Says:

    I believe with the new players added to the returning roster, Ole Miss will have an 11 win season. The SEC will be tough as always, Florida should win the SEC and National titles. Ole Miss will win the WEST behind all-SEC performances from #4 and #22, Ole Miss VS Florida Part 2. Florida should win this time, Oh YEAH, they were supposed to win this year too, REBELS 31,National champs 30. Go REBS!!!

  20. newman Says:

    i think its gonna be hard to keep justin smith out of the rotation, if not the starting lineup, ad DT.

    i also think mason won’t be they only one pushing for PT at TE… epperson looks like the real deal. if i had to project a lineup, he’d be the starter.

  21. rebfan Says:

    what about andrew Harris at wr? I thought he was a stud coming out of hargrsve. I agree with melvin Harris in the red zone. Even I could hit him on a fade. It doesn’t matter who starts at rb/fb. They will rotate a lot.

  22. djrebel Says:

    I posted a list of possible starters, but I think the key word in the discussion is rotation. This staff plays a lot of players, and it’s more than just token playing time. Lots of people will get a chance to impact. In the last few regular season games, this staff was taking players pretty far down on the depth chart and putting them in position to contribute with big plays. I recall Derrick Davis coming out of the backfield for a touchdown catch against Auburn and WR Markeith Summers running 13 yards for a touchdown at LSU.

    — PA

  23. Jorel Says:

    If there’s one thing this thread proves, its Ole Miss’ depth. There are tons of names that are candidates for lots of playing time, even if they don’t get the start. And that, my friends, is what separates this Rebel team from the “good” Rebel teams in the recent past. We finally have legit depth at most positions and can rotate to rest players and create mismatches.

    Hotty Toddy!!

  24. UPTexan Says:

    Add Jason Jones and Derrick Herman to the mix. I was talking to a member of the staff at a Cotton Bowl practice at SMU and he pointed out Jason Jones out on the field. He said the coaches think he can be an All American at LB so I would think he gets in the LB rotation next year. Talking to Dex as he walked off the practice field, he said to remember the name “Derrick Herman”. Not sure what position (assume CB) but I figure the players are pretty good judges of each others talent.

  25. Johnson Says:

    I also see Justin Smith as a starter on DL at T with Laurent or Scott at NT. Powe rotating in on run plays. Jason Jones pushing for a starting job at LB.

    On offense, Bolden/McCluster as a starter with possibly Enrique Davis at the starting fullback position. Lots of possibilities for the starting TE position to include Allen.

  26. coloradoreb Says:

    We got to get through LSwho and Bamer to get to the SEC Champ game. The west seems tougher to me than the east.

  27. doubletripper Says:

    the west has been the toughest division for a while now. i see no difference this year.

  28. Jeff Jolly Says:

    I’m looking forward to the new season. If the Rebels play like they did the previous six games, there is no one on the schedule in ’09 that can beat them. Bammer should have been a W last year.

  29. rebnutt Says:

    I second what UPTexan says about Jason Jones–based on coaches & players’ comments, he is a stud who will play LB a whole lot, if not start.

  30. jrreb Says:

    What about Eason?Is he done,didn’t see him back on the field after the fumble in Cotton Bowl

  31. djrebel Says:

    I agree on Jason Jones. He’s athletic and quick, a head-turner in bowl workouts when we saw more of the young players.

    — PA

  32. djrebel Says:

    Jrreb, don’t know on Eason. I figure he’s a key player next year, but I did wonder why he didn’t get back on the field after his fumble in the first quarter but Enrique did after fumbling going into the end zone.

    — PA

  33. mobilereb Says:

    I remember reading that Eason was having back pain and that is why he didn’t play anymore.

  34. djrebel Says:

    Thanks Mobile. I missed that. There was so much to talk about in a limited time after the game that Eason slipped down the list.

    — PA

  35. rebnutt Says:

    I heard Eason got hurt on that play he fumbled in the Cotton Bowl.

  36. rebnutt Says:

    It seems the good news is that we have depth in talent in almost every area. To me, the area where we might not have as much is in the offensive line and that’s going to be key–if they excell, then we will really be able to hang a lot of points on most opponents. With the defense much improved over what they did in the 1st part of 2008, if we score big, we can beat most anybody.

  37. rebnutt Says:

    One last prediction: they won’t be able to keep new signee Corey Gaines, DT, off the field next year, so no redshirt for him. His HS coach played at Fla. & in the NFL and said Gaines would be an All Am. in college soon.

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