HOOPS: Kennedy from teleconference

A few snipets here from Andy Kennedy on the SEC conference call. Ole Miss is off Wednesday and travels to LSU Saturday.

— PA

On the week upcoming
It’s a much-needed week off and an opportunity to work on a number of areas that really need addressing in preparation for a very tough game Saturday in Baton Rouge.

On winning on the road in the SEC
It’s very difficult regardless of your league to go on the road and win in conference play and have great success. Teams with the ability to do so are typically the teams standing on top at the end.

You’ve got to be mentally and physically tough, and you see that with the most veteran of teams, guys who have been around the block and experienced success. You have no external motivation on the road, it all has to come from within.


7 Responses to “HOOPS: Kennedy from teleconference”

  1. rebel2011 Says:

    seems like terrico should have been freshman of the week to me

  2. coloradoreb Says:

    Tony FRanklin to be coach at middle tEnn. LSU def lineman to get an unpresidented 6th year of play.

  3. Matthew Says:

    Colorado: I posted the info last week, and to clarify he will be O.C. not head coach.


    Also people don’t need to worry about our #’s b/c troy had 41 LOI’s

    Also the natives of Starkghanistan will be heading up to the Boro to face Franklin and company and if they are not careful the Blue Raiders may pull an upset like they did last year against Maryland @ home. If we can’t get our schedule worked out MIDDLE TN would be a great way to save $$ and swap a 1 for 2. The Boro is fairly close and they have a great game day environment like a mini-Grove and is a lot better than ark. st. Also I know he will not get any consideration but Chris Massaro has done a great job for Middle TN as the AD and should be a candidate to replace Boone.

  4. coloradoreb Says:

    Didn’t see that Matt. I think you’re right about Mid Tenn though. They’re an up and coming program that is having a lot of success. I would compare them to S.Fla.
    What are yall hearing about this lineman getting to play 6 years? I hear he really doesn’t deserve it but the folks at LSU threatened a lawsuit if the NCAA didn’t allow it.

  5. kylebuddy Says:

    I am real glad that the Rebels get a Wednesday off, because of that last game we lost to LSU, and that was at home! I hope we can get more focus in on that game, and not having to focus on another SEC game, and only have 2 1/2 days to focus on the #1 team in the SEC west. The Rebels will win Saturday, because LSU doesn’t have enough time like the Rebels to focus on Saturday. I also think that the Rebels are warned that LSU is a really good bball team. Rebels, 81, LSU, 79!!!! GO REBELS!!!!

  6. kylebuddy Says:

    KYLEBUDDY is ready for baseball season.

  7. kylebuddy Says:

    Do u think that the Rebels will be good this season in baseball? What do u think that they rank, if they do? How far will they make it in regionals?

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